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17 Best Vinyl Cutter Software To Simplify Your Cutting

Vinyl-based designs are becoming increasingly crucial for small and big businesses. Thus, possessing a Vinyl cutter opens up a world of possibilities.

However, there has been a constant influx of newer products and software into the market, and maintaining an updated vinyl-cutting system is the key.

Most Vinyl Cutter software is compatible with Windows and Mac OS; however, one must discern which software is compatible with operating systems. Once you find the best Vinyl cutting machine, update the software to stay on the lead. 

Vinyl Cutting software supports products to maintain their position in the business by designing logos, stickers, and other commodities.

If one needs to exert their vinyl cutting to the subsequent level, the best way to do so is by working out with some more helpful cutter software.

It does matter what type of vinyl cutting machine one has, but the more important factor is to have an updated version of the vinyl cutting software.

To make your life easier, we’ve assembled some of the best software for vinyl cutting. Keep scrolling to discover the best vinyl cutter software.

What is Vinyl Cutter Software?

A vinyl cutter is an entry-level machine for creating signs. The desired material is paced and readied in the cutting platform device to be cut into the required specifications.

Once this process is completed, the leftover material is weeded out, and the specified design/image gets printed. Some of the small businesses of an in-house nature use proprietary software to edit designs on Vinyl, which are then transferred into the cutting machine.

Based on the outline design, the vinyl cutting machine cuts the design along the set design paths. Vinyl cutters are bounded by their ability to cut designs on materials such as Vinyl, paper, thin plastic, card, or Mylar plastic.

Therefore, Vinyl Cutting software makes our life more manageable by helping us design the logo and submit it to print it to the software.

The Compatible One 

The vinyl cutter software package stands as the heart of all electronic action. The function of the software is to make the machine understand the information about the design transformation. Selecting the proper software collectively blends a set of ideas.

While buying software, we must consider its compatibility with the computer operating system. We need to download or buy the package that will operate smoothly on our computer, install instantly, and be bug-free.

Some products are specifically designed for Windows and other systems, and some may not run on Mac. Therefore one needs to check the compatibility of the software before purchasing.

We also need to check out the availability of short scalable vector graphics, an important factor in the vinyl cutter software. The SVG allows us to instantly transfer our designs from one software to another.

Best Vinyl Cutter Software – Our Top Picks 👌👌

1. Easy Cut

Easy Cut is one of the best Vinyl cutting and signs-making software. The powerful vinyl cutting software has various design and layout tools.

It even supports vectorizing images and includes hundreds of vectorial designs available for cutting.

Best Vinyl Cutter Software

The Easy Cut software is one of the best vinyl cutter software through which one can create a freehand design for customized behavior.

A bitmap image can be instantly converted into an SVG vector format for better cutting.

Cutting the designs is not a big deal as the software has an automatic user interface. The features of Easy Cut Vinyl Cutting are premium and professional.

The other software features are that it can transform text to outlines or paths, create multiple copies, create shadow matt effects, easily generate QR codes, and many more.

The software is available in 10 languages: Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, French, Spanish, English, Chinese, and Dutch.

This tool also offers a free version, and it’s available for both Mac and Windows versions.  

2. CorelDraw

Another Vinyl Cutting Software is the CorelDRAW. Both novices as well as experts use the CorelDraw software. It is one of the best vinyl software, affordable and easy to use.

The CorelDraw professional upgrade software allows easy editing and helps with designs. CorelDRAW is much more than vinyl software as its versatility lies in graphics and editing that involves creating logos, collages, signs, photo designs, reports, etc.

It enables users to refine their design to the tiniest detail to form elements with absolute outline accuracy.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite | Designed to get the job done.

Moreover, this program includes a vibrant collection of useful tools and brushes to make the outcome look smarter and more stylish.

The developers also present high-quality illustrations, design templates, pictures, and effective training videos.

The software’s tools and the UI have a friendly interface, and the available tools are incredible. Vinyl Cutting is supported by CorelDraw, which also helps in designing vector images and uses them for cutting.

With better skills, one can edit and change designs. With a better understanding, one can edit and change designs easily.

It can also create vector images and apply them for cutting. CorelDraw can transform a high-quality vector object into a bitmap image.

3. VinylMaster Cut

The VinylMaster Cut is another amazing software of all time. The software is quite pricey but offers a free demo. We recommend you use it once to see how perfectly it works.

The VinylMaster Cut software is considered one of the best software for vinyl cutters and consists of some amazing features. Using this software, one can create shapes, decals, lettering, banners, posters, stickers, and more.

