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2022 Gamer’s Guide: Trendy Gaming Room Improvement Ideas

To have a fascinating gaming experience, leveling up your gaming room is crucial. The ambiance of your gaming area sets the tone of your gaming adventures. This does not only invest in your gaming devices but also optimizes your gaming room setup.

Here’s our epic list of gaming room setup and improvement ideas for the ultimate gamer. 

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1. Room Size

Everything you plan on setting up will have to be accommodated in the desired gaming space. So, it’s ideal to start measuring the square footage available for you to set up. Everything will fall in place once you begin to choose your purchases, design, desks, and chairs based on this factor. 

While you are searching for awesome gaming room design ideas that will intensify your sessions, it’s crucial to determine the appropriate size of the gaming room. Make sure it fits all your gaming essentials and furniture that you wish to purchase.

Moreover, you need to have ample space for seating arrangements if you enjoy playing with your buddies. 

If you are building a gaming room from scratch, note that allowing extra space makes it easier to organize your gaming accessories. Plus, you can continue to make improvements in the future.

2. Select a Theme For Your Gaming Room

Theming your gaming room based on your favorite games is another key tip to leveling up your gaming experience. If you are hooked on war games, then nothing would do your decor and desktops justice than Call of Duty accessories. Even Nightfall posters or battlefield decor are excellent choices.

3. Get Good Speakers

Ever been obsessed with a game theme song? They are popular for a reason. Don’t underestimate the power of a good sound system while gaming away. 

The surround sound makes all the difference. It fills your room with an engaging adventure. It is a new experience when your surround sound accentuates danger signs, clues, etc. So, don’t forget to count on good-quality speakers while renovating your gaming area.

4. Soundproofing

Good quality speakers mean a lot of noise, so soundproofing the room is also essential. You don’t want to bother your neighbors or your housemates. There’s no fun in owning speakers and not being able to use them properly. So, this tip is for those who want to enjoy playing video games in peace without bothering other people.

5. Gaming Desk

It’s wise to get a desk that works the best for your needs. This is a no-brainer for gamers. When setting up a gaming room, the desk is an essential purchase since that’s where you’ll be operating all your controls. In other words, a suitable gaming desk is everything. 

When selecting a gaming desk, make sure that it’s big enough to accommodate the large and swift moves with your mouse acceleration. The desk size should be proportionate to the size of your room. An oversize desk can take up all the space and make moving around difficult for you.

You could also get a desk to match your theme, making it aesthetically more attractive for you to enjoy your gaming sessions.

6. Gaming Chair

Another gaming essential is a comfortable gaming chair that enables you to be in your zone without being distracted. It’s also essential to buy a gaming chair that allows you to sit comfortably for long hours. If you don’t invest in good posture, you may even end up with a backache, which will get in the way of your gaming hours.

7. Invest in a Big Screen

What appeals to you more when it comes to screens? Monitors, TVs, or projectors are all fantastic options. If you are a regular PC gamer obsessed with some of the best PC games, you can just get a sizable monitor to suit your needs. But if you like it grand, investing in a big TV with high resolution is definitely worth it. The only thing with monitors is that there are limitations in viewing angles and distance.

For gaming, TVs are hands down the best option. They offer a spectacular gaming experience. For multi-player gamers, the projector is a better option.

8. Accent Lighting

Lighting can accentuate the entire ambiance, not just for gaming rooms. While you are gaming, you want to create a space where you can fully immerse yourself in the gaming world. Lighting plays a vital role if you are all about the mood. Avoid bright lights, as they can create reflections on the TV or monitor screen. If you are using a projector, then the room should be pitch dark for the screen on the projector to appear. 

You can consider getting general lighting like spotlights on your ceilings for an engaging gaming vibe.


Before you go, you must also think about storage space to organize your games, consoles, headphones, and other gaming accessories. You don’t want to leave things here and there due to storage shortage. If you plan it properly, you’ll be able to keep your gaming room neat and clean. 

If budget is not an issue, you can consider a storage shelf, perhaps a mounted or floating one for your gaming possessions. Whatever you decide, make sure you are opting for the one that offers ample storage, not just for now but for future additions. 

Hopefully, you are now all geared up with gaming room improvement ideas to set up your gaming room. Have fun with it!