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How to use Heading tags for SEO


If you want to optimize your website for SEO then it is important for you to use heading tags in your blog posts. Headings play an important role in ranking of a new web page.

If you are a Webmaster then it is important for you to use heading tags in your content property.

Heading tags are very important for SEO of a new page. You need to use heading tags for highlighting the content as well as for optimizing your content for search engines.

Initially, H1 tag is used only one time in your document and you can use H2 tag multiple times in your document. If you are posting a blog post on your blog without headings then it is not good for readers as well as search engines.

So, as a result, there will be high bounce rate in such posts which are without headings. Also, these posts are boring for your website readers.

For any blog post, heading tags are really important to structure the content. We can differentiate our website post content with the help of heading tags. So you need to use heading tags for SEO not for making blog post text bold or large.

What are heading tags?

Heading tags are incorporated into your website coding mainly in your HTML code and their purpose is to highlight Essential elements of your blog post for search engines.

There are 6 types of heading tags which are starting from H1 to H6 and every heading tag is important in order to structure your web page content for readers as well as SEO.

Why are heading tags important?

When Google ranks a website then heading tags are not a primary factor that google consider while ranking a website. But on the other hand, it is very important for you to use heading tags in a proper way.

According to MOZ survey heading tags have a very strong influence in search engine ranking factors. every web developer, designer, SEO expert or copywriter must know the fundamental tools that they can use to enhance the quality of a website and heading tags are one of them.

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How to use heading tags for SEO?

Now you know that headings tags are very important for optimizing a web page and for the page structure. So now we are going to learn how we can use heading tags for SEO?

So if you are a beginner and you did not know anything about SEO then read this whole article because after reading this article you’re able to optimize your web page for SEO and for users.

Follow the Hierarchy

You need to categorize the content with the help of heading tags and also it is important for SEO as well as for your website visitors. So if you want to structure your content very well and you want to optimize your website then you need to follow the Hierarchy.

H1 is the heading tag which always comes on the top of the web page and also you need to use h2, h3 Tags on the way to H6 tags. So it is important to follow the hierarchy otherwise it is confusing for the users as well as for the search engines.

Use keywords in headings

Keyboards are the most important part of SEO and it is very important for you to use them in your heading tags in the right way. When you are going to use heading tags then use your primary keywords in heading of your blog post.

There are lots of SEO experts who recommend has to use our main keywords in heading tags especially in the H1 heading tag.

First of all, you need to research the best possible keywords for your blog post and then you need to categorize you have researched keywords Into your main or primary keywords, tertiary keywords and secondary keywords.

It is important for you to use only one focus keyword in a single article and the best ways is that to include it in the h1 heading tag.

It is must for you that you should have one H1 tag per page because H1 heading tag is just like a newspaper heading and you need to structure other content with subheadings by following the hierarchy.

Using of subheadings are also very important and you need to use some headings to structure your content and it depends on your content.

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Purpose of using heading tags

The main purpose of using different heading tags is to categorize the content for users as well as search engines. With the help of heading tags, you can make your website SEO friendly and user-friendly.

So in this way, your website users can easily spend time on your website reading your articles. Also, heading tags are attractive so in this way user spends more time on your website and there will be less Bounce rate.

You know that H1 heading tag is very important so whenever you are going to post an article on your blog then try to use it in such a way that people can easily get an idea about your article just by reading your H1 heading.

So write H1 heading tag in such a way that it is able to describe each and everything about your whole article just in one shot.

Warning of heading use

Never do keyword stuffing in your headings. for example, if a Google bot pulls out all of your H2 heading tags which are used in an article and then place your heading tag side by side and see that you are using the same keywords in every heading or not.

If this is the case then you are at serious risk. Your website users already know the keywords of your article and General topic so you do not need to do keyword stuffing in your headings.

If you want to use H1 heading tag in your blog post more than one time then you need to consider paginating your blog post. More than one H1 heading tag in your single blog post is not good so you need to use H1 heading just one time in your blog post.

Do not use H1 heading tag in hidden text. H1 heading tag has SEO potency and if you’re using this tag in a hidden segment then it looks like that you are trying to shove your primary keyword in a place without value.

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