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Top emerging technologies that will innovate the World


Duel neural network. Artificial embryos. AI is in the cloud are top emerging technologies. Welcome to the annual list of 6 technological advancements that we believe will affect our work and lifestyle for the present and future years.

Since 2001, we have chosen what we call 10 breakthrough technologies every year. People often ask, what does “breakthrough” mean? This is a reasonable question – some of our choices have not been widely used, and other options may be on the cusp of commercialization.

This year, a new artificial intelligence technology called GAN is giving machine imagination; despite some tough ethical limitations, artificial embryos are redefining how to create life and opening up research windows for the early moments of human life; The pilot plant at the SAS Petrochemical Industrial Center is trying to use natural gas to create completely clean electricity – perhaps the main source of energy for the foreseeable future. These and the rest of our list are worthy of attention.

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Seamless dialogue

A few years ago, voice search was great but not reliable. Today, voice search may also be flawless; Microsoft’s latest test provides a 5.1% error rate for its speech recognition software, making it better than human scribes in recognizing speech. We will be able to communicate with our devices in two ways without any major hiccups or errors.

White-collar automation

Is your job likely to be replaced by a machine? How much are you s018 be the year when all human beings will eventually be replaced by their new robotic hegemons? Almost certainly not, but I think we will see the entire stage of the entire United States completely changing jobs. I think it is naive to think that employment will be completely replaced, but they will be more automated and we will have to adjust our career accordingly.

top emerging technologies

5G preparation

Although the technical timeline rarely works as we imagined, by the end of 2019, we may have a 5G network. 5G Internet may be 10 times faster than 4G, and even use it than most home Internet Service is better. As a result, it has the potential to revolutionize the way consumers use the Internet and how developers think about applications and streaming content. Therefore, 2018 will be a year for engineers, developers, and consumers to prepare for the next generation of the Internet.

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UI overhaul

I also think that 2018 will be an important year for UI; we will have to reconsider how we interact with our apps and devices. The start of the smart speaker and better voice search make it no longer necessary to view the screen to enter data. As mobile devices continue to take over, desktop devices are becoming less and less used. New visuals and more auditory cues may be included in the next generation of user interfaces, and consumers can quickly adapt to these cues as long as they meet their core needs.

AI penetration

Artificial intelligence (AI) is mainly expressed through machine learning algorithms, and it is not just getting better. This is more than just getting more money. It is integrated into more diverse applications. Artificial intelligence begins to appear in almost all new platforms, applications, or devices, rather than focusing on one goal, such as mastering games or communicating with humans, a trend that will only accelerate in 2018. We are not at the level of technical enlightenment (artificial intelligence may never be complicated enough, we cannot achieve this), but by the end of 2018, artificial intelligence will become the backbone of various technical forms.

Digital concentration

We also rely on many personal applications in our daily lives, including applications for navigating and even changing the temperature of the home. Consumers are eager to centralize; a convenient way to manage everything from as few devices and central locations as possible. Smart speakers are a good step in the right direction, but 2018 may affect better things.

we will see an increase in exposure in all of these areas. Regardless of your perception of technology or the main motivations for using it, I think we will be excited about waiting for our new equipment and infrastructure next year.


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