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9 Best Typing Apps For Mac To Learn To Type Without Sight

Skills, no matter what it is, can always help you in staying ahead of many others. A skilled person is always held in high esteem by society, which eventually leads to gaining confidence within oneself. 

At this time of the high advent of various kinds of technologies, it is always advisable and profitable as well, to stay at the top of the game of skills. 

Typing is one such skill that is almost effortless and also a must-learn skill for all. One should definitely have a good hold over typing speed as this is a skill that you are going to need at any point in life.

If you’re an Apple Mac user, this article is going to be quite handy for you to know about the various range of typing apps that you could download for your Mac device, right now!

Best Typing Apps For Mac – Our Take👌👌


Typist is one of the most widely-used and preferred typing apps for Mac. They provide a lot of classes and lessons for you to learn typing, improve your accuracy while typing, increase your speed and practice over and over again.

For the start, you can begin by learning the various letter locations with the help of the ‘Standard Courses’ provided and then proceed further to take a glance at the Typing Review and then check out the various kind of drills that are provided. This will serve as an effective start to your typing experience and learning. 

Best Typing Apps For Mac

You will be given a handful of exercises, after performing which you could get a stat of your learning. Typist lets you review your strokes per minute, error ratio, typing speed, and the total time you consumed in completing the given exercise.

This will help you in knowing your weak points and help you to work harder on them to make them perfect.

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Typesy is yet another of the most super-efficient typing apps For Mac, especially for kids to learn to type on Mac devices. This app would consume only 7 minutes of your hectic schedule for you to eventually master typing.

Typesy is a productive choice for the users as without investing too much of your time on learning, you learn typing in a smart way.

Best Typing Apps For Mac 1

They make the use of flashcards and ‘Falling Words Game’ which makes it very much user-friendly and appealing—- learning becomes fun, even for adults. 

The most engaging fact lies in the various other skills you could nurture here, as well. This app permits you to make course cards, make your own flashcards, and even has tutorials for a lot of other features that you could make the best out of, on the website of Typesy.

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Keyboard Virtuoso Light can serve as one of the best choices for beginners especially. They begin their course with the most basic steps needed for a beginner, leading you to complete 20 warm-ups before proceeding further. 

9 Best Typing Apps For Mac To Learn To Type Without Sight

A very effective prompt shall pop up on your screen before you are about to start off with the lessons, which gives you a slight idea about what you need to do to finish that step.

You will also get to see the count of the errors made by you, the average rhythm, types of characters, and average speed, for you to do better next time. 

The first 10 lessons will be completely free of cost and then you can decide whether you’re up for buying the full version or not. Well, the full version has a total of 300 lessons which is going to cost you just $3.99.

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The most innovative part of this app is its elementary approach where you could just paste any random paragraph of text that you want to practice typing and the app shall highlight the words for you to type. If you have mistyped any word, that word gets marked in red for you to correct.

If you don’t want to paste something of your choice, you get to option to let the app choose the text for you. 

Best Typing Apps For Mac 3

This is an extremely helpful and easy method of acing the skill of typing. If someone does something of their own interest, the work gets done more efficiently in almost no time. You can also get to know your accuracy percentage as well as the words per minute.

Well, if you are new to typing, this app might not serve to be too helpful for you but it’s a great method for experienced ones to test themselves.

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If you are someone who wants a described pattern of the stats on speed and the accuracy obtained over time, then we think Master of Typing is one of the best typing apps for Mac. 

Master of Typing is going to improve your touch-typing. Initially, you are going to start improving your few basic letter combinations, followed by typing difficult words.

9 Best Typing Apps For Mac To Learn To Type Without Sight

You also get exposure to several free lessons. Nevertheless, you could always try out the Pro version of the app as well for getting rid of the unnecessary ads and unlock various other levels of acquiring your typing skill.

The fact that they permit you to check your accuracy and speed of typing from the day you started till the current day is a handy feature for the users. Your average and bests can also be analyzed without a hitch.

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Typing Fingers LT is one of the best picks you could have for learning to type for your little one. The entire experience of typing is made much more appealing and interesting to the child by the colorful animations, fun sounds, cartoon guides, and entertaining themes. 

This app not only teaches your kid how to type by making it more enriching but also has Dennis to teach them the accurate posture to follow when sitting while typing, with ergonomic measurements and many more. 

9 Best Typing Apps For Mac To Learn To Type Without Sight

Dennis helps your kid by guiding you through every lesson and once they master the lesson, he takes a short test, leading to the unlocking of the new lesson. It’s a fun experience that your child would love to be a part of with colorful keyboards and a game-like environment.

