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Useful Tips on How to Make My Mac Run Faster


My Mac was acting up. It was taking some time to open some files and it was driving me nuts. I had to learn how to make my Mac run faster before my patience ran out. It was taking a lot of time to open files and it was getting pretty annoying.

Furthermore, it was time for me to take care of my Mac. It was quite alarming when I noticed it was slowing down. It was time for me to learn how to make my Mac run faster.

Thanks to iMyMac Mac Cleaner, my Mac run faster now. Now, I am sharing with you what I have learned along the way. Read on and learn more about them.

Part 1. Why A Mac Slows Down? 

No one can deny that when it comes to design and build quality, Apple stands out. Sure, you might complain about the price tag of a Mac but when you actually use it, you’re going to understand why you paid that much for it.

Apple has set the highest standards for design and build quality. It has combined simplicity and high-quality build materials to make you Macs more enjoyable and durable.  It’s designed to be compatible with other Apple products. This makes data transfer from one Apple device to another very easy.

The Mac comes with some awesome features like the Spotlight Search, Photos app, Search Notification Panel, Safari, and Facetime. Siri is their latest addition.

One of the many reasons as to why more consumers are inclined to buy a Mac is because of Apple’s homegrown Final Cut Pro 10. This a video editing software that’s versatile and dynamic.

The fact that Mac machines are for the long run, you need to take care of them. It’s inevitable for a Mac to slow down. No matter how well a Mac is built, its performance relies a lot on how you use and maintain it. If you don’t take care of your Mac, there is a good chance that it will slow down.  

There are three critical components to look at if and when your Mac slows down. These components are the following.

Settings and Updates

Review the setting of your Mac regularly. Make sure all apps and software are updated regularly.

Apps and Files

It’s inevitable to download and store apps and files on your Mac. It’s just sometimes, there’s a tendency to forger about them. Hence, they pile up taking so much space on your Mac. If you keep too many apps and files on your Mac, it’s bound to slow. Taking some time to clean up unneeded apps and files can do your Mac a lot of good.


One good reason why your Mac is slowing down is that it’s running out of storage.  When that happens, it’s time to clean out those files and apps that you no longer need.

Part 3. How to Make My Mac Run Faster

Thanks to the iMyMac Mac Cleaner, I learned about a comprehensive cleaning tool that can help prevent a Mac from slowing down. The functions of the Mac Cleaner are listed below.

  1. The Mac Cleaner monitors your Mac’s system status. The program features a System Status window where you can easily see how the disk, CPU, and memory of your Mac are doing. At a quick glance, you know how much work your Mac is exerting to perform according to your requirements.
  2. Aside from System Status, the iMyMac Mac Cleaner features 12 other modules that can help you keep your Mac in good running condition. Listed below are some of the modules.
  • System Junk module searches for those junk files on your Mac. This module makes it easy for you to find those junk files that are taking up a lot of space on your Mac.
  • Photo Cache module searches and cleans out the caches from the photos that have been downloaded and viewed on your Mac.  
  • Mail Trash module brings to light all those huge attachments that you no longer need.
  • Trash Bin module keeps your Trash clean at all times. This module is one good way to do some good old housekeeping with your Mac.
  • iTunes Junk module brings to light all those junk files that have accumulated in your iTunes.
  • Duplicate Finder module does exactly what it says. It finds those duplicated files that have been downloaded on your Mac.
  • Large & Old Files module finds those files that are not just too large to store but old and obsolete as well. These are examples of files that you no longer need and should remove from your Mac.
  • Similar Image Finder module searches for those images that have been downloaded repeatedly. You are bound to download and store similar images on your Mac. Get rid of them to keep your Mac from slowing down.
  • Uninstaller module searches and finds those apps that you have downloaded and installed in the past. Reviewing these apps and eventually cleaning them can save your Mac a lot of space.
  • Extensions module brings to light all those extensions that you have added in the past. Keep in mind that some of the extensions you have added in the past could harm your Mac as well. One of these extensions could be a gateway for a malware to infect your Mac. Clicking on the Extensions module on a regular basis could prevent your Mac from being infected by malware.

How to Make My Mac Run Faster with iMyMac Mac Cleaner  

The Mac Cleaner from iMyMac is one program that worked well to speed up my Mac again. I was trying to figure out how to make my Mac run faster when I came across this easy-to-use program. It can find and clean out a lot of unneeded files and apps on the Mac. 

