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17 Best Totally Free People Search Sites

We once in our lifetime, and particularly I thought of becoming an FBI agent at one point in my life and pulling a background check on criminals.

I don’t about the criminal check procedure but there is a way to find out about normal people, and that is by using some totally free people search sites.

There are tons of totally free people search sites that can help us to connect with our long-lost friends and colleagues but we all know how these search sites and engines can pull a hefty amount out from our pockets. 

Let’s first see what precautions we should take and what things to look for when searching for totally free people sites.

People search site tips to be kept in mind:-

One of the foremost points that any searcher should always keep in mind is that they can only get as much information as the person himself left in the public domain.

If the person we are looking for did not leave personal information in any public domain then we can search millions of 100% free People search sites but would not be able to find them in the end.

To find the complete information at no cost, then use legions of top free people search sites that can provide you with all the information.

For an economical person, there are many top free people search sites yet there are also many paid people to search sites for technical persons who want to save their time. The only advantage paid search sites can offer to their users is assembled information saving customers time and headaches.

Users beware of sites that can spoof you, many sites out there will allow you to search the information but will ask you to spend for the results, and many time this kind of sites act as a mediator and send you off to another website for the asked information. They are benefitted from the money paid for the required information.

Gain knowledge about web search engines such as Google as they can help you to access different websites leaving minimum work to you and can provide you with information that may help you in finding the person or information sooner.

The key point a person should always remember while using any search site is that some information may not be accessible because of that person’s request.

Totally Free People Search Sites – Our Top Pick 👌

To save this hefty amount from flowing out of our pockets there are some totally free people search sites and engines that can help to fulfill our investigative dreams at a low price or even for free.

Let’s see some of the totally free people search sites that can offer information without you requiring to swipe your credit/debit card.

1. White Pages.com

The first place in our list of ‘totally free people search sites’ takes WhitePages.com. When you are looking for totally free people search sites that can provide you information at no cost then White Pages is one of the best options that anyone can look for. It is most probable to show the desired result users asked for.

Totally Free People Search Sites

White Pages allows customers to perform various tasks that include identity verification, background checks, and fraud screening as its database contains an unlimited amount of people and their businesses’ contact info and details. It can allow its users to search out millions of contact details. 

It not only its users to perform a free contact hunt but also allows the user to search location as well as the first and last name of a person or any business.

In addition to all these features, it also presents a free search where we can type any information like full name or city or state name to find and get the most suitable search.

2. ZabaSearch

When looking for totally free People search sites then not including one of the earliest people-finder would be unfair so ZabaSearch is one of the best people-finder services out there in the market which was founded in 2005.

Totally Free People Search Sites

When looking for persons, their contact, and address, ZabaSearch provides you services at almost no cost as it contains all the public information in its database.

ZabaSearch has a reserve search tool in its infrastructure where a user can start its search by typing the person’s name as well as contact number.

ZabaSearch just like Thatsthem and TruePeopleSearch does not ask its customers to fill out a subscription or to do registration to pull a background check.

Just like all the sites on the list, ZabaSearch’s report also represents you with all the private information regarding phone numbers, addresses, names, ages, etc.

Many people are confused about the relationship between ZabaSearch and Intelius. 

When you are looking for free people finder services then Zabasearch will guide you in searching for the information but if looking for more privileged services then ZabaSearch will guide you to a paid service called Intelius.

3. True People Search

When looking for a totally free people search site then TruebPeople Search is the best site that can offer you free online search sites and engines.

It does not irritate its customers by immediately asking them to fill in customary forms or to register with them.

17 Best Totally Free People Search Sites

A searcher can not only search for a mobile number but can also check cell phone numbers which nowadays are on the verge of extinction due to less usage.

It allows its users to pull background checks and provides services that let users gain last and present residential addresses as well as both mobile and cell phone numbers for absolutely no money.

True People Search presents you with a list containing every single detail about the address whether it’s present or the last, any phone numbers along with probable maiden and relative or associate’s name that may help users to gain some information that can find the person looking for. 

One and only drawback a user can see in True People Search is the time it will start taking for the ‘human test’ after some round of searches.

Due to all the above-mentioned reasons, True People Search is one of the best totally free people search sites that can offer some major services to its users.

4. Family Tree Now

In our ‘Totally free people search site’, Family Tree Now is one of the newly launched search websites that offer free services to its customers. Like its name, Family Tree Now allows users to connect to their roots. 

The search result contains any information related to birth, death, or census record and many such details.

It not only allows users to gather information and connect to the family room but also allows its users to make a family tree according to the gathered piece of information.

Family Tree Now is a website that gathers information from public resources and presents you with a list that may contain important information such as relatives, associates, and people associated with them as well as contact numbers and addresses and such kinds of information.

With getting all the information, crosschecking it is a must so just use more than one site to be sure of the details you got about that person.