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The Vehicles Typing is a really interesting and engaging application for your child to explore, especially if they are obsessed with cars and vehicles.

In this game, as the vehicle travels down the road, a few balloons are going to appear and the learner has to type the letters seen on the balloons in order for the vehicle to move forward and accomplish the goal. Hints are also provided in the balloons for the child’s better learning.

9 Best Typing Apps For Mac To Learn To Type Without Sight

You can always try a few of the lessons for free and then proceed to unlock a few of the other levels with the in-app purchase. Learning this way becomes very much interesting for the child and develops even a greater amount of interest in it.

Typing skills will definitely be of much use to the child, so if you think your child might get amazed by the app, make sure to give it a try.

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While exploring our Best Typing Apps For Mac To Learn To Type Without Sight for you, I found an awesome video on “Save time with Mac keyboard shortcuts” By far the most helpful video from Apple Support I’ve watched.😎😎😁

Save time with Mac keyboard shortcuts — Apple Support


If your little kid is into really cute themes of animals and plants, make sure to let them explore this app as they might really love it. Animal Typing Lite is a really sweet and cute way for children to learn and be innovative through colored keyboards, animated figures, and themes.

Best Typing Apps For Mac 7

The app enriches the experience of the little one as it gets small rewards for your child for accuracy and speed. An exciting feature is that with each lesson, you are going to start with an animal that is slow in speed and with a quite appreciable performance, a faster-speeded animal is used as keystrokes. 

The first three or four lessons can be tried out for free and for diving more into the world of animals, in-app purchase will be a handy tool. Also, you get to choose the keyboard that you would like to have—Qwerty or Dvorak layout and use the keyboard in full-screen mode.

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Keyblaze Typing Tutor could look after the necessities of every age group— whether you are a professional, adult beginner, kid, or even a teenager who is trying to sharpen the old skills they already have. This app is the ultimate one for touch-typing, speed-typing, and 10-key typing experience. 

It can be regarded as one that is precise in its function. You can get the typing lessons in various formats like those of games, tests, or practice sessions.

9 Best Typing Apps For Mac To Learn To Type Without Sight

Games- to make the session much more interactive and appealing; Tests- to check how much the user has learned and take a note of the progress in the previous session; Practice lessons- include advanced lessons in the form of poetries, dictation audio exercises, poems and many more.

Thus, learning is made easy and less complicated and hence, is very much user-friendly. These are all the amazing apps that you could definitely try out as per your age and make the best out of the skills you are acquiring.

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Primary Importance Of Typing Skills

We have mentioned quite a handful number of times the fact that typing skills might come in handy in your life. Are you wondering, ‘why is it so’? Then, here is the answer for you!


Typing is something that almost everyone is going to need in their lives—whether you’re an employee, a boss, or even the founder of your start-up.

The faster you get documents and other articles typed, the more productive you become. You can get a lot more work done in a short period of time. This will act as a plus point, wherever you go. 


If you are a fast typing person, you could always remain ahead in the race with others when it comes to typing. Honing your typing skills and working on them daily, will make you realize the urgency of time and will make you more willing to get even more tasks done in a short period. 


Anything that is done in a fast manner or hurry, tends to have a few mistakes in it. Well, this isn’t a mistake in the field of typing, as the moment you make a mistake while typing, it gets highlighted by the application you are using, and hence your chance of making mistakes gets reduced with time. This helps you get a correct accuracy overall.


When you get the habit of typing fast, you remain concerned that you should avoid making mistakes in spelling, grammar, or punctuation, as much as possible.

This constant worry of yours in the mind helps you concentrate better on what you are typing and thus helps you get an improved concentration.


When you have mastered the skill of touch-typing and speed-typing or even either of the two, you get a lot of opportunities in your career ahead of yourself.

Mastering a skill could always help you in better employability and having the upper hand over the other applicants for the job or firm you are applying in. Always remember, knowledge never goes waste. 


When you are typing, spending a lot of time sitting at your desk, and getting your work done is quite stressful. Thus, if you’ve mastered the skill of typing, you will have to spend less time at your desk and hence, this will help you in reducing fatigue and tiredness.


To be summarized in a conclusion of the best typing Apps for Mac, it could be said quite firmly that typing skills will not go to waste. You could give the apps a try and start your journey towards a new skill or replenish the already acquired skill right away!

Learning has no age restrictions and when you learn something, take it as a journey or an adventure and you will be the master of it before you even realize it!