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15 Best Truecaller Alternatives To Stay Protected From Spam

In the field of Caller ID and blocking apps, Truecaller was the first launched app that made ID services available for users. And was a big hit since its release and is one of the must-have apps on mobile phones.  

But let’s know what Truecaller is offering? 

What’s the buzz about Truecaller? 

One of the most feature-loaded apps is Truecaller. The app can be used for one of the many reasons by users, it can be that they are looking for a caller identification app, or be it spam calls blocking app, and if not the above-mentioned reason, then as a chat message as well as call recording app. 

The app is available for both Android as well as iOS users but even though the app was released with a bang, many of its loyal users went for its replacement and alternatives. The complaint was increasing with time.  

Users were aware that the app was draining their battery at a fast rate, was getting tabs on each and every contact and calls. And the privacy breach is one of the many reasons why users went looking for other suitable alternatives for their iOS and Android phones.  

Best Truecaller Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

In this article, we have jotted down the names of some of the best Truecaller alternatives that both the operating systems users, iOS and Android users can use.

Let’s get on track with our first one.  

1. Whoscall – The caller ID and block App

The first one in Truecaller Alternatives is WhosCall, a known name after TrueCaller. The caller ID service is available for both iOS and Android users as many complain that these services only function on Android mobiles. 

The app is quite famous among smartphone owners as it is one of the actively downloaded apps with more than 65 million downloads. It has one of the largest databases of numbers, probably more than a billion numbers.  

Whoscall Product Video

And if you are worried about getting fake and spam calls while not having internet then do not fret. To save you from such calls, Whoscall is providing offline services thus no spac1e for spam calls, irrespective of you being online or offline.  

And to make my point clear that Whoscall is undoubtedly one of the best Truecaller alternatives, I can say that Truecaller themselves do not have online services. Apart from this, it has some resembling characters to Truecaller. 

You can block spam calls or any number in general, and if you have forgotten to save someone’s number then you can also search unknown numbers as well as track them, and many more.  

The app is a must addition to your smart gadgets to ensure no spams calls to waste your time. This all-in-one app with messages, texts, and call services is free in the app stores. However, you have to bear ads.  

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2. Showcaller

The next alternative to Truecaller is Showcaller and by the name, you can have some sort of image in your mind. The easy-to-use and the easy-to-operate app does not take much up of your device’s space. Likely, less than 4MB. 

The app is presumably one of the lightweight caller ID recognizing apps and does not wreak havoc on your battery, thus proving itself to be a battery-saving Truecaller alternative, not the feature present in True caller itself.   

Best Truecaller Alternatives

Just like Whoscall and Truecaller, you can get whole caller information on your screen on incoming calls as the app has the tendency to verify over half of the calls. Names and images of the caller are some of the information that will flash on your screen. 

It has received positive responses from its users and some believe that the app is best in what it does, verifying and blocking unsolicited calls. 

It is good at blocking spam calls, has a fast dialer, allows quick searches, and many more. The list of features is never-ending as it allows unknown number search, has an offline database, built-in recorder, and many more. 

If you are not liking Whoscaller for your android or iOS phone then you can replace it with Showcaller who is providing almost the same as Whoscall, and also comes in the category of free Truecaller alternatives.  

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3. Hiya – Caller ID & Block

Hiya or formerly, Whitepages Caller ID is a fitting Truecaller alternative that won’t let you down when it comes to identifying between spam calls and regular ones. And it blocks the numbers and texts that you do not want to pick up and reply to. 

Copying Truecaller, Hiya is also allowing you to search unknown numbers, identify them and the best part is that you will not have to take time to block spam calls as it will automatically block spam calls.  

Best Truecaller Alternatives 2

apart from the basic features, Hiya is mostly appreciated for the fact that its users do not have to pay a single penny and will not be swamped with ads.  

You will get to know later in the list is that more than few Truecaller alternatives will either ask you to pay up or be stuck between annoying ads. But this app is offering its services at no cost at all along with helping you to avoid ads. 

Thus most users are satisfied with  Hiya call services. If you are not the one to be hit up with ads every time you open the app then Hiya is the best option among Truecaller alternatives. 

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4. Callapp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder

With no argument, Callapp is one of the all-rounder apps that has a lot to offer. If you were looking for not just an identifying call app but also a call recorder then this two-in-one app is a must-visit destination. 

There is no restriction as only incoming calls would be recorded or only outgoing calls would be recorded, both of them would be recorded. Therefore a totally catchy Truecaller alternative for those looking for it. 

Best Truecaller Alternatives 3

Well now we can not forget the main reason for looking for Truecaller alternatives in the first place, can we? So yes being a caller ID and blocking app thus making it capable of verifying unknown numbers. And is known for doing a good job in it.  

But here’s the caveat, it does not offer a well-functioning spam number blocking feature and the difference between Callapp and other Truecaller alternatives is quite prominent. But if you are keen on having a mobile-friendly app then also the app can be a problem. 