5. Thatsthem

The site’s name itself gives a hint about its offerings. Thatsthem is yet another totally free people search site that a person doing a background check can look up to because of their services.

It is one of the sites that offer free searches with no need for subscription or registration.

Totally Free People Search Sites 3

To search for a long-lost friend, any family member, or relative then Thatsthem offers services that can search phone numbers, persons, their IP address as well as their Email address.

The search presents you with a name and number along with personal and public information such as their income and expenditure list.

One of the advantages Thatsthem provides its users is help in a time when users are not able to find the person they are searching for. Users can dial their number to find the missing person. 

The only problem you can see as a disadvantage or a drawback is that they transfer their users to paid services for answers they don’t have in their database.

6. Google

We in our daily life use Google for almost everything from small information to finding more complex things, and so we should start our witch hunt by googling it. It is best to start with one of the biggest search engines that can answer any questions. 

Users can simply use google or Google Plus to get any information which later may help in narrowing down some points to use in any other search sites.

Google allows users to pull a reverse image search that can easily narrow down more options to lessen the options a user can search from.

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7. FindPeopleSearch

The fifth place in our ‘Totally free people search sites’ is given to Find People Search. It is one site with basic services yet guarantees you the person you are looking for.  It is modifying itself to be what a user may want now.

17 Best Totally Free People Search Sites

Find People Search allows its customers to narrow down their options while starting the search as it provides some reserved narrow search.

A user can start a search by typing a specific age, birth date, contact number, location, maiden name, and more information. 

Like many other totally free people search sites and engines, the Find People Search engine is also totally free and does not require any form fill up. If the result does not match what you are looking for then, it also offers paid services.

The best thing Fast People Search offers is the map view of different locations and addresses that can simply guide users to the person they are looking for.

It is a free people search engine that functions faster to present its customers with every single detail to save their customers time.

Fats People Search’s Result not only contains basic information but it also gives some personal information such as birth date, previous and current mobile numbers, addresses, marriage status, email addresses, and many more.

we can simply start our search by typing a phone number, a name, or any address.

At the time of our research on what is the best site to search for a person?, we found a video about “26 Psychological Tricks to Convince People to Do What You Want” which is worth watching.

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8. Pipl

Pipl is a people finder site that allows users to verify their identity to get information. To provide users with the information, they use global identity data for faster results.

To make their users’ search a better experience, it gathers all the important information related to the searching person, from personal to professional, to social identity. 

The most important point a user should keep in mind is that it does not always offer free services, but a user can sign up for free services.

The result shows the person looking for their profile, number, and any useful information such as an address, profession, and any social data the person would have left.

9. PeekYou

If you are trying to find someone in this big world, Peek You is your life savior. It can help to connect you with your family, friends, colleagues, and any long-lost mate by getting more than enough information regarding that person.

17 Best Totally Free People Search Sites

Peek You is one of the search engines that offer totally free people search by putting together all the information it can gather online from any possible site. It is one of the easiest search engines and is free. 

Peek You search over all the places to make sure that you can connect to the person you are looking for; it tries to gather the information from surfing different social sites, news sources, homepages as well as blogs. 

A user can search by typing the first and last name or contact number or state’s location or can conduct a reverse search by typing a user name which is quite common in the present social environment.

10. Linkedln

There are many search sites that are based on business. Two such business-based search sites are Pipl and Linked as we have discussed Pipl above. LinkedIn is one such free business search site. 

In the world of search sites, LinkedIn is the most prominent and known website as its database contains unlimited business-related information and uncountable users, thus creating a worldwide connection. 

Due to its worldwide connection, you can gather more than enough about any particular business, from its basic information to its associates to their employees’ position in the business and such information. 

If you are trying to find a search site for business-related information, then LinkedIn will always be at its peak.

Some information may not be shown to you in case of you not being registered to keep that person’s privacy according to their settings, and if registered then that person will be alarmed when someone will open it.

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11. Facebook

Surprisingly, we all know how much Facebook can help a person connect with someone they lost connection with a long time ago.

It is one of the best totally free people search resources, with millions of users increasing per day. 

17 Best Totally Free People Search Sites

Pulling a background check is very simple on Facebook as we can search by name, ID name, city, school, work, and many more options. If you are looking for personal details, then Facebook is the best option, as no other search site easily provides you with personal details.

The only problem we can say is the downfall of Facebook as a search site can only be that sometimes we can’t access some information as that person keep his or her profile private and not public.

If a profitable is private, then we can only see access to the information by sending them a friend request and them accepting it.

12. Tineye

When looking for any search site or engine then, Tineye may help let you keep an eye. It has one unique feature which is a reverse image search that allows you to insert an image of a person you are looking for.

17 Best Totally Free People Search Sites

To do so, we can copy-paste the image or upload it to the site and then enter it to start the search. Tineye will then go through its database to look through images and, if finding the match, then tell you the location. 

This method is not very convenient, yet it is better to start from somewhere rather than not starting at all.

