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Fast Internet Comes Cheaper Now with Virgin Media Voucher Deals


Fast Internet Comes Cheaper Now with Virgin Media Voucher Deals

Broadband technology has been the standard in high-speed internet for many years now. This means that the word “broadband” is used almost interchangeably with the term “high-speed” in many contexts. In this article we look at Virgin Media broadband plans and money saving coupons.

Computers send signals to each other as a series of 1’s and 0’s. Your internet cable carries those signals from your computer to your ISP (internet service provider). The signals travel pretty fast, but there’s still a limit on how much information can travel through the wire. Think of it like draining a lake through a hose. Even if the water flows really fast, it will still take a long time to drain the whole lake.

Broadband works by making the “hose” thicker. A broadband connection can send many messages at once, enabling you to download or upload information much faster than a “standard” connection.

Measuring Internet Speed

Internet speed is measured in megabits per second or megabytes per second. Megabits per second is usually abbreviated as Mbps or mbit/s, while megabytes per second is usually abbreviated as MBps or MB/s. One MBps is the same as 8 mbps, so it’s important to actually pay attention to capitalization. You can read this post if you wish to find out your broadband speed or try this tool.

Virgin’s Broadband Plans and Virgin Media Coupons

Virgin Media offers four broadband plans. They range from 54 Mbps (6.75 MB/s) to 362 Mbps (45.25 MB/s) average speed, with cost starting at £33 a month and scaling up to £48 per month. All of Virgin’s plans offer somewhat limited upload speeds, with a fairly consistent ratio of downloads being 18 times faster than uploads. This isn’t a big deal for most home users, but people who regularly put large files on the internet may need a different plan.

The most basic plan, VIVID 50 fibre broadband, offers 54 Mbps (6.75 MB/s) of average download speed and 3 Mbps of average upload speed. Virgin markets it as being ideal for smaller households with around 4 total computers, phones, and tablets. The plan costs £33 a month after the first year and has a £20 setup fee.

You can get £50 off using Virgin Media offer code VMVOU50.

You can redeem coupon VM35OFF at viriginmedia.com to get up to £35 off your first month

VIVID 100 fibre broadband doubles all of the involved speeds. This means you get 108 Mbps down (13.5 MB/s) and 6 Mbps up. With doubled speeds, you can comfortably use about twice as many devices, meaning this plan should be fine for 7-9 phones and PCs. It costs £38 per month after the first year.

The VIVID 200 fibre plan again doubles all of the speeds. You get 213 Mbps down (26.6 MB/s) and 12 Mbps up for just £43 a month. You should be able to comfortably stream different Netflix shows to many different devices at the same time with this plan.

Finally, the VIVID 350 fibre plan increases speeds to 362 Mbps (45.25 MB/s) down and 21 Mbps up. Again, there’s not a big cost jump: you’re only looking at £48 a month, or a £5 per month increase. Virgin claims this is the UK’s fastest “widely available” broadband.

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