Similar to SignGo, it endorses over 500 vinyl cutter printers and machines. This implies it’s presumably going to be friendly with yours. The VinylMaster is a comprehensive compilation of graphic design software.

One can use it to create artwork from scratch, employing curves, shapes, and drawings. With your creativity and the exceptional work of VinylMaster Cut, your hard work will pay off.

4. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a great design and editing software and is one of the best vinyl cutter software used by almost every specialist.

One can design artwork, business labels, different kinds of designs, brochures, and more using the Adobe Illustrator software

Best Vinyl Cutter Software 1

However, amateurs may not find it the easiest-to-use software, but it is great for expert editors. This software can produce vector graphics on this platform. Adobe Illustrator works with both Windows and Mac OS.

Due to the vector editing capability of this platform, it is great for corporate purposes for vinyl cutting.

The software has everything one needs, but first, one needs to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, and once they understand its use, they can use it for the vinyl cutting machines.

5. Sure Cuts A Lot

Another amazing and popular cutting application is the SCAL, also known as Sure Cuts A Lot. The software can make vinyl cutting work as smooth as butter as it consists of several options.

The Sure Cuts a Lots software is for novices and is easy to use, and serves well to people proficient in this business. This electronic cutting machine can cut fonts, shapes, and vector designs.

One can also apply its open type and true type fonts, pre-made figures, or draw their shapes. The software suits vinyl cutters with magnetic snapping, masking, guided lines, and more.

Sure Cuts A Lot is available for both Mac and Windows and offers a free trial program.

6. Inkscape

This is if you’re searching for the best free-to-use software. Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor managed to design vector images in Scalable Vector Graphics format.

However, it’s free but works more adequately than the paid vinyl cutters. The software supports SVG files and will operate thoroughly even if it’s only slated to work with the previously installed software.

Inkscape harmonizes Photoshop in various forms and presents many of the same choices, from making your design to sending one you already own.

17 Best Vinyl Cutter Software To Simplify Your Cutting

Apart from being a vinyl cutter, it also serves in different ways, like a heat press machine enabling you to print your tops and tees.

Not all paid software provides that, so going with the free Inscape would not make you sad. It is considered one of the best software and has Windows and mac compatibility. 

7. Greenstar Vinyl Master Cut

As we have come through some of the best vinyl cutting software, the Greenstar VinylMaster Cut is the perfect software for Windows operating systems.

The vinyl cutting application easily cuts the plotted area and is one of the most easily compatible software for windows. The US cutter software can also be downloaded for free with the Greenstar VinylMaster Cut software.

It works incredibly for Graphtec software and laser point 2. For activation of the software, one does not require the disc; as for the functioning of the software, it can easily use the USB interface. This software is compatible with control cutting.

The software requires 50 MB of hard drive space and 512 MB of RAM. It also extends a spool function and operates with the ten best plotter cutters.

8. Vector Mega Vault

Another software for the Vinyl cutter is the Vector Mega Vault which comprises nine acquisitions that contain over 3550 images. The software is ideal for creating t-shirt designs, decals, and stickers and is compatible with all operating systems.

The total number of vector points is decreased for easy cutting. The file format supported by the mega vault software is AI, CDR, EPS, and JPG. It proffers all cut-ready pictures.

Almost all the images are illustrated by hand and developed for cutting. The software is compatible with all major designs, plotters, and sign-making programs.

The software has a safe collection organized for all the professionals, experts, designers, and sign makers. Vector Mega Vault vector images are quite impressive, and the details and information of the software are clean and exquisite.

The software does not need to be pre-installed, and the CD ROM is effortless to navigate.

9. SAI Flexi 10 

SAI Flexi 10 is compatible with windows and is incredible for cutting with exactness, outlining, and designing.

Sai Flexi 10 is also recognized as one of the best heat presses for Vinyl software. The software is highly compatible and is similar to Adobe Illustrator and any other software.


This vinyl graphic software runs amazingly and has a lot of distinct features. Sai Flexi software is not complicated but requires a CD drive to install it.

It is one of the best software for designing, cutting, and making various other designs. This software can be downloaded freely over the internet and has great functionality, supporting many ideas and options for a great user experience. 

10. CNC Designs 638370024458

The CNC software is highly commended for experts to use and is only used for professional purposes. CNC Designs is identified as the best Vinyl cutting software and is easy to use.

More than 450 vector graphics are already installed in the software. This software is operated widely, and the design and editing can be handled easily.

