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17 Best Alternative Sites Like Craigslist in 2022- Reviewed

Are you confused about what to do with your used items, which are of no use to you at the moment? You cannot throw it away, but you do not have a place to store them! Ugh! Frustrating, isn’t it? Do not worry.

We have got your back. Now you will not only be able to sell your reused items but will also be able to buy the item you need at an affordable price.

And guess what?🤔  All of this can be done by sitting laying inside your fluffy comforter. You heard it right! No burden of going out or deciding what to wear to the mall. All you will be needing is your mobile phone or laptop and an internet connection.

Craigslist will always be there for you to buy and sell your items online. Not only does it provide a variety of collections to choose from, but it also provides services for free. 

But in recent days, with the development of technology, many more sites like Craigslist have been developed with advanced features to satisfy your requirements. 

Check out our list of some of the best sites like Craigslist of all time.

Best Sites Like Craigslist: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Oodle 

Founded in 2004, the Oodle (Visit Here) marketplace has become one of the most competitive rivals to craigslist. Its organized and user-friendly platform has made buying and selling a lot easier for the dealers.

Best Sites Like Craigslist

Besides tradings, this site provides various services, including meeting your rental requirements and helping you get yourself employed.

One of the main aspects that make Oodle stand out is that it provides you with the listing of merchandise or services physically posted by other companies.

At the same time, dealers can post their deals directly on Oodle as members of Oodle. If you are fascinated by antique objects, Oodle will serve you the best as it lists eBay products.

The platform makes the reach easier as sellers are permitted to showcase their listing via Facebook. But Oodle has set a limit for your listing, which varies from category to category.

If you are looking for an alternative Craigslist site, which has various categories for you to choose from, Oodle says, “HI!”

Currently, Oodle can be accessed in the United States, Australia, India, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Few categories of the listing provided by Oodle are-

  • Pets
  • Vehicles
  • Community 
  • Apartments

2. Locanto

Locanto (Visit Here) Launched in 2006, the United States classified sites like Craigslist are spread over more than 60 countries worldwide in five different languages; Indonesian, Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish.

Best Sites Like Craigslist

As the name suggests, if you are looking for local goods or services, then you are in the right place. Get access to all the deals provided by your local dealers at convenient prices and help your national economy grow. 

Usually, no fee is required for registering with the site, and posting within the basic limit does not require the person to pay.

The seller can choose to advertise in the default city for free, but if they want to enhance their ads’ reach to various cities, an extra amount will be payable.

A small amount must be paid if the seller finds the need to reach their advertisements to the specific or targeted audience.

The ads are displayed and retained for 60 days in a row, which provides the sellers with an ample amount of time to publicize their goods and services and reach every household.

Locanto allows you to upload pictures on your ads, and you are permitted to send links to your website by using HTML codes.

Moreover, one will easily be able to remove third party ads from their posts by paying an extra amount. Ew categories of Locanto include classes, events, pets, and more.

3. Trovit

Trovit (Visit Here) Founded in 2006, the leading search engine for classified ads is one of the best sites like Craigslist. The site is usually famous for trading cars, alongside various products and services are also provided. The site has been accessible by over 51 countries and is available in 19 languages worldwide. 

17 Best Alternative Sites Like Craigslist in 2022- Reviewed

The well-organized site has made it easier for the seekers to find their required items or services according to their specifications. If a buyer is interested in finding a house or a car near his residence, the site will narrow it down to their areas. 

Trovit deals with worldwide trading. But its organized outline helps the buyers choose their requirements from whichever country they wish to. 

The number of listings the site provides is vast.  Both regular and premium ads can be posted on the website.

Trovit’s main feature is that it provides the buyer with the source of the items or services they wish to buy. Every ad has its website link attached to it.

It is to be noted that if you are not a holder of the link of your website, then you are not permitted to post your ads on Trovit. 

The areas not registered with Trovit may affect the customer’s searches as that area’s products or services will not be displayed. Trovit can be accessed both by website links as well as IOS and Android apps.

