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Top Transcription Services to Use in 2021 

Audio to text transcription became a very important thing for marketing since it improves SEO and adds a new channel of representing the data. However, transcription is a very monotonous and boring task. Most people ignore it or do it badly. 

Top Transcription Services to Use in 2021 

We recommend changing your approach if you ignore transcription. Just make it for one of your videos or audio and check the results. If you can’t cope with this task, we are ready to introduce some professional human transcribers online. The expert team will gladly help you to decode audio to text within several hours. 

Why is Transcription Necessary? 

Some of you may wonder about the transcription since many marketing experts don’t mention such things. The reason is that audio transcription is quite a boring action. Mostly, people just don’t want to cope with this task. Nonetheless, it can improve your business: 

  • better SEO rates; 
  • saves time and resources; 
  • good for data analysis; 
  • good for meeting summarizing; 
  • improving online courses; 
  • an opportunity to write creative content faster; 
  • others. 

The benefits of audio and video transcription are almost endless, so we would rather devote another article for this question. And now we want to represent some of the best online transcription companies. 


This service is widely known for fast turnaround and high-quality transcriptions. According to customers’ reviews, Transcriberry team has a strong system of measures and works professionally. Firstly, they will ask you about all the requirements for transcription. Only after getting all the necessary details, they begin to work. 

What’s more important, this team knows all the requirements of different streaming services. Thus, you won’t need to make any corrections in the final draft. 

To order audio to text transcription from Transcriberry, you have to: 

  1. Go to the website and find the order form. 
  2. Provide the requirements and upload the file. 
  3. Set the deadline 
  4. Pay for the order. 
  5. Get your professional transcription done. 

Here you can get manual transcription services ($1.25 per minute) and automated as well ($0.25 per minute). The delivery time depends on file length. According to testimonials, they can cope with a 1-hour file within 3-hours which is fast enough. Additionally, you can order foreign subtitles and translations here. So, Transcriberry provides customers with a full range of services. 


Scribie provides customers with transcription services for 5 years. Many customers are pleased with their services, pointing to the high level of accuracy as one of the advantages. Here you can get both manual and automated transcription services. 

To get their help, you have to register and choose the plan. The plan defines features that you get from service and an amount of hours to be transcribed. Such an approach allows you to pay once for a certain period and make several orders. Yet, the minimum turnaround time is 36 hours regardless of the audio length. 

Automated transcription services from Scribie are good for files that don’t need a high level of accuracy. For example, an interview with a politician is usually recorded well and all the words are easy to understand. Thus, automated software will easily transcribe the file. Turnaround time for automated transcription is 30-minutes. 

What is important about Scribie is very low prices. Here you can get a manual transcription for $0.8 per minute and automated for $0.1 per minute. 


Rev is one more popular transcription company. They ensure the following services: 

  • automated transcription; 
  • manual transcription; 
  • captions creating; 
  • translation. 

Most customers point out that this service has one of the best turnaround times. As Rev has a great team, they can cope with a 1-hour file within 2 hours without spoiling the quality. Yet there were some complaints about automated transcription. 

As Rev ensures the high-quality of manual transcription, they set up $1.25 price per minute. Nonetheless, most customers said that this cost is worth it. 


GoTranscript is one of the best online transcription services for audio files with plosives and difficult accents. They have a great team of transcribers from different countries, so they can easily cope with any pronunciation. According to website information, this company can support 48 languages. 

Compared to other services, this team has slower turnaround. However, they guarantee high-quality and good accuracy for affordable prices. Manual audio to text transcription costs $0.9 per minute. There is no automated transcription here since the service concentrates on files with background noises or any other low-quality audios. 


Do you have very good audio without any plosives? Then Sonix may help you with transcription. This is an automated-only company. They have established good AI to their software, so here you can get transcription very fast. 

Moreover, they provide you with an in-built editor. Thus, you can make all the necessary corrections before downloading the final draft of transcription. As well as the other services, Sonix provides you not only with transcription, but also with translation and creating the captures for audio and video files. 

Since it is an automated-only service, it costs only $0.1 per minute of audio. 


Audio and video transcription is a necessary thing for your business. Whether you want to involve more users, increase SEO rating or sales, or just improve the quality of your audio and video, you definitely need to do transcription. 

Don’t hesitate to ask professionals for help. They will save your time and resources. What’s more, they provide a guarantee of high-quality and fast turnaround. It is also important that they ensure the highest level of data security. If you won’t be satisfied with the result, they provide a money-back guarantee. 

So, choose the best service from the list above and get your professional transcription right now!