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Updating your toolkit? Here are the essentials you need

You’ve just purchased your new home and before you even have time to celebrate disaster strikes and you find yourself needing to make a small home repair. Would you have the essential tools you need to get the job done? Creating the proper toolkit requires an initial investment on the part of any new homeowner but don’t worry, you don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of expensive tools just yet! With these 6 budget-friendly tools every toolkit needs you’ll be prepared to take on almost any home repair.

Updating your toolkit? Here are the essentials you need

Screwdriver Set

The workhorse of any toolkit is a screwdriver. From lifting up paint can lids to building IKEA furniture, there are few tasks around the home that a screwdriver can’t accomplish. When you’re first building your toolkit, it’s best to choose a pre-assembled screwdriver set. Choose a screwdriver set that comes with flat- and Phillips-head screwdrivers in various sizes. With this fantastic Zoro discount code, you can buy one of Zoro’s beginner-friendly screwdriver sets at an unbeatable price!


A hammer is an essential member of any toolkit but not all hammers are the same! Hammers come in various shapes such as claw hammers used for removing nails or rubber hammers made for jobs like installing laminate floors. To add to the confusion, hammers come in different sizes from small tack hammers to large framing hammers that are over 16 inches long. For a beginner toolkit, a good size hammer to purchase is about 16 ounces with a 16-inch handle. This size should be able to handle most jobs around your home.


Having a place to store your tools is just as important as the tools themselves. Keeping a well-stocked and organized toolbox will save you money down the road in repairs and maintenance fees. Opt for a durable toolkit with various compartments like the models offered by Zoro for maximum organization. Remember to make it a habit to return any tools you use back into your toolkit if you want to avoid having to replace lost items!

Cordless Power Drill

Although you can probably last a while without buying a power drill, once you take the plunge and invest in one it will become an indispensable member of your toolkit. A drill is obviously used to drill holes but this versatile tool can do so much more. Drill pilot holes, sand and grind and stir paint are just some of its many uses.

When choosing a power drill, spend a bit more money and go for a cordless drill. The last thing you’ll want to do in the middle of a stressful DIY project is to constantly have to unplug and plug in your drill!

Tape Measure

Having the right tool to measure things with is essential for almost any home improvement project. Whether you need to hang a new picture frame or measure a room, a tape measure will ensure you’re always getting accurate measurements. Home improvement expert Bob Vila recommends a ¾-inch wide, 16-foot long tape measure to handle almost every job.

Don’t forget the old expression, “measure twice, cut once.” Failing to take proper measurements can be a costly mistake. Remember to take it slow and invest the time it takes to double check your measurements. Your wallet will thank you!

Safety Gear

Home injuries are a major leading cause of death. You can protect yourself by investing in proper safety gear. Don’t be that guy or girl that skimps on safety gear to save a bit of time! Invest in proper dust masks, safety gloves and safety glasses so that you have them ready before you find yourself reaching for them.

Knee pads are another great safety investment if you plan on doing some home renovation projects that require a lot of kneeling. Anyone that’s undertaken a DIY project such as installing laminate floors has probably woken up to bruised and sore knees! Knee pads will protect your knees and are great for many other activities around the home such as gardening and car repairs.