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Use of Domain Names for Marketing Purpose


A domain name is not merely a web address that your users will type in their browsers to access your site. It is something more than this! Do you know, it can play a big role in the marketing of your business? If you put the right domain name strategy in place it can help you market your business to a large extent.

If you’re wondering how to use domain names for the promotion of your business, stick to this post until it ends.

Use Multiple Domain Names

Although you can do just fine using one domain name, there are many companies that register multiple domain names as part of their marketing strategy. When you buy multiple domain names, it opens up a lot of opportunities to engage your audience and new customers.

There is no dearth of examples where having additional domain names could help more users get to your site. For instance, if your business has sub-brands, choosing a unique name for each of those can help your users find exactly what they are looking for.

Its best example would be Apple. They have iphone.com domain name that redirects people to the iPhone section of the main website.

Let’s have a glance at how you can use a domain name as part of your marketing strategy.

The launch of Targeted Campaigns

If you are planning to launch a marketing campaign targetting a distinct audience from your company’s core audience, you may consider using a different domain name that is pointing to a new landing page on your site.

For example, if you are launching a loyalty program,  special event, a new product, it will make a good sense to choose a unique domain name and landing page that is distinct from your main website.

Some of the advantages of this option are:

-You can track the results of your campaign separately.

-You can try different creative ideas to attract more visitors.

-You may test messaging your audience that is entirely different from your corporate tone and feel.

The launch of Specific Products and Services

Sometimes it is a good choice to promote a specific product with its own domain name. You can take the example of Coco-Cola. Most of their products have a unique website that is different from their main website such as fairlife.com, minutemaid.com., nestea.com, dietcoke.com, etc.

Let’s find out how it can help you in marketing better.

Let’s suppose you are a car dealer and want to display high-end luxury cars. You can register a new domain keeping the specific market in mind. It will help you to keep your luxury car buyers and general car buyers separate.

Be More Creative

In the competitive world, marketing a product or a service is not a piece of cake, but the good news is, you have plenty of options when it comes to creating a domain name to boost your marketing efforts. You can do a lot especially in terms of user memorability and search. You may register a new domain for a variety of purposes, you just need to cultivate your creative genius.

Let’s find out how you can you do that.

Particular Day

Let’s suppose you are running an online pizza shop and you find you don’t get enough orders on Tuesday. You can run special deals on Tuesday to attract customers. What you can do, you will create a landing page for example www.tuesdaypizzadeals.com. This way your customers will know where they have to go to get attractive deals on pizza on Tuesday. Moreover, it will help you know how many orders you are getting on that particular day.


You can register a different domain name for your business that is located in another city or region. For instance, if you are planning to launch a new bakery shop in London you may choose a domain something like mybakeryinlondon.com.

Campaign Slogan

If you are planning to run an online campaign to market your service, you can choose a domain that includes your campaign slogan. For example justdoit.co

These are a few examples if you are looking for more inspiration, we would advise you to try domain name suggestion service such as hostinger.com/name-search. Using this tool is quite easy, it will help you get more ideas for domain names. You just need to add your potential keyword in the search bar and click on ‘Search’ button. In addition to this, this tool also helps you check the availability of your potential domain name and you can buy that directly from there as well.

Building a Strong online identity with a Domain Name

Use of Domain Name in the Email address

Most of the newbies are not aware of this but your domain address can be used as an email address. When you opt for an email address that has domain name within, it gives you a professional looking channel for communication with your users. According to a survey conducted in 2015, 74% of people said that they would trust a company having branded email address than a free email address.

It simply shows that your domain name can help in the marketing of your business if you choose it for your email id.

Promote Your Social Media Presence

When you create a business page on social media platforms such as Facebook, Houzz, etc., most probably the web address provided to you is not memorable. But do you know, you can change those long and not so memorable addresses by using your domain name as the web address for your social media pages? Yes, it is possible. This is known as web forwarding. It can help you build your brand.

Final Words

In this post, we learned how we can use domain names for the marketing of our business. However, it doesn’t mean you have to register thousands of domain names to get the success in today’s competitive marketplace. It is just a good domain name strategy that can bring better marketing results for your main business.



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