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VancePDF Review: How to Convert a PDF to Word With AI

Copying texts outright from a pdf file causes the content to lose its formatting. Seeing broken texts or rows of words merged together that you have to edit gives you a headache, especially if you are in a rush, so knowing how to convert pdf to word should be on your schedule.

Therefore, using a pdf to word converter is not only a quick and efficient means to extract texts, but you can also make significant changes to the file. Put simply, you can edit texts directly within the file by turning it into a Microsoft word document. Convert PDF to Word here.

What is VancePDF?

VancePDF is a smart AI software that smoothly turns PDF to word at the tap of your finger. As an AI-driven PDF solution provider, VancePDF offers a free PDF to Word converter with high-quality PDF processing services online.

With its optical character recognition technology, VancePDF is able to deliver accurate and mirror-like conversions, converting PDF to editable word documents while keeping the original styles and formatting. That’s not all. VancePDF has fab features – it is a very quick, easy and convenient tool. This means that using VancePDF, you can now turn PDF to word in seconds!

What does VancePDF promise?

Convert PDF to Word in one click.

While a click sounds unbelievable for a pdf to doc converter, it is pretty easy and fast to convert PDF to Word document with VancePDF’s online AI tool. Here is how to convert PDF to Word document online with VancePDF: all you need to do is select your PDF file, click the ‘PDF to Word’ option, let VancePDF do the conversion and save the file.

Mirror-like Conversions

The optical character recognition technology of VancePDF enables precise and high quality conversions, accurately turning PDF to word documents, maintaining the original format. The VancePDF tool is designed such that no revision will be required upon conversion – unless for personal discretion.

Guaranteed File Security.

If you are worried about securing your files, VancePDF takes great care in data security, privacy and protection. VancePDF is known for integrating strong 256-bit SSL encryption technology in every tool, thereby guaranteeing that all your converted files will be kept strictly confidential on VancePDF servers. You can rest assure that your files will be safe as you are the only one having access to it.

Convert anytime, anywhere

You don’t need to download or install any software application or extensions to convert PDF to word files. The AI cloud computing technology makes it easy to access VancePDF, allowing you to convert PDF to Word online anytime and anywhere you need. Just open VancePDF in your preferred browser on any operating system and convert PDF to Word free.

VancePDF Review: How to Convert a PDF to Word With AI


How to Convert PDF to Doc with VancePDF

Of course, I couldn’t do without testing these features. So I ended up outlining the quick, three steps to using the VancePDF online pdf to doc converter tool…with screenshots.

1. Select file – drag and drop your PDF file into the PDF to Word converter of VancePDF.

2. Select PDF to Word from the options listed on your right hand to get the system started.

3. Save the output once the conversion is completed

That’s it.

Before and after screenshot? You got it. The first image is the PDF version of my file while the second image is a screenshot of the converted document.

VancePDF Output Review

VancePDF Review: How to Convert a PDF to Word With AI

As you can see, they look literally the same. Not only are the words of the output file not clumped together, the formatting i.e. the headings, the font size…and the rest of the content is similar to the initial PDF format.

It shows little to no difference in the readability score. What’s more: the converted word document can be edited unlike the encrypted PDF. This tool is actually nice to use and comes in handy when you need to make a quick edit.

Final Thoughts

Oh, I almost forgot to add this:

I was unable to check this out but apparently VancePDF online PDF to Word converter is compatible with all browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.; system softwares such as Windows, Linux or macOS. VancePDF can even work on your phone. (Reason why the last few screenshots are in mobile view.)

All in all, VancePDF does convert PDF to Word documents and other related files online for free. This is a simple and efficient way to change the type of document and also edit files online. You can check out the online PDF to word converter by VancePDF here.