The app does not spare your mobile phone’s battery so you have to bear with it, so in this compartment, there are no major differences between Callapp and Truecaller.

That being out of the frame if you still have not found a well functioning caller ID and call recording app then there is no problem going for Callapp, as it does not lack in this department, and is quite opposite. 

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5. Mr.number – Caller ID & Spam Protection

The name itself, Mr.Number has said so much about the app and has not left anything for imagination however we are still going to discuss it and get to know more about it.  

The app is fairly brilliant in identifying unknown numbers and unlike Callapp, it is doing a good job in affluently blocking spam calls and numbers. The users have only positive responses to it when it comes to blocking spam calls, thus making its way to our list. 

15 Best Truecaller Alternatives To Stay Protected From Spam

One of the rare features that few to none provide is available in Mr.Number is that it let you set the condition on which the app will block calls, either it would be a specific person, area coder, or even callers’ country or native place. 

The feature is best when talking about international calls as you can not have the guarantee that you won’t get spam calls from international places, and most apps do not have an international number identifying feature. 

Besides, it has the usual features as any other Truecaller alternatives such as searching unknown numbers, blocking spam calls, and many more. Here comes the but, but the app is only available for Android users.  

 If you want my advice, Mr.number is worth a check.  

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6. Trap call: Unmask Blocked & Private Numbers

Trap Call is a treat to the eyes of iOS users as the app is doing fairly a good job in being a caller ID app. Although the app is also available for Android phones, it is not a good one to have considering its bad name. And its rating on the Play Store also indicates that Android users are not too fond of the app.  

But we can not say whether you will like it or not as everyone has their own interpretations so do not get demolished by the ratings and check the app on your own and then give your reviews after downloading it.  

In the app, you have so much to find out as there are a plethora of features, combining both usual and exclusive features such as blocking spam calls, identify callers, and such likes.

How To Unmask A Call With TrapCall!

I’m pretty sure users would love to have a “No caller ID” option on their mobile phones which will allow them to get rid of pranks and fraud calls. 

The app has modern technology that allows users to know the person behind the call so you can either block them or warn them off. It will guide you in either picking up the call or rejecting it. 

Another feature to go for in Trap call is its automatic blocking feature that blocks a call automatically when it deceives it to be a robocall. The app has a large database of the global list of spam calls so you won’t have to be worried about getting one such call. 

Putting harassing and annoying calls on the blacklist is quite easy in the app thus making it rise up to a higher zenith. Thus making the scene funny as the caller will hear a disconnected voice. And it also has a copying segment from Truecaller. 

You can see the similar feature of Truecaller in Trap Call called “Live Caller ID”. Well, the list of features seems ceaseless as the Trap Call’s users are getting more such as recording incoming calls options, no information flash for unknown numbers, and the list goes on.  

If you are shifting from Truecaller to trap call then I can guarantee you that you will never think of Truecaller again as this feature-packed app is one of the A-listed Treucaller Alternatives that offer absolutely the same services as Truecaller and many more.  

The Android and iOS users can have the app’s free service for a week as s free trial and after that, the rates for pro plans are starting at $3.99.  

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7. Callblock

Another iOS-based caller blocking service is Callblock that already gives hint and yes you guessed it right it is an iOS app used mainly for blocking. But do remember that if what you are looking for is a caller ID app then this is not the right stop.  

Best Truecaller Alternatives 5

You are not going to get a call identifying service thus no information of who is calling you, whatsoever. But if you are wondering why considering it in the list, then to answer it I thought you would not want to miss blocking services like Callblock.  

If you wanna ask who has blocked numbers the most in history, Callblock name is a must to include as 86.7 percent of blocked telemarketing calls do not seem like a small digit. It has an enormous network of more than 3,000,000 classified entries covering a ton of nations. 

If you think spam callers are attracted towards you seeing the number of spam calls you receive then Callblock is worth considering in the list of Truecaller alternatives. It is undoubtedly one of the leading apps in the industry.  

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8. Eyecon Caller id

Particularly famous for its work in identifying unknown callers and offering you callers information such as images, names, and such likes is an app called Caller ID.

One of the features that almost no Truecaller alternatives have shown yet is its compatibility with social sites. Therefore, Caller ID is one such alternative providing you high syncing tool.  

Caller ID with pictures

It let its users function the app with known and established apps like Facebook or any other selected apps to create a whole diary of information of the saved numbers in your phone. The information may be a pic of the contact or it could be any related information. 

And if you are thinking that it has a larger database than any other Truecaller alternatives then yes, you are getting more information thus I can say that Caller ID is doing well in what it was assigned to do.  

But there are some downsides to the app and that is it does not have a well-functioning interface. Many users have complaints regarding it not same as Truecaller in the genre of consistency.  

