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Software Tweaks to Make Your Mac Run Faster


Nothing can irritate a user more than a slow computer, especially if it is Macbook which is not cheap. That’s awful and you will hardly find a user who won’t fall into the line with this obvious fact! The price for Mac-based devices is not low; therefore, users wish to get top-quality devices which won’t block their productivity and won’t make them rack their brains over the issue like low productivity. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean this problem is recurring!

In current times, there is a bunch of great tweaks which will help you solve this issue. Check the below-written techniques and finally understand what happened to your favorite laptop and how to make your Mac run faster!

Tweaks to Make Your Mac Run Faster

1. How many software products launch at startup?

The majority of users don’t even check this issue and have never had an eye for such details. Even so, these apps can be the main reason which affects the performance of your computer. Check what particular applications launch at startup and if you don’t use them on a rolling basis, clean up them. You can find this information in the folder “Login Items”. Check it and delete all apps you don’t use on a daily basis.

 make your Mac run faster

2. Check what browser do you use?

Not all users even guess that the main reason can be the browser they use. Some experts consider that Safari can hog your laptop’s memory. For that reason, it would be more effective if you use Chrome or Opera.

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3. Restart your laptop.

 make your Mac run faster

How often do you do that? This tweak is too simple but sometimes it really helps users solve this issue! In sober fact, there are a few tools, your computer uses automatically in order to fix some issues. To startup these tools, you need to restart your Macbook. You can find more here.

4. Check the state of your hard drive.

 make your Mac run faster

How many video files, documents, images or other folders do you store on your computer? You don’t even notice that but gradually the hard drive will be filled up and your device starts working slower, irritating you. In this scenario, you need to remove all these files and almost immediately you’ll notice that it starts running faster. Don’t clutter up the memory of your laptop! Otherwise, sooner or later you’ll notice that it is high time to do anything in order to remove all these files from your computer.

5. Is your Mac always cool?

Commonly, we use computers for 7 or 9 hours per day. Some developers even use them longer! If you notice that your device becomes too hot, it means that something is wrong. It is the main sign which means that the device suffers. In this scenario, you should arrange a proper air conditioning. As a result, this problem will disappear.

6. What dashboard widgets do you use?

 make your Mac run faster

Sometimes, we have an awful lot of dashboard widgets on the screen and we even don’t use them. Some of them are installed by default and you don’t even notice them. Nevertheless, we can’t tell the same about your computer. Our advice is the following – check what widgets are installed on the dashboard and if there are some of them you don’t need at all, you should delete them!

7. Update the operating system version.

Some experts consider that it’s necessary to do this on an ongoing basis (at least once per six months). How often do you do this? You should always use the latest version of the software and install the latest updates. Commonly, this tweak always helps increase the performance of your computer. The software update helps to fix all problems which block the performance of your favorite device.

 make your Mac run faster

There are some other tweaks like buying a new device or new state drive which will also solve this issue, but these solutions are for those who are ready to pay a decent sum of money! If you aren’t one of these users, you should care about your Mac. Using our tweaks, you’ll prolong its life and will never face a problem as “slow laptop” or “constant glitches”.


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