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5 Ways to Use Video to Improve Your User Experience

User experience can be described as how your target audience interacts with your website when they visit. How you design the website determine whether the visitors will be impressed or get bored.

As a result, you need to consider several factors when creating the site to make work easier for your visitors. The art of improving user experience involves the use of techniques such as videos to pass information to the users without distracting them.

The reasons why we go to watch a movie, go to live concerts, watching our favorite shows are to be entertained. The same applies to online platforms. We have the to-do list, and at the same time, we need to achieve our goals while having fun at the same.

There are different strategies you use to improve the user experience on online platforms. Among the ways to customize the website include the use of background images, the use of storytelling design, parallax scrolling, and the use of videos to improve the user experience.

5 Ways to Use Video to Improve Your User Experience

In some instances, you can use Ziggeo a cloud-based video technique used to produce and edit creative videos. Let us highlight different ways videos can transform your website to enhance user experience.

Creating attention

The purpose of a website is to attract people to view the contents and create traffic. The use of animated video is a perfect way to catch the attention of visitors to the site.

The trick is to use an animated video that matches what the website offers. We roll is the best website example that uses video to catch attention. On the website, the header is animated, and it has two action buttons which will make the visitor stay to view more on the site.

For entertainment purposes

No one wishes to visit a place that is boring because you will feel out of sight. The same applies to online platforms. If a person visits your website and finds nothing entertaining as they solve some issue, the chances are that they will leave the site immediately.

However, if they find some interesting videos, they stay glued to your website, searching for solutions as well as staying entertained. Include educative and surprise videos that match what your site is all about.

Kickstarter is the best example that uses videos to entertain its visitors. All team members participate in making several videos by demonstrating different emotions. Another example is Tori’s eye on Twitter. Origami and papercraft created Tori’s eye, a Twitter visualization feature that makes the searching option on Twitter fun.

Showing Directions

Another useful aspect of the use of videos is how they direct the users to accomplish a particular task. On the website, some users may find it hard to navigate through the site and achieve their desired objectives.

However, such issues can easily be solved with the use of a directive video that shows the user the next step or action they should take. Such videos also show the users the progress they have made for example, when filling out a form.

Directive videos on a website can as well keep the visitors glued to the site by directing them to keep scrolling to learn more. You can also improve the user experience of your website by adding a fun video to congratulate or reward the users for attaining their target. The reward can be a congratulatory message or a free subscription for a specified period.

Videos are a creative way of delivering information

When creating a website, you create a specific aim or goal. How you let your audience know the purpose of the site is what matters. A quick tip is to use creative videos to deliver such messages.

Select a good design and content that fits the purpose of the website and create an excellent video to welcome the users. Apart from such videos delivering the message, they will also entertain your users as they navigate through the site.

Telling a Story

One of the ways to convey a message is by telling a story. Such a technique can also be applied to a website to improve user experience. Use a video to create a story relating to what your website offers.

After all, every visitor will look forward to reading through the entire story to know how it ended. A good example of such a website is G-star. The website welcomes the users with the title “The art of Raw” When you visit their site, you will love to know the entire story, thus creating a good user experience.


A website is the best place where your target audience can interact freely and learn what you have to offer. There are many ways to improve how users interact with your website.

Among the strategies is the use of videos. The use of videos comes with many benefits as they improve the overall user experience. Try some of the techniques highlighted above and note the difference.