4. USFreeAds

Sometimes simple means classic. Having been around since 1999, USFreeAds (Visit Here) has remained a constant in providing all the classified categories with a raw and straightforward design. It is one of the top sites like Craigslist in the USA.

17 Best Alternative Sites Like Craigslist in 2022- Reviewed

The site incorporates three types of memberships; Free, Premium, and Gold. An extra amount is applicable for the following two sites, but of course, they come with their own benefits.

Gold and Premium memberships come handy for frequent sellers of the site. Twenty-five ads are allowed to be posted at once by paying $10 per year. Premium membership allows the member to post unlimited ads by paying $9.99 per month.

Unlike other sites, free membership limits posting ads by the seller to 2 advertisements at once. 

Incentives are provided to the members every time the craigslists like the site are referred and introduced to other people.

Some of the categories of USFreeAds incorporate collectibles. Homes and gardens, Health and fitness, and more, but it is famous for providing the best horses and dogs.

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5. PennySaver USA

Throughout the journey from a print publication to the online portal site, PennySaver USA (Visit Here) has been adamant about dominating the sites like Craigslist.

Since the past 50 years, the portal has tried its best to connect all the local buyers and sellers and has never failed to satisfy both parties. PennySaver USA has been in the market way before Craigslists even came into existence.

17 Best Alternative Sites Like Craigslist in 2022- Reviewed

Although the team has done an incredible job in adapting to the technologically advanced period where online is the new usual, its iconic print edition has continued to remain in the market of California.

By entering the city or zip code, the options are narrowed down accordingly. Free ads can be posted on the website, but debit and credit cards come in handy if the individual chooses to opt for paid ads.

Food and dining, arts and vehicles, and real estate are few categories provided by PennySaver USA.

6. Geebo

Founded in 2000, the classified marketplace can be accessed only in the United States of America. It is one of the best and safest sites like Craigslist of all time.

Buyers and sellers from over 160 communities in the USA are able to indulge into profitable deals. From the jewel cities like Los Angeles and Chicago to distant cities like Virginia and Tulsa, Geebo (Visit Here) does not discriminate in making their site available to all its locals.

Best Sites Like Craigslist

Unlike other sites, Geebo assures safety on transactions. Pros and cons of online transactions are displayed, and safety tips for both the buyers and sellers are provided on the website.

In the case of scams, the individual can report the culprit website to Geebo, where they take required actions.

The site has taken onto themselves to review every ad before getting them posted. Personal ads are not permitted to be posted directly by the sellers.

To eliminate any fault ads, deceptive ads, or inappropriate language or behavior, rather than posting algorithmically, every post is reviewed manually by the Geebo team.

Merchandise, services, and employment are some of the categories incorporated in Geebo.

7. USA Today

One of the globally renowned print media and Craigslist alternatives has been around the corner for ages, circulating newspapers to every USA corner. The newspaper brand’s classified section has been quiet of an influencer for the dealers and has impacted their buying and selling decisions.

The online classified section (Visit Here) allows an individual to post their ads by paying a nominal amount. 

The broader reach of the print and online media is commendable. If you want your ads to reach a wider audience throughout the USA, the portal is the right place to look.

Local goods, services, and items from foreign countries are also available to trade in the classified section of USA Today.

Publish your ads on USA Today and be assured of getting a widespread exposure to the potential buyers.

8. OfferUp

Founded in 2011, the trading app has been available to both Android and IOS users. The app has been designed with the motive of getting over with the activities of buying and selling activities by just a click on the app.

The app is convenient to use and is easily accessible to users. The main objective of OfferUp (Visit Here) is to ensure the safety of the parties dealing with each other via the app. 

17 Best Alternative Sites Like Craigslist in 2022- Reviewed

The zip code enables the buyers to search for their requirements within the area. A new feature allows the buyers to know about the distance to which they will be able to search.

It makes them aware of how far their search reachability extends beyond the zip code area. The listing app and site are one of the best sites like Craigslist of all time as Geekwire awarded it THE APP OF THE YEAR.

Face to face trading is encouraged as the buyers are offered goods and services nearby their areas.  

