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How To Create a GIF In Filmora Meme Maker


Nowadays on the Internet, the number of online tools and mobile applications even software are available to create memes. It has been extremely popular in recent years because of its creative features and advanced tools.

A meme is the combination of both graphic and text content which makes a beautiful video, images, and GIF to post on the social media platforms.

Over the past few years, it has no many features according to recent times. In recent times you know that how the videos and pictures upload on the social media platform, therefore, you should use the new meme generator to add the great satisfaction into your videos and life as well.

Earlier creating a meme required a professional level graphics designing skills but thanks to the Online Filmora Meme Maker which makes the meme in just few clicks for you. It does not only let you create any kinds of memes but also allows you to download watermark free memes easily.

Best Part of Filmora Meme Maker is It does not only let you create any kinds of memes but also allows you to download watermark free memes easily. J

Why Online Filmora Meme Maker is the best one?

  • Wondershare’s Filmora Meme Maker is completely a free tool that doesn’t require any kind of registration to use it.
  • You can download the meme after creating it with Filmora Meme Maker without watermarks.
  • Creating GIF, image, and video memes under one tool is possible with Filmora Meme Maker quite easily.
  • This meme generator lets you create video and GIF memes just by pasting the video URL or dragging the media file.
  • Editing font, text, color, size, position or placing text outside, inside or anywhere in the image is easily possible with this meme generator.
  • The Filmora Meme Maker lets you export the memes to popular image and video formats, including jpg, png, gif, mp4.

Step-by-Step Process to Create a GIF In Filmora Meme Maker

Step1:- While creating a video or GIF meme, the document must be a video for uploading. You can see the transferred video on the interface.

Navigate to https://filmora.wondershare.com/meme-maker/ and upload your Video file

Step2:- If the uploaded video is too long, you need to trim it first. Click Trim Video at the top.

Click on done once trimming is complete. Now, start editing video meme. Including content to the video is similar to that of the image memes.

Pick if you wish to add content inside or outside the video. Check the text size, shades, style, and fonts. Check the review sheet on the right for how your meme appears.

To edit the length of the video, you can use the scissor sliders or you may also enter the start and end time to trim your video.

Step3:- When complete, choose the file type and set it as GIF or mp4. Click on the create box and let it get ready for download. That’s it.


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