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How to use QR codes on Food packaging?


The market and business these days are facing intense competition. There is a new brand entering the market with all fresh idea, better marketing strategies, and long-term customer loyalty plans. As a matter of fact, this robust competition and awareness of the customers have made it impossible for the conventional and rigid business idea.

Those who don’t opt for the latest strategies are extracted out of the market in a second. Therefore businesses are making sure they are adapting to the change. The food industry is also one of the fastest growing markets, thereby people involved in this business must think beyond regular tactics such as mainstream advertising. To make a QR code there are many professional QR code generator with logo online as QRzebra.

Here’s how QR Codes on food packaging can help engage customers in modern times:

Win the trust of your customer:

The consumer of today’s age is very aware because of the constant exposure of social media. Thereby, you need to make sure you are taking them in the loop to win their trust. Gone are the days when the customers consumed and ate anything and everything that was presented well and wrapped attractively. They ask for the details about the ingredients or the core recipes.

It is possible for you to give them all they ask for by including QR codes on the packaging of your food item. If you add the genuine origin of the ingredients and the complete details of who shall consume it. All this with just a scan. QR codes can ensure your customers about all they want to know and much more. This could be done by  a short video that allows you to see the story of the product. It straight adds value for the consumer, with dynamic QR codes you can update your video at any time.

QR codes and the leading brands

There are several famous brands and business giants such as Nestle, who have very recently added a QR Code on their best-selling products such as the instant Maggi noodles. However, this doesn’t restrict the use and availability of the QR codes for big guns only. There are a number of QR generators that can help even the newcomers in the field and they too can interact with their customers efficiently.

Exhibit your complete range

By using the QR codes you can show your entire product line to your customers. For instance, the products that are not so famous in the market yet can be exhibited by using the QR codes.

Augment the social awareness

There are different famous brands that are using QR codes to redirect their customer to different social awareness campaigns such as TATA, Nestle and Coca-Cola. You can increase awareness about the issues such as prevention of food wastage or feeding the poor through these QR codes. This interactive dealing and customer engagement will not only increase customer loyalty but also help you work towards a real cause.

Along with other numerous advantages of the QR Code is that it occupies limited space on your product and above all, it is tremendously cost-effective. Even after the QR generation, you don’t have to engage in any complex procedure, it can be expediently managed and tracked using an online QR Code Management tool. The best QR code generator online is QRzebra, its easy to use and you can track data.

It’s important to make use of dynamic QR code as they can help you in updating all your information behind your QR code like URL instantly and Dynamic QR codes allow you to track valuable consumer data!


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