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Best Twitter Unfollow Tools

If you do not know what Twitter is then you are living under the rocks. Twitter is one of the social media weeds that even Gen X is addicted to. The hustle for following and unfollowing is real and the need of the hour is a good Twitter Unfollow Tool.

Twitter is one of the most prominent social media sites other than Instagram and Facebook. And if you don’t know about it in 2022 then maybe you have to level up your game. So don’t worry we are talking about Twitter and why maintaining the numbers of followers is required.

The microblogger app lets millions of users share messages and posts in the form of Tweets. It is a social media app that lets you interact with hundreds of millions of users daily. The SMS of the internet proves to be influential as many top-notch politicians, megastars, singers, and any influential people of any field can be named among its avid users.

If you want to follow your role model then you can follow the said role model and can see their post ‘tweets’ in the Twitter timeline. It is one of the best online marketing tools that many enterprises use to make their business known in the industry. many students and enthusiasts use it as a good time pass tool. 

The topic ranges from anything to nothing as you can find posts on Industrial matters, brand statements, and there are a lot of memes and gifs that you can for sure use to make people laugh out loud.

Why the need to unfollow followers?

But the question here arises why do we need to maintain records of our followers? So let’s clear the doubt that many of you have?

First and foremost Twitter only allows you to follow 2000 accounts more than the numbers of accounts following you. So if the numbers of followers are low then there is no possibility of expanding your business or making it viral.

Many times we in a hurry follow people who at the time follow you back but later stop following you thus adding in your following numbers. The account with fewer followers and more following does not ooze authority, therefore, rationalizing follow/unfollow ratio is an important aspect. 

There are many accounts that at that time were tweeting cool and knowledgeable tweets but stopped for a long time so you are wasting your following numbers on inactive members. Almost all social media are based on reciprocality and fan base so we are presenting you how to improve your Twitter account.

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools: Our Top Pick 👌👌

In this article, we are going to let inactive or non-followers let go to enhance your Twitter account value so without any further ado, let’s get to know about Twitter unfollow tool, starting with Crowdfire.

1. Circlebloom

Circlebloom is not only Twitter unfollow tool but also a social media management app. A very elegant and simple at the same time tool has a superpower to find you the accounts of your taste and liking based on tags, filters, and contents and most probably will follow you back.

Apart from the following modules, it has 3 more modules as smart tweets module, unfollows module, and analytics module. The unfollow module can give competition to other Twitter unfollow tools as they present a list of not only inactive followers but also non-followers, fake accounts, bookworms, and the list goes on.

How to Delete Unlike All My Twitter Likes at Once #DeleteTwitterLikes #UnlikeTweets

The stats module is not very accurate about your account stats so you can use this one as a secondary app in management but it is a good competitor among Twitter unfollow tools.

The app makes unfollowing people fun and it has one thing that makes users consider the app is that you can connect website/blog RSS feed with your Twitter account.

2. Crowdfire

Without any hustle and bustle managing social media is almost impossible but to save you from this fuss, Crowdfire is there for you.

It is a free social media managing app that can help you to gain followers on Twitter along with letting you unfollow those who did not follow you back or add any value to your account.

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools

The managing app is available for both iOS and Android users. It offers both paid and free services and in my opinion, free service is enough as a Twitter unfollow tool, as you can remove up to 25 non-followers per month. 

If 25 is not enough then you can go for its subscription to increase the number of followers you want to remove. It is an all-in-one app as you can use it not just for unfollowing Twitter inactive followers but also for knowing the best idea for content to upload as well as manage the account sitting in a single place.

The list does not end here as it lets you schedule all your posts thus helping you in saving time as it will automatically upload at the scheduled timing.

3. App Unfollowers

The name itself, App Unfollowers, clears the function of the app. It is a free and easy-to-use tool that you can use for mainly three purposes, unfollowing, gaining followers, and analyzing your Twitter account. Once you open the site and log in to your Twitter account, then the next steps are pretty simple to go from there.

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools 1

The dashboard will appear with the information of users who are not following back so you can easily remove them. As mentioned above, you can use it to gain followers as well. If you want to follow the people most influential Tweeters follow then you can copy their following as well.

This twitter unfollow tool also enable you the power to add anyone in the whitelist as well as blocklist. The whitelist is for those accounts that you never want to unfollow whereas Blocklist is for those whom you never seem to follow.

4. iUnfollow

Almost for a decade now, iUnfollow is in the market that most Twitter users are using as a Twitter unfollow tool. The free version has 50 inactive followers and non-followers removing the capacity for a day which is a pretty good number.

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools

If you have a pretty large following account then you select their premium subscription to lift off this barricade and to have a faster and more accurate result. The most interesting feature of iUnfollow is that it informs you about the people who follow you but you don’t. So using this feature you can expand your social circle.

The procedure to discard followers starts by logging in to the Twitter account and is a trusted Twitter Unfollow tool by more than 3,00,000 users.

