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Use Microsoft Paint in your browser


When Microsoft announced plans to replace its 32-year-old image editor Paint with a 3D version, loyal users were understandably up in arms, fearing the loss of a simple but fun way to flex their artistic muscles. So when the company decided to keep Paint, their
was a collective sigh of relief.

A new web-based remake of the program means we may not get so upset in future. Closely resembling the Windows 95 version, JSPaint jspaint.ml/ works in any browser and looks
instantly familiar to anyone who has used the image editor on an older operating system.

Use Microsoft Paint in your browser

There’sacolour palettes at the bottom of the screen, editing tools can be accessed in the
left-hand sidebar and a host of menus are ranged across the top.

You can manipulate your pictures by flipping and rotating or stretching and skewing and can load and save images, set Desktop wallpaper and print your works of art.

Use Microsoft Paint in your browser

And that’s not all. You can also create GIFs, work with SVG files and edit transparent images. Even better, everything works quickly, there are unlimited undos and redos, and
you can even collaborate on images with other people. It really is a work of art in itself.


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