Overall it confers great learning exposure for newcomers. This software can be installed easily and is an ideal cutter software for people who love craft and logo design. The graphics database is up to date, and it serves amazing customization. 

11. SignGo

The SignGo software is the simplest software that is great and easy to use by amateurs and experts. Its robust advantage is suitable with above 500 vinyl-cutter machines.

Besides, the application enables you to accurately set the image scale and make all the basic arrangements for the highest quality printing.

The software is suitable for creating a project from scratch, has high-quality contour features, and is perfect for printing production.

SignGo Pro - Trace A Simple Image

It has a confusing Interface. People working with decorative writing, symbols, and standards should use the Sign go software as it is very beneficial.

The software can also be used for almost any vinyl-cutting task. With this software, one can also design vinyl engravings, art stencils, and beautiful objects.

12. i-cut Suite

I-cut Suite is another important vinyl cutter software that is great and easy to use by novices and professionals.

I-cut Suite heightens the efficacy and lucrativeness of big format products, despite the nature, origin, and type of the next job information.

i-cut Suite offers over-optimized sign layouts to improve cutting efficiency with visual recording. Then i-cut Suite possesses all the dedicated functionality onboard.

The software helps deliver different workflows like creating PDF files and graphics, designing layouts, and printing efficiently and automatically. It also helps drastically decrease material expenses and the cost of product production.

It is one of the best software for designing, cutting, and making various other designs. This software can be downloaded freely over the internet and has great functionality, supporting many ideas and options for a great user experience. 

13. StoneCut Pro 

Another decent software for Vinyl Cutting is the StoneCut Pro software. The software is famous in the market for its reliable performance.

The software features a user-friendly platform enabling users to create vinyl decals, signage, and other roles and functions.

One unique characteristic of the software is its seamless combination with other graphics software, including Illustrator and CorelDraw. Anyway, StoneCut Pro can also be used as a standalone application.

In addition, the stone cuts Pro has some special features, such as the automated configuration of rhinestones in packed-spaced areas. The software is harmonious, with over 580 Vinyl cutter models.

StoneCut Pro 2 is a reliable software that offers a trial version, so before purchasing the complete package, try out the free version. 

14. Sure cuts a lot: Pro

We have already learned about the “Sure Cuts a lot” software, its features, and how it works. Here we will talk about the updated software version; the “Sure cuts a lot 5 Pro”.

The software has additional features and is designed specifically for vinyl-cutting machines. The software perfectly combines design and mechanism.

Users will fall in love with its comprehensive features and will love to explore the library of shapes.

In addition, Sure Cuts A Lot Pro also offers a defined user interface suitable for many vinyl cutters brands. Therefore, the software benefits corporations that exercise diverse brands of vinyl cutter machines.

Weeding is also accomplished more efficiently as one can add lines to their graphics work. Sure Cuts A Lot Pro also shines in after-purchased support, which includes free customer support for its old and new customers.

Additionally, the website also offers a series of training videos to its newcomers and trained users.

15. Make The Cut

Make the cut is another software for vinyl Cutters, which is easy to use and is suitable for building a project from scratch. This device provides the liberty to layout images and creates the design to achieve the best outcomes.

Make the Cut User Interface highly compatible and easy to follow to master every software feature.

With the help of editing, breaking, and splitting each shape, layers are managed.

Cut also performs operations on shapes and can convert raster images to cuttable images. The Make the Cut software can export shapes in EPS, PDF, JPG, PNG, and AI formats.

It also has an integrated MTC or SVG Gallery with more than 5,500 files, and still increasing. 

16. Clipart Design 

The clipart design is not the usual vinyl cutter software but offers user vector images that can be used for various other purposes.

The platform is easy and simple to use, as the users can choose from any design which suits their requirements and specifications.

The images in the design are harmonious with most vinyl cutter software. The images can also be exported and downloaded in PNG, CDR, PNG, and AI formats.

Apart from Vinyl Cutting, Clipart Design images are also used to print garment and tees and is used in many other industries.

However, these images cost a fraction of the expense of online stock image websites. However, we still recommend the software for its readymade images, which offer substantial value for money.

17. Vinyl Master DSR

Another significant and reliable software is the VinylMaster DSR software. The software is packed with supreme cutting tools to design and output all required items, including decals, vinyl signs, and stickers for banners, coloring posters, and supersites, producing the most beautiful signs one can ever make.

The DSR is comprehensive graphic design software. With the help of the Vinyl master DSR software, one can design high-quality artwork. The software also provides the most robust set of design tools available.