There is no need to search for unneeded or unused apps or files anymore. The steps below will show you how you can use this program.

Step 1. Download and Launch the iMyMac Mac Cleaner

You can download the mac Cleaner from the iMyMac website. You have the option to download the program for free. Download, install, and open the program.

Step 2. Choose a Module

Once you open the program, you will see the modules on the left-hand side of the screen. Choose a module. For example, if you want to clean out some junk files from the system, click on System Junk. 

Step 3. Scan the Module

You will see a scan button on the main screen soon as you select and click on a module. Click on the Scan button to start scanning the module.

Step 4. Clean out the Module

After the scanning is done, you will see a list of files on the main screen. Select the files that you want to clean out by clicking on the Clean button on the bottom part of the screen.  Then click on the Confirm tab on the pop-up window to authorize your action.

Part 4. Other Ways on How to Make a Mac Run Faster

The many benefits of learning how to make my Mac run faster is not just about finding a program such as the Mac Cleaner from iMyMac. Along the way, I have also learned of other ways on how to make my Mac run faster.  I would like to share them with you.

#1. Clear Out Login Items

Another great fix I discovered for my slow Mac was to clear out login items. The steps below will show you how you can do it:

  1. Take your cursor to the Apple logo on the top menu and click on it. Select System Preferences from the drop-down list and click on it launch it on your screen.
  2. Once the System Preferences window is launched on your screen, look for Users & Groups and click on it.
  3. Once you’re inside the Users & Groups folder, take your cursor to the left side and select a current user that is experiencing some issues. Then click on the Login Items tab for you to see the apps that automatically open when you log in.
  4. If you want to delete some apps, just click on them. Then take your cursor to the minus you sign on the bottom part of the screen and click on it to delete.

#2. Clear Safari History

I also recommend that you clear your Safari history. The steps below will show you how to do it:

  1. Click on the Safari icon on the Dock to launch it. Then go to the top menu and click on Safari.
  2. Once you click on the Safari tab on the top menu, you will see a drop-down menu. Select Clear History and click on it.
  3. A pop-up window will appear where you can choose the time frame. For example, you can choose to remove related cookies and other website data for the last hour. The options for time frame are today, today and yesterday, and all history. If your Mac is slowing down, click on all history. Then click on the Clear History tab.

#3. Clear Out Caches Folder

The steps below will show you how you can clear out the caches folder.

  1. Click on Finder on the Dock. Then click on Go. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard to show Library on the drop-down list. It will show up before Computer on the drop-down list.
  2. Click on the Library folder to open it. Then look for the Caches folder.
  3. Look for the folder that’s labeled CFBundleIdentifier. Single click on it and then on your keyboard, hold down on the Command key and click on the A button to highlight all the folders inside the Caches folder.
  4. Drag them all to the Trash.
  5. Restart your Mac. Once it has restarted, go to Trash and click on the Empty tab you see on the top, right-hand side of the screen.

#4. Empty Out Cookies Folder

The steps below will show you how to empty out the cookies folder:

  1. Click on Go on the top menu and click on Library from the drop-down list.
  2. Now that you’re inside the Library folder, look for the cookies folder and click on it.
  3. Once you’re inside the cookies folder, click on the Settings tab you see on the top menu of the cookies folder. Again, this is the 6th tab from the left. Select and click on Move to Trash.
  4. Look for the Input Methods folder and click on it. Once it’s launched, empty it out as well. Do the same thing with the Saved Application State.

#5. Check out all Background Apps and Activities 

The steps below will show you how to go about it:

  1. Take your cursor to the top, right-hand side of the screen and click on the magnifying glass to launch Spotlight search.
  2. Type in Activity Monitor on the Spotlight search. Once it is launched, you will be able to see what your Mac is doing.
  3. Click on the CPU and Memory tabs to review the apps listed down. If you don’t need them to be working at the moment, you can click on the Stop icon on the top, left-hand side of the screen. It’s going to be the first tab from the left. A pop-up window will appear. From there, you can click on the Quit tab.

Part 5. Conclusion 

Now that I know how to make my Mac run faster with iMyMac Mac Cleaner, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about it. It’s a good feeling not to worry about my Mac. That’s an added stress that I don’t need in my life right now.

How do you make your Mac run faster? Feel free to share some of your tips and tricks with us.