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Unique Digital Marketing Trends to Market to Potential Customers


The world is changing at a fast pace! Thanks to the technological advancement and digital boom. Banking, entertainment, real estate, currencies, and even health are going digital.

Hence, the majority of brands today are switching to online marketing strategies to tap into uncharted markets and also retain their existing customers.

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Reaching out to your target audience includes more than planning for web and TV commercials. Today, social media is one of the best platforms for online marketers to position and place their products and services, to sell better. Research shows over 3.3 million individuals hold active social media profiles.

Based on research data, about 24% of the overall 5,700 global marketers surveyed, said that social media has a vital role in online marketing.

Since the online landscape and Google algorithms are always changing, online marketing experts should stay aligned with these changes. Leading social media marketing, SEO or online marketing organizations such as the Online Impact SEO agency research endlessly on various market trends and try to use it to help their clients accordingly.

Three Best digital marketing trends to follow

Do you want to appeal to your customers uniquely? Do you want to make your online marketing strategies leading edge? If yes, you can refer to the advanced online marketing trends discussed below and leverage its benefits.

  1. Communicative Chatbots

The Chatbots have been present for a while now. This technology blends in messaging, voice and text to directly interact with the customers. As a technology, it existed even before virtual reality.

However, in recent times, this technology or trend has become the spotlight. Based on a Grand View Research report in 2017, the international chatbot market was estimated to witness an annual expansion of 24.3%. Furthermore, it is expected to attain as much as $1.25 billion by the year 2025.

Furthermore, LivePerson also carried out a survey back in 2017, which included a 5,000-consumer survey from 6 countries. The outcome revealed that almost 67% of customers use chatbots for online customer help. About 38% offered favorable feedback, and there were about 11% of unhappy Chatbot customers.

The leading messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger utilize a messenger bot, which can get customized for pushing out services and products. It gets done not by brand promotion only. It also offers the users with a personalized customer service experience.

One of the principal reasons why this technology is very successful and popular is that it’s able to respond to customer queries just like a customer care executive. The responses are correct and fast. Furthermore, a Chatbot is effective in data collection about users which enhances customer interaction.

Akin to several other technologies, you need to take note of a couple of things before adopting it. The marketers must consider the places where they would want to put a Chatbot to use. For instance, businesses having a higher Facebook engagement might want to integrate a Chatbot in its Facebook Messenger.

Businesses having increased website traffic might find this initiative beneficial.  Nevertheless, this technology offers more than a responsive and effective way to interact with customers. It has proven to be more helpful as well as cost-effective than recruiting a customer relation executive.

  1. Incorporating Blockchain Technologies along with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Today, Blockchain technology is impacting the way the world sees financial systems. However, its capacity doesn’t get restricted to this sector alone. In recent years, this technology has made its presence felt in the online marketing domain as well.

Equipped with the latest technologies today marketers can track their ads. They can make sure that only the real customers instead of automated bots click on their online ads. It makes the consumer engagement data more consistent and authentic. It further ensures that a company’s marketing assets are not going to waste. Furthermore, consumers can also leverage from blockchain’s transparent nature. It provides them with better control over their data that advertisers can use. When there’s an increase in customer trust, the chances of them sharing personal data also increases. It helps companies and marketers to understand them better.

Today, there are a couple of game-changing solutions that assist marketers to track their marketing initiatives efficiently via blockchain. And it also ensures that every cent spent is justified and invested in the correct channels. It could indicate additional costs; the ROI (Return on Investment) can justify the extra dollars by ensuring that the ad reaches its target audience.

  1. Voice Search

Today, the majority of people are always on the move. Also, the count of mobile workers has increased. And this explains the increased use of voice commands and voice search. The voice assistants are effectively empowering the mobile users to have access to data online. It can also perform chosen tasks online in a revolutionary manner.

The U.S population have experienced a phenomenal increase in voice assistants. The growth graph has increased by approximately 128% in 2018 in comparison to last year, i.e., 2017. It indicates that about 35.6 million Americans make use of this service on a monthly basis.

Despite the growth being favorable, it is a huge business challenge simultaneously. As opposed to the general online searches with several pages of the outcome, the voice search will churn out the best and significant responses to one query. And most businesses are working hard so that they match with the customer’s voice query.

What would this signify for the online marketers? It indicates that it’s essential to optimize content to cater to the voice search requirements. You might also want to publish only that content that answers customers query well. Make use of a natural language in its seamless flow. It helps end users to reach to your website and also makes your content compatible with voice searches.

Online marketing is increasing at a rapid pace. And with this, the face of online customer interaction is also changing for the better. Most clients are working towards providing their online users with a perceptive experience so that a curious online user can soon convert to a loyal customer. By using the three tactics discussed above, you can take your digital marketing strategies to a new paradigm.


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