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Top Sites Like Craigslist as an Alternative to Buy or Sell


Top Sites Like Craigslist as an Alternative to Buy or Sell

If you ever think about buying or selling any old stuff on the internet, craigslist is the probable name which comes to your mind. It has almost every city in the US and Canada in its listing. Most of the popular cities from other countries are also listed in this site to promote local buying and selling. However, if you did not like the experience with craigslist or if you would like to try something else for a change, there are pretty many options. Several apps offer you a chance to buy and sell goods in your locality. Let us see some of the alternative apps to Craigslist.

Top Craigslist Alternatives

Close5 or eBay classifieds

Close5 is the current name of the ebay Classifieds. Close5, the commercial arm of ebay, is aimed at improving the local trade. Close5 app lets you search for things you wish to buy or sell based on location. You can filter the displayed items based on their price or distance from your place. When you find the relevant items, you can click on the name displayed below them and contact the seller through chat. Close5 is fast becoming a competitor of Craigslist with the power of ebay behind it.


Top Sites Like Craigslist as an Alternative to Buy or Sell
Top Sites Like Craigslist

Facebook app is one of the most popular social networking apps on the internet. It is also a great place to buy and sell goods locally to millions of people from your state or country on the site. Some of the groups in Facebook are created for the purpose of buying and selling used goods. Just search for your locality and find such group belonging to your area. If you wish to sell, take a snap of your product and upload with description and price. If you wish to buy something, type in the search bar of the group. It’s that simple and usually works out.

Oodle Classifieds

Oodle classifieds is a similar app to buy and sell goods locally. However, it specializes in the trade of pets, new vehicle or place to live. The procedure to buy and sell is similar on this app as well. Search with your location and filter the posts and items as per the product you wish to buy. Get in to the right location and post the product you wish to sell. One main highlight of Oodle is that it works in coordination with your Facebook profile, though it is not mandatory. Buyers and sellers can know each other better with the availability of Facebook profiles.


Bookoo is fast emerging as a competitor to Craigslist with more than existing customer base of 2 million and growing regularly. The Bookoo app lets you buy and sell the goods on your locality pages. Most of the places in US, UK and prominent location in other countries are listed in this app. Bookoo gives more personalized experience by featuring profile or bio of the sellers. The buyers and sellers can upload their detailed bio such that they get to know each other well and the transaction takes place with ease.

Offer up

Offer up is a mini-craigslist but is emerging as a good competitor with over 23 million downloads of its app. Geekwire awarded this app as the ‘App of the Year.’ As the name suggests, you can either buy at the price listed by the seller or offer your price. The app is integrated with Facebook. The buyers and sellers can broadcast their post on Facebook for a wider reach. Further, there is an option to rate the buyers and sellers so that the fraudulent profiles are weeded out. Offer up is growing up fast as an alternative to Craigslist.


OLX is another popular app for buying and selling the used goods. OLX has the areas listed from over 100 countries. It has a vast list of items listed on the app and website. The numerous products on this app make it the best app for countries such as India. OLX has, in fact, emerged to be a bigger player than Craigslist in the countries in which it has been operating. One can find almost every kind of product in OLX. The procedure to buy and sell remains almost similar.


Geebo is another alternative app to the Craigslist. Though not as popular as the latter, Geebo has numerous listings with a vast range of used products. The app is prominently used in the United States and has its presence in few other countries too. It remains as one of the best alternatives to Craigslist with its decent colorful interface and a long list of categories similar to eBay.


Varagesale is another app for a virtual garage sale. The best thing about this app is that the identity of every user is confirmed before accepting their registration. Though it is not as popular as the other apps mentioned earlier, Varagesale gives the advantage of meeting the real people with a true identity. It makes the transaction easy and safe. You can browse local listings in the classified of the app or filter out unwanted stuff for a better shopping experience. It is a good alternative to Craigslist as well.

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