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Top List Of The Best Ps4 Racing Games

Each month there’s a list of new games added to the play station library to ensure the game lovers always have something interesting and exciting to play.

In the past years, play station games were always viewed as something to the children busy.

With the advanced technology in the recent times, everyone seems to be interested in these game and people of all ages tend to play.

Some have literally opened it as businesses where people go to when they feel they want to relax, they play and pay afterward creating a source of income for the owner of the business.

  1. Need for speed rivals
Need for Speed Rivals - Accolades Gameplay Trailer

This is one of the most impressive ps4 racing games, said to have confidently overtaken the 2012’s most Wanted game.

It takes some of the known best features of a prior franchise and combines them with a single player to come up with a terrific race and chase game.

This game puts racers behind the wheel daring them to cross over that line as a cop or a racer to gain the advantage of ultimate rivalry in the street.

You can easily tell that the advancement was done to suit those who prefer the hot pursuit equipment in such games.

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  1. Race the sun

Top List Of The Best Ps4 Racing Games

This game puts you in a position of becoming a solar-powered craft where you have to race against time, as the sun is your death timer.

You are required to hurtle towards sunset at a super speed. This game is highly inspired by the arcade ps4 racing games focusing on high scores, short gaming session, and pure tension.

The rules of playing this game are simple, as they require you to stay in the light and not slowing down at all. Playing this game will make you have time spent having fun.

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  1. Coffin Dodgers

Top List Of The Best Ps4 Racing Games

This game can be played with a maximum of four people. It makes you take the role of saving one out of seven retirement residents in a village.

Heroes are armed with several weapons made from home to take on anything thrown to them by the zombie or Grim Reaper army. Playing this game requires the particular players to battle out against the other competitors over championship race over 13.

In this case, only the skilled racer will survive. The distinct areas within the retirement community feature a single mini-tournament where the top ranking person amongst other competitors will be ensured progress to the next stage.

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  1. Energy hook

The athletes in energy hook use gravity beams in order to perform stunts that are death-defying. You have to fall great distances and make use of your momentum to launch yourself to crazy heights, run on the walls and perform aerial tricks or loops and spins.

It challenges you to use those moves to gain speed and collect the hidden items all through the levels.

Likewise, the energy hook displays the works of different artists that have made it a brainstorming game requiring a lot of practice to master.

Anyone with the mindset that they have what it takes to play the game may try it.

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  1. Blaze rush

Top List Of The Best Ps4 Racing Games

This is one of the ps4 racing games that can be played by several people online up to four players locally and up to eight players online to be precise.

The game is a dynamic arcade racing that does not involve health, leveling or brakes. You can gather a team of friends to play with you locally or online.

You are allowed to choose a car of your taste and adapt to the tactics of your enemies. You will surely find this game interesting when you get familiar with it.

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  1. The Witcher 3: wild hunt

In this game, you are required to take the role of a professional monster hunter having the task to find a child of prophecy.

In this role, all the towns around you are razed to the ground as the army of wild hunt leaves a blood-soaked destruction trail.

You will have to uncover complex stories and meet memorable characters on your preparation for the confrontation with the wild hunt. Through this exploration, you will end up discovering the mysteries that lurk in every village.

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1.  Tabletop racing: world tour  

Top List Of The Best Ps4 Racing Games     

Among the ps4 racing games, this game brings combat racer to a very different audience of the next generation for the first time.

Players are to get behind wheels of customized miniature cars and take on 24 racing tracks in the mode of championship following the series of events.

It can also be played online with a team of friends up to eight to find who the ultimate racer is. Playing this makes it fun as it looks good and worth the attention.

My take                         

The ps4 racing games are an incredible adventure for game lovers. Many latest games may give you the best moments while playing and make your time worth fun.

However, some games may appear difficult in your first attempt and so, be seeking help can save you the trouble. You can inquire from those who are experts in such games or have knowledge about it.

With a lot of practice, you will master the tactics need in different games. Currently, the supercharged graphics make those games come alive.