13. PeopleFinders

People Finders is one of the totally free people search engines that offer personal information regarding phone numbers, family members, and even about their relatives and associates.

Totally Free People Search Sites 8

If the search does not match up to your demands, then by paying economic fees you can easily access more information about your search.

The paid search can provide you with a full name, alliances, present and past addresses, age, landline number, bank insolvency, and property record. It can provide its users with marital status, divorce details, criminal records, etc.

The search can be conducted easily by typing the name, contact number, address, and age.

14. Instagram

Finding people on such social sites are very easy to conduct as almost every person has an account on such social media. Instagram has above 1 billion monthly active users so searching for a person among 1 billion people must increase the chance of finding them. 

Users can create their account and if they already as then they can log in and can simply type the person’s name in the search bar.

Different profiles with the searched name will appear on the screen and you can choose the person according to who you are searching for.

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15. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most interesting applications a person can use for searching for anything, whether it is a person, knitting design, coking methods to dishes, etc. It has more than 335 million users which makes it a global platform connecting the world.

Users can simply log in or create an account they can just type the name in the search bar and then pressing enter will show all the names of the person along with profile pics. Open the person you are looking for by just clicking on their profile.

16. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites. Because of its popularity, we can say that is one of the largest networks of people and hence a great people search site.

Its popularity can not be overlooked and can be proved by the fact that you can find almost all your favorite celebrities here, even more than on Instagram.

Side note, Twitter can be used to improve your knowledge about current affairs as well.

Some of the other search engines a person can browse:-

If pulling a background check in all these totally free people search engine did not go the way you wanted to then you can also use Yahoo People Search, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck go, Yippy, DogPile, and Webopedia to pull off a background check on the person you are trying to find.


What are the best free people search sites?

White Pages.com, ZabaSearch, True People Search, and Google etc. are among the best free people search sites easily available, and offer a wide range of features like background checks, phone number check, as well as the residential address verification.

How can I locate a person for free?

General Internet search, social media search, reverse image search, and public records are some of the most authentic and safe ways of locating a person for free. If you opt for other, illegal ways, you may find yourself in serious legal troubles.

What is the best person search site?

Instant Checkmate, TruthFiunder, US Search, and Spokeo are among the best person search sites you can try.

What website can you look people up?

TruePeopleSearch is a free, one of the most reliable people search engines that allow you to find people by their name, phone number, or address. The website supports you with detailed results such as details like phone numbers, landline or wireless phone, e-mail addresses, current address, age, relatives, previous locations, and more.

Is TruthFinder free?

No, it is not free at all! It doesn’t require you to pay a monthly fee between $26 and $30. You should always keep in mind that, the website will continue to automatically charge you if you don’t cancel the service. Sometimes, you may have to call numerous times to stop the paid service, if we go with various online reviews available.

What is the best free background check?

Googling your name is one of the easiest, free, and safest ways of checking background. After that, you have all the options of checking the country, states official databases, and even criminal history records.

Is CheckPeople free?

CheckPeople only offers the first people search free of cost. And, if you want to perform any further online background checks, you will have to go for a five-day trial worth $1. If you like the trial version, you can always go with the paid one.

Is there a free version of BeenVerified?

BeenVerified is already one of the most popular, free background checking sites, and allows you to search for people by name, phone number, or address without paying anything.

Is Intelius free?

You get a decent set of basic features for free. Intelius offers a pretty limited information based on different factors like a person’s name, location history, age, relatives, phone numbers, education history and employment. If you want to enjoy advanced features of the app, you have to opt for the premium version.

Is there anything better than BeenVerified?

TruthFinder has been doing excellently good as far as finding the people is concerned. The brand offers the most accurate information as compared to other competitors like PeopleLooker or BeenVerified.

Does SpyFly cost money?

SpyFly offers a seven-days free trial to new users. However, if you do not cancel the trial before the end of 7th day, you will be charged $29.97 after the trial period.

Should I use SpyFly?

With a consumer rating of 4.33 stars from more than 6,000 reviews, most users are generally satisfied with their premium purchases. Consumer satisfied with SpyFly very frequently talk about great services, accurate information and phone numbers. So, you can definitely use SpyFly.

What is Spyflycom?

SpyFly is one of the leading public record and personal protection services for the stop it allows you to do background checks on different individuals. It is very commonly used for tenant screening and in insurance quotes. It can and also be a reliable bedform to track registered sex offenders that have flown away to different area.

What is the best criminal background check website?

TruthFinder, Intelius, Instant Checkmate are among the best and most accurate criminal background check websites for checking different details including, phone numbers, emails, addresses, and various previous records.


Searching for peoples have never been so easy and fun and in this article, we have discussed some of the tools required to do that. All of these are totally free people search sites and that helps you to connect with other people that you may or may not know.

One thing to note here is that all of them have a key characteristic that you will know after reading their description.