Just like the name depicts, the app provides the buyers with two options: either agree upon the sellers’ price and proceed on purchasing or providing an open room for discussing or bargaining the offered price.

The buyers are permitted to broadcast their listing on Facebook. An in-app payment platform has been built retaining the cash payment to make the transaction secure.

To ensure both the parties’ safety, the app provides them with a chat box where required information could be exchanged directly without giving off personal information such as contact numbers.

The app is designed in a way that local spots are made visible to both parties.

Download on Google Play Store

9. Gumtree

The best site, like Craigslist, is popular in the United Kingdom. Launched in 2000, the site incorporates top local community listings and made its place in the United Kingdom’s top 30 websites in 2010. Recently it has been well acknowledged by the United States.

Gumtree (Visit Here) has been using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate with its users and make them aware of its new schemes.

If someone wishes for their ads to be on top and reach every prospective buyer, Gumtree offers paid to post ads. Along with free ads.

17 Best Alternative Sites Like Craigslist in 2022- Reviewed

In recent times, business customers have been the focus of the listing site. By providing them with listing packages, Gumtree helps the employees list their vacancies at once. 

The site is well known for its sales of motors along with goods. Property, jobs, services, and communities are some of the categories listed in Gumtree.

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10. Bookoo 

Bookoo (Visit Here) is a social media type, family-friendly listing website. The site creators have done a fantastic job of making the parties feel more personal while using the site.

Best Sites Like Craigslist

To make the dealing more comfortable, the profile has the option of uploading a profile pic with a short bio. Doesn’t it feel more secured and at ease to deal with a person having a face? Bookko has tried its best to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling one gets while buying from an unknown seller.

The live chat feature of the site enables the parties to share their information securely. One can opt for advertising one at a time or can advertise everything at once as well.

Bookoo has made it possible to trade with the neighbors. As the locations registered with Bookoo include military places, it has been more comfortable to buy and sell things online. 

11. Mercari

Founded in 2013, the Japanese marketplace app received immense amounts of success, making it the only marketplace (Visit Here) app in Japan used by 94 percent of the Japanese population.

17 Best Alternative Sites Like Craigslist in 2022- Reviewed

In 2016, it was widespread in the US And the UK, gaining many followers of the app. Over 100 million downloads have been made of the listing app worldwide. Undoubtedly, it has become one of the best sites like Craigslist of all time. 

There are no chances of meetups in person as only shippable items can be traded on the app. So if earlier physical meetups held you back from buying or selling, Mercari has definitely taken care of that problem.

Although the listing is free, 10 percent is required to be paid once an item is being sold on the app. 

The buyer needs to take into account the shipping cost they might have to pad, and the sellers are responsible for including shipping costs while adjusting the offered price.

The app offers two-way ratings. After the successful trading, buyer and seller both can rate the items they dealt with. 

The quality of the services and goods provided by sellers on Mercari is maintained as the ratings help the sellers buy the appropriate item and develop trust between them and the sellers. 

Now you will be able to shop from any corner of the world, without being worried about the meetups.

12. Hoobly

Hoobly is the site which has almost the same resemblance with Craigslist. Purchasing and selling are absolutely free on Hoobly.

To access the listing of the site, one is not obliged to make an account. But a personal account is required to communicate with the sellers. The listings on the site are not that impressive, but few specific categories excel in their fields.

It has been noticed that the buying and selling of pets have been more beneficial than that of goods and merchandise. 

13.  Facebook Marketplace 

In Today’s day, every individual uses social media daily. One of the most used social media is Facebook.

But did you know that along with checking your feeds, posting your stories, liking profile pictures, and going through the same memes for the hundredth time, Facebook can be used for business? Facebook Marketplace is the platform which provides convenient ways to shop via your social media account.

Any individual with a Facebook account is automatically eligible for accessing Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Messenger is used to communicating with buyers and sellers. The communication can take place both via the website as well as the app.

Because of the widespread popularity of the app, items can be sold in a few minutes.