5. UnTweeps

A very simple and easy method to discarding inactive followers is UnTweeps. The step to start the procedure is signing in with Twitter. The simple easy to use Twitter unfollow tool will provide you a box where you have to type the number of dates to find out when was the last date your followers tweeted.

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools 3

The results are accurate and then you can unfollow inactive twitters by just clicking on unfollow tweeps and it also lets you know the account that blocked you. You can also go for their UnTweeps Pro for unlimited Twitter account support.

UnTweeps tries to maintain their users’ privacy as they do not store access tokens and don’t take any action regarding your account after you close the application.

6. Tweepi

Tweepi is an AI-powered Twitter Unfollow tool that has been trying to maintain people’s Twitter account valuable in the market for ages.

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools

It ain’t an app for you to start getting rid of inactive and non-followers but also to replace them with valuable followers for your account. The free app has a fast and precise tool for collecting the list of non-followers and letting you unfollow them. 

Back in the day, known as Geeky flush, can be a challenging rival to ManageFillter in speed and it also has premium plans but as far as Unfollowing feature is concerned Tweepi free version would be sufficient for you.

You should also keep in mind that some features of premium versions are not working so so invest your money wisely and check out the site before buying any plans.

7. ManageFlitter

Making Twitter as per your taste is very hard and there are not many tools that let you manage Twitter accounts as per a person’s choices but MnagaFlitter is among the popular Twitter Unfollow tools that let you do exactly the same.

In a single click, you can get rid of followers who don’t have more knowledge to add to your account and are keeping you from following knowledgeable twitter news feed and accounts. Well, other than the easily unfollowing feature the app has more to offer.

The offer includes you the power to find spam aka fake accounts, noisy Twitter accounts, and in general a free tool to manage accounts. In ManageFlitter, you can also know how many Twitter users you are following and at what number you followed them.

Not an asset feature but still it would be cool to know when you started following your favorite actor or singer or any influential person’s Twitter account.

8. Audiense

Audiese is a  very known tool in this field and is not just a Twitter unfollow tool but overall a managing asset for social media. Apart from enabling you to unfollow masses of Twitter inactive and non-follower, it has an army of features to unveil.

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools

It presents you with a report of what kind of audience you should look for, offers excellent insights on engaging audiences, and then provides you with strategies to work on the stats. Audiense can be your strong forte in attaining a new level to your Twitter account.

The unfollow feature is quite easy to use as you can start unfollowing large masses by logging in with Twitter.  The appeared dashboard has a followers list for you to check out.

9. Twindr

Twindr is a glamorous alternative to Twitter unfollow button. It is a very simple Twitter Unfollow tool that has an easy one-step to unfollow tweeps and that is you just have to swipe left to start unfollowing people.

The major drawback of this Twitter Unfollow Tool is that it is free and available for iOS users only and no other operating system can use it.

10. Unfollower stats

Unfollower stats is basically a tool for keeping tabs on your followers. It is pretty simple to know who is not following you back so you can easily get rid of such types of Twitter accounts. It is a third-party Twitter Unfollow tool that presents you report on follow/unfollow stats.

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools 6

Their dashboards are beautiful and have lots of features and stats. It has a white and blacklist just like App Unfollowers, and you will not only get unfollow features but also notifications every time someone unfollows you.

Using the app, you can remove inactive and non-followers and can send requests to people following you. The app is free to use but you have to bear ads and limitations. The paid version is also available but the free version is far than enough.

11. Unfollospy

Unfollowspy is another Twitter unfollow tool that you can use your hand on for managing your Twitter account and for maintaining a good overview of your followers and keeping fake accounts on the bay.

The free web-based app does not ask you for a single penny and you can get easily started on maintaining a good following list thus without further ado, go and check out this handy managing app.

12. Socialoomphs

You want a service to assists you in managing your Twitter account, Socialoomphs is the way to go. It is one of the best services and most powerful services for Twitter that can also act as a Twitter unfollow tool.

With this tool, you can manage your followers, schedule updates, bulk unfollow, and many other things. Not only that you can see your mentions and retweet at a single place giving you more room and a better view to think about your next strategy for growing your Social Media exponentially.

Socialoomphs as the name suggests is not only for Twitter but for Social Media in general. It consists of tools to manage Facebook, WordPress, Tumbler, Blogger, etc. However, it is mostly used for Twitter and that’s pretty self-explanatory as Twitter is one of the most popular tools and if you can not afford to hire a Social Media Manager, Socialoomphs is the next best thing.

13. TwitterKarma

TwitterKarma is a one-stop shop if you want to extract the list of friends and followers from your Twitter account. Its working is pretty simple, you just need to click “Wack!” and the service will automatically do all the work for you.

There are different filters and different features for you to try. The only caveat is that it is not updated to meet the modern standard of expectation. However, this won’t cause a problem for you if your goal is to increase your followers and social media network.

Talking about its unfollow feature, like most other apps on our list, it allows you to do bulk unfollow.

Hopefully, you are able to the best Twitter unfollow tool from this list.