The Vinylmaster DSR has a vectorizer for tracing accurate images and offers around 84,000 logos, 17,279 clipart and 13,900 fonts, and much more.

The software supports SVG, AI, Pdf, and Eps. The VinylMaster DSR software is available in 10 languages: Italian, Japanese, French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, Chinese, and Dutch. This tool also offers a trial version, and it’s available for both Mac and Windows versions. 


What program do you use to cut vinyl?

Popular programs include Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape, and Silhouette Studio. These programs let users create vector-based designs for cutting with a vinyl cutter.

What is the best vinyl cutter for a beginner?

Several vinyl cutters are suitable for beginners. Here are some popular options:-

Cricut Explore Air 2:– This cutter is a favorite due to its affordability, ease of use, and versatility.

Silhouette Cameo 4:– Known for precision and speed, this machine is ideal for intricate designs.

Brother ScanNCut SDX125E:- This cutter has a built-in scanner to create custom designs easily.

USCutter MH Series:- This affordable option has a larger cutting area and can handle various materials.

What software is compatible with Vevor vinyl cutter?

For a Vevor vinyl cutter, Artcut is the included Windows-compatible software. However, any software supporting HPGL or DXF file formats can be used. Popular software options include:

CorelDRAW:- A common choice among graphic designers that supports HPGL and DXF file formats.

Adobe Illustrator:- Another widely used software for graphic design that supports HPGL and DXF file formats.

Inkscape:– This open-source software supports the HPGL file format.

SignCut Pro:- A software specifically designed for vinyl cutting that supports both HPGL and DXF file formats.

To avoid compatibility issues, confirm software compatibility with your Vevor vinyl cutter before purchasing any software.

What is the difference between vinyl cutter and Cricut?

Vinyl cutters cut vinyl material into shapes, letters, and designs and are ideal for creating signage, vehicle graphics, and heat transfer vinyl designs.

Cricut is an electronic cutting machine brand that can cut various materials, including vinyl, paper, cardstock, fabric, and wood. It can also draw, score, and emboss designs, making it versatile and useful for crafting projects.

In summary, vinyl cutters specialize in vinyl cutting, while Cricut machines are versatile and can cut different materials, including vinyl.

What tool do I need for vinyl on a Cricut?

To work with vinyl on a Cricut, you’ll need a few basic tools:-

Cricut cutting machine:- Cuts the vinyl material.

Vinyl:– Select appropriate vinyl, like adhesive or heat transfer vinyl, for the project.

Cutting mat:- Holds the vinyl in place during cutting.

Weeding tool:– Removes excess vinyl from the design after cutting.

Scraper tool:- Applies vinyl to the project surface and removes air bubbles.

Transfer tape:- Transfers the vinyl design from the cutting mat to the project surface.

These are the necessary tools for working with vinyl on a Cricut. Additional tools such as scissors, rulers, and tweezers may be helpful for more complex projects.

Can you use a Cricut for a vinyl cutter?

Cricut machines are popular for cutting vinyl. They can cut various materials, including vinyl, paper, cardstock, fabric, and wood.

Cricut offers a range of vinyl materials that can be cut using their machines, like adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, and iron-on vinyl. With suitable materials and tools, a Cricut machine can be a great option for vinyl cutting.

How do I connect a vinyl cutter to my computer?

Connecting a vinyl cutter to a computer can vary depending on the model and operating system. Here are the general steps:-

Step 1:- Turn off and unplug the vinyl cutter.

Step 2:- Connect the cutter to the computer with a USB cable. The USB port is usually on the side or back of the machine.

Step 3:– Turn on the vinyl cutter and wait for the computer to recognize it.

Step 4:– Install the necessary drivers or software from a CD or manufacturer’s website.

Step 5:– Open the software and follow the prompts to connect the vinyl cutter. This might involve selecting the model and port.

Step 6:- Once connected, designs can be sent from the software to the vinyl cutter for cutting.

To ensure a successful connection, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and specific steps for the vinyl cutter model.


Finally, we have listed some of the most reliable and best Vinyl cutting software to work out with your vinyl cutter. Few of the software needs to be purchased, but most are free. This software will offer you unique features and functions.

If you desire to have a piece of the bar for the premium software without spending a dime, consider using the benefit of their free trials. These will be more fitting if you own fewer cutting projects.

With rising demands in the existing market world, some software may be erratic, but there is always an alternative for everything. Just give these a try for these tools, and you will find the perfect one for your marketing requirements.