Who does not like to shop? Let us conclude that Facebook Marketplace is heaven for the shopaholics and social media addicts, who are too lazy to go outside to shop and too busy on Facebook, scrolling down their feeds.

The number of listings available on Facebook is way more than craigslist. 

14.  FreeAds Time

The site (Visit Here) offers local listing solutions to the public as well as the business industry. Nearly two thousand cities have been registered under the site. Easy online trading is provided by Craigslist like sites all over the world.

17 Best Alternative Sites Like Craigslist in 2022- Reviewed

It is not mandatory to create an account in order to use the platform, but one could sign up if they want to enjoy the benefits of creating a free account, such as being able to monitor the views received on the post.

This might help the seller decide the further steps required to promote their posts. The site claims to have excellent customer support. Import-export, pets, community, and musicians are some of the common categories offered by the site. 

15. eBay 

Founded in 1995, eBay has been one of the most popular sites like Craigslist. In 2004, eBay acquired 25 percent of the Craiglist.

The buyers are not required to pay any amount in order to access the services. whereas a limited amount of free listings are provided to the sellers, if the post exceeds the limit, then the seller is liable to pay the mentioned amount to the website.

eBay is a platform where a large variety of goods and services are sold across the world. The seller can always make amends with the extra fee by including it in their selling prices. Most of the items shipped by eBay are via mail.

But local points pickups are used when delicate or antiques are ordered. In the case of electronics like flat television, the buyer may opt for getting it delivered to the local pickup point. 

16. Swappa

Founded in 2010, the e-commerce company was found to mainly deal with the buying and selling of second hand and new automobiles such as phones, laptops, cameras, gaming products, and more.

Swappa can be considered as one of the best Craigslist like sites which will make buying and selling of automobiles more convenient, fast, and accessible. 

17 Best Alternative Sites Like Craigslist in 2022- Reviewed

Unlike many other sites, Swappa requires the buyers to pay a certain amount in exchange for their service provided to assist and guide them towards their required product.

Most of the time, the amount is refundable in case of dissatisfaction received from the customer after delivering the product. Sellers are free to post their ads. No amount is payable.

17. Close5

The app is designed to sell local products within the neighborhood. It is a former subsidiary of one of the oldest sites like Craigslist, eBay.

The app can be used to post ads, contact the opposite party via chat box, set up meetups, and broadcast announcements or notices within the particular community. Due to export regulations, the app can be accessed in the United States only.

Curious about the ethereal white lantern in your neighbor’s house? Check out the app to test your luck! Grab it if the moment you find it on sale. Make bargainable deals with your locality and enjoy shopping sitting at your houses.

From baby products to antiques, Close5 will bring you a vast variety of products, but beware! Do not get confused over what to buy!

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Wrapping up

It isn’t very easy to take out of our busy lives to go shopping in recent times. This is the age of online shopping. As we try to adapt ourselves to the technologically changing world, we need to ensure that our safety is intact.

Starting from online transactions to meeting unknown dealers, we need to ensure that safety measures are taken to avoid unwanted circumstances.

We have taken it on ourselves to make you aware of a few safety tips you must follow while dealing with Craigslist like sites. 

With the availability of online payment, it is the seller’s responsibility to protect their credentials. Under no circumstances shall an individual provide the seller with their credit card details.

It will always be a safer option to pay by cash as you will be paying after the products or services have been delivered to you. Make sure that you are getting the quality product that has been promised to you. 

The concern of meeting unknown dealers will always make one anxious. To be on a safer side, always try to bring a companion with you when you set off for collecting your goods at the discussed local pickup point.

Make sure your meet up point is always on the busy streets or crowded areas to avoid danger. Secluded areas won’t be a great idea to meet an unknown person, would it be?

Sellers should be aware of what they are posting. The goods and services which have been permitted by the sites are the only ones eligible to be posted.

If not followed properly, they may be charged for illegal usage of the site. Sellers should make sure that their ads are not put down, which may lead to their financial losses. 

This concludes our list of best sites like Craigslist of all time. Did you find your favorite shopping site? Let us know which site attracted you the most and which features made you addicted to them. Happy shopping, safe shopping.