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How to Trace the History of a Domain


Retracing the digital footprints belonging to a domain

Everyday people are coming up with different names for their domains that they are going to use in their next ventures. Having planned everything out, what remains is a good domain name, one that will be interesting. This name can only trace back to you. The internet is full of digital footprints that can be easily tracked. However, the domain name that you choose can have a positive or negative history. Negative history might include hosting malicious codes and very sensitive content. It might also have to go through several owners before it landed on you.

Just like normal life, the past of your domain, as well as the name that you intend to use, are both critical. This is how you can trace back the history of your domain name.

Tools to check the history of your domain

There are different tools that you can use to check the history of your domain name. They include:

Domain Tools

Domain tools are a registered service whose premium users can look for historical data that concerns any website. The users get high impact statistics and most complete history of domain database. Users can trace the changes I domain ownership, last ownership record and the entire trial of ownership.


With WHOIS database, you get to check the history of a domain name. This free tool tracks a lot of information that pertains to an IP address or even domain name. You can get the WHOIS database download to give you information regarding data history, parsing quality as well as volume. When you use WHOIS database, you can track on the new TLDs to take the opportunity of grabbing them as soon as you can.

WHOIS database download gives you access to more than 300 million domain names that are active, and a growth rate of thousands of other domains. WHOIS database also gives you the address, email ID, as well as contact number of the registrant. It is also possible to trace the information of domains that are registered every day using the WHOIS database download.


This tool traces the history of your domain as well as its name. It gives you free domain DNS databases that are searchable. One can locate more than 5 million hosting provider statistics based on the name of their servers. The historical statistics of this tool retrace back to the year 2000, and you can use it to check the DNS records and the details of ownership of your preferred domain name.

Norton Safe Web

This free tool can assist in tracking different websites for malware and malicious codes. It helps in checking whether your domain name is safe or it has been blacklisted for malware. Malicious codes and malware destroy the reputation and authority of a website. Before you purchase that domain name, ensure it is clean.

These are some of the tools that one can use to trace the history of a domain and its name.

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