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How to Use Technology to Re-Energize Your Business


Technology plays an important part in any business, big or small. How do you use technology in your business? You’ve probably got at the very least a computer and a mobile phone. The power of technology is a wonderful thing, and you should do everything you can to embrace it. Harnessing it in the best way possible will help your business grow. Would you like to grow your customer base, increase efficiency, and improve productivity? You may need to make some adjustments in order to reap the benefits, but here are some ideas for how you can use technology.

Use Social Media for Marketing

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest can be used to drive customers to your door. Media tools such as Yelp, social check-in tools like Foursquare, and local business listings such as Google Places will help people easily find you and get directions to your location. When customers use your services or make a purchase, encourage them to leave a review.

Put Your Business in the Cloud

Security of information is a big concern for the modern business owner. Making use of cloud storage services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive means you can store your documents and data online without clogging up your hard drive. The information is kept securely, but you can still access it from anywhere in the world. It can be used to share files or images that are too big to be sent in an email. Different folders can be created for different projects or team members. The cloud also allows you to collaborate with employees, partners, and contractors.

Improve Your Customer Service

Customer service can be handled in a more cost-effective and efficient way with the help of technology. Consumers expect more from companies, and it’s important for you to step up and meet the challenges. They want to be given relevant information and connect with businesses. A mobile app is a great way to do this. Social media is a great way of connecting with your target audience. It is used by many businesses to solve customer complaints.

If you’ve got a website, you should sign up for Google Analytics as it will provide reports that show where your customers are coming from, what has driven them to your site, where they live, how long they spend looking at your site and much more. Using this information, you will be able to better meet their needs. For example, will it be of benefit for you to link to a technology blog, or would a financial blog be better?

These are just a few ways in which you can use technology in your business. Making use of them will help to increase your productivity and customer loyalty. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or have been operating for a while. Never underestimate the power of technology and keep abreast of all the changes so you can continue to enjoy the many benefits.


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