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VideoProc – An Effortless Way To Process and Edit GoPro Videos


Sharing the personal experience, especially exciting videos on the social media platform, is common among individuals, and even children are crazy about to share their videos on social media such as Instagram and YouTube. I am sure you also one of them and that’s why you are searching for the best and easiest way to process and edit your videos to share with the world.

Hence, an effortless yet powerful video processing software like VideoProc comes in need. It is a great software which can be used by every person whether you are new to it. It’s all tools and features are easy to assess so you can easily process, edit and upload your footages from drones, mobile phones, HD cameras,  GoPro and so on.

VideoProc has a number of processing and editing features to make your videos stunning, such as cut, crop, rotate, merge, mirror, split, add subtitle, correct fisheye effect, etc. If you are not professional in processing and editing videos, you don’t need to worry because VideoProc is extremely easy-to-use when processing and editing videos.

Here I am going to tell you about some of its great features in editing which could help you to make a perfect footage without any help of professional

  • Resize

4K gives us great image and video quality, however, the 4K videos files are too large. With VideoProc, you can reduce the video file size by converting the video to the highly compressed MP4, HEVC format without compromising quality. You can also compress video by compressing 4K to 1080p or changing  bit rate, frame rate, GOP and other parameters.

  • Merge

I personally admire the merge feature because sometimes we need to share a complete video on social media, VideoProc helps by combining different videos within one clip and easily merge different format files such as MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI into a single file. The best thing is it never damage the quality of your video at any cost, you can enjoy the same experience and even better than before.

  • Cut, Split

Cut video to get your wanted segments from a long video footage, or split one video into multiple clips. Some social media sites or instant messages like Whatsapp has limitations for the uploaded video size and length, by cutting and splitting, you can upload the most wonderful part and sharing with others!

  • Crop & Rotate

Cropping video is also an amazing feature of this software because you can easily get the closer look to your face or sightseeing by cropping and zooming the portion which you want to target. You can also rotate the video in 360°, mirror your video in a vertical or horizontal way.

Effects & Watermark

If you want to make stunning videos, VideoProc is a smart choice.  You can not only add different effects, watermark, logo and text to the videos, but also adjust image brightness, contrast, gamma , video playback speed, volume, etc.

  • Denoise & Stabilize

Sometimes, we may shoot some videos with noises or the videos are unstable because our hands shakes. VideoProc can perfectly solve those issues by reducing the noise of video at low as possible, and stabilize shaky videos at full extend.

  • Video to GIF, Picture

You can create  GIFs from any movies, TV series and funny videos on the Internet, you can also make screenshots from the video as the wallpaper of your computer or mobiles. This is a useful feature if you love GIFs.

Reward features of VideoProc

VideoProc is not only about the video processing, you can also convert DVDs, ISO images, DVD folder into MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, MKV, H.265 and other formats; record tutorials/gameplays on your own screen; download videos, music, playlist from YouTube and 1000+ sites. Uniquely, you can also log in your own YouTube account and save your watch later playlist offline.

Moreover, boosted by CPU hardware acceleration, VideoProc is faster than other video progressing programs in the market, it also keeps a low CPU usage to release your computer’s burden.

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One Tip

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