So just keep in mind that if you are looking for full-fledged Caller ID services then maybe keep Caller ID as a secondary tool in your armory and select some other TrueCaller alternatives from the list as your primary shield against unknown calls. 

Some usual features that you can also get your hands on are the blocking spam calls feature, an availability checker, and many more.  

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9. Viewcaller – Caller ID & Spam Block

The developers wanted to create an app that both android and iOS users can have on their phones thus launched Viewcaller for the save. It has pretty much what others are offering such as identifying unknown numbers, blocking spam calls and the list goes on.  

15 Best Truecaller Alternatives To Stay Protected From Spam

It has a real-time caller ID interface so no need to waste the time getting the information and missing the call as the information will flash on your screen along with the call.   

Other features of the app include speed dialing with support for T9 dialing, a maintained history of all the calls, smart search, and more.

The app explicitly states that it doesn’t collect data from your address book so you are getting better privacy. This is a simple caller ID and spam call blocker app that anyone can use. 

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10. Whowho

WhoWho also comes in the category of easy-to-use app that can very much do the same as any other Truecaller alternatives present here.  

언제, 어디서나 whowho

Truecaller Alternatives Apps “WhoWho” is a caller id and call blocking off an application that furnishes the answer for picking the caller identity, blockading the undesirable calls, managing the registered numbers, choosing the spam calls earlier than responding to the callers. 

WhoWho will inform you which call is an actual one and which can be being made from the false numbers. 

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11. Reall caller

Another option to see is RealCaller which can be an asset for those who are looking for an easy-to-use app that can ping users up with telephone listing and caller information. It makes getting a hand on such information easy for the users.  

And you won’t stay ignorant anymore about the person who is calling you with an unknown number. Giving it a chance is not at all a time-wasting procedure and can be a boon for later uses.  

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12. Call blocker – Calls Blacklist & True Caller ID

A very simple app that a person can clearly tell the function by seeing the name is Call blocker. A simple app with a simple function, no fancy jazz to it, just doing its work of blocking unwanted calls and providing caller information.  

Best Truecaller Alternatives 7

If you are fed up and seriously do not have time to waste it on blocking spam calls then Call Blocker is lending its hand to automatically block calls on behalf of you from time-wasting people, and even telemarketing calls as well robocalls.  

There is another option as well in the app which users can use to block is a blacklist. And the app claims to have one of the world’s largest contact numbers databases so you can rest assured that you are not going to get spam calls any time soon.  

Well, we are not so inconsiderate people who do not call back so therefore app has a function that will give you reminders after a call is missed and it even keeps you aware of the calls that come from the block-listed numbers.  

A person should not let go of such resources in the bin, therefore, do give a lookout to the Call blocker.  

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13. Eyecon

A very minimal alternative to Treucaller is Eyecon. The app is a simple yet effective caller ID service that zooms the images and name of the caller on the screen. The best part is that it also shows the caller’s location so you know it is not from a dingy place. And it also replicates some of the functions that can be seen in Truecaller.  

Blocking unwanted calls or suspected numbers is one of them. If you are an OG user of Caller ID or love the app but got bored of using it then Eyecon is the next best solution. Just like the Caller ID, you can have the location of the caller on your screen.  

And are you forgetting the feature of syncing the app with social sites profiles then let me remind you that you will get the exact same feature in Eyecon as well.

So do not fret about the app so much and give one of the replicas of Caller ID and one of the Truecaller alternatives a check. It may replace your Caller ID.  

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14. Call blacklist pro

If something fancy is missing in your collection of Treucaller alternatives then check out Call Blocklist pro which is unabashedly a glamour containing calls and text blockers. It is a help for those who are tired of telemarketing calls.  

The unwanted texts and calls can become unbearable and why even bearing it, block it with the help of Call Blacklist Pro. What attracted the user most is its availability of not only blocking numbers and texts but also clutter emails.  

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15. Numler

Numler is one of the Truecaller alternatives that only Android users can take advantage of, thus I can say that it is not a cross-platform app. 

It has what you are seeking in the call blocker tool as well as a caller ID app so you won’t have to go looking for other Truecaller alternatives that have what it needs to be a perfect app. Numler can be called a Viewcaller alternative due to providing real-time identifying spam calls.  

It has basic features such as identifying unknown contacts, the option to create a blacklist, blocking spam and fraud calls, and many more. And to add a cherry on the top, it also lets users be aware of the updated contacts.  

The thing that has stolen the limelight is the in-built chatbot present in Numler which allows you to have everything in a single stop. The best thing is that you do not have to send requests to your friends as it automatically hit them up with a notification of you using the app.  

No need for paying up SMS charges, a very budget-friendly replacement for Truecaller. It would be better to check the app rather than being sorry for not checking it later.  

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No wasting time going through bits and pieces of unwanted numbers, time taking texts and emails, WhosCall is one of the Truecaller alternatives that will handle all these things.