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7 Of The Best Visual Novel Android Games


Is there anything better than actually living those favorite story flashes? It is a ball to get completely immersed in a story where you feel like a hero. Things cannot get any better without these Best Visual Novel Android Games. 

These games are considered ultimate entertainers. They come with interactive stories with the focus being on the development of character.

They are a completely different experience altogether. VN or Visual Novel is an interactive and collaborative game genre owing to its evolution to Japan.

Nevertheless, this game genre has gained massive popularity across the world. These games have their focus on plot and character instead of the gameplay mechanics.

These games occasionally use live-action or Anime style series. They started with text-based stories in narrative style and literature but have transformed exclusively from print novels that we come across in recent times. 

Visual novel games are quite the same as mixed-media texts, and they can also be considered games to a considerable extent. Visual novels allow the players to interact with the characters, check out different and new places, and even make some important decisions. All this can be done with the use of different pictures appearing on the screen.

Visual novel games and Android is a match made right in Heaven. They are the perfect piece of entertainment that you can engage in with a mug of coffee in your hand and while sitting back and relaxing. These games do not involve any activities or tasks.

Instead, they are games with appealing stories and characters coming to life. It is only because of their larger-than-life storytelling and plot that these games have gained huge popularity among the masses. 

They have fast become one of the most interesting genres in the industry for gaming simply because they are not the same as normal games.

They are games where the gameplay mechanics take a back seat, and the narrative is right in front. While some visual novels do have gameplay mechanics, they exist simply for pushing the games forward. 

Visual novels are a very relaxing game genre and perfect for individuals who simply want to hang out and watch stories unfold. The majority of the visual novel games for Android are Japanese since the genre is a Japanese creation. Still, there are some excellent choices available. 

Between some exclusives and ports, here is the list of Best Visual Novel Android Games.

Best Visual Novel Android Games: Our Pick 👌

1. a2 ~a due~

The main character of this visual novel is Sona Song. She is a rock girl leading the orchestra of her father after his demise. There is another character called Yin Le Hao, who helps Sona with the task.

Best Visual Novel Android Games

Yin Le is her father’s pupil from China, and he does not know English. The visual novel is all about how Yin Le helps Sona Song in shaping her father’s orchestra. This is an ad-free game for Android with otome games and romantic comedy influences.

The game comes loaded with many bonus features, which include a Chinese music glossary and even a specifically designed translation mode for the Chinese dialogues.

However, the translation mode feature of this game can only be unlocked when the player reaches all three endings or after 90% of game completion.

Below are some of the features of The a2 ~a due~ App that earned it a spot in our list of Best Visual Novel Android Games Apps to download.

  • Available in 3 languages. They are Russian, German, and English.
  • 30, 000 words.
  • Chibi arts and 9CGs
  • The game includes three endings, and they are Friendship, Love, and ???
  • The talented and skilled Gerald Ko has composed the theme song of this game.
  • It has a translation mode for transforming the dialects in the Chinese language.
  • It has several extra features like a Chinese glossary, music glossary, music box, and bonus chapters.

All in all, a2 (A Due) is one of the best visual novel games for Android. It will offer hours of entertainment and relaxation without exhausting the players mentally or physically.

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2. The Walking Dead

This 5-part visual game series for Android has a zombie universe setting, and this is one of the most attractive features of the game.

The players will be in the character of Lee Everett. He is a condemned criminal who has got the second chance of redeeming himself by safeguarding Clementine- an orphan girl who is stuck in the zombie world.

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

The setting of the game, i.e., the zombie world, is completely devastated and damaged by the undead. Corpses are getting back to life, while survivors are trying their best to maintain their safety.

Protecting Clementine can offer Lee complete redemption. This is a visual game where you will meet people, visit locations, and experience events as a player. 

Below are some of the features of The Walking Dead App that earned it a spot in our list of Best Visual Novel Android Games Apps to download.

  • Winner of more than 90 Game of the Year awards.
  • Plays very well on the NVIDIA SHIELD.
  • All five episodes of the game have won awards.
  • There is even a special episode called 400 Days in place, considering the popularity of the series.
  • The decisions you make as a player of the game will change the story of the game.
  • Season Pass is available for the players to make big savings on the additional episodes. The pass gives them access to all episodes except the first one. They also get access to the special episode called 400 Days.

The Walking Dead offers a tailored visual gaming experience. The decisions, choices, and actions that the players make will have a direct impact on how the story plays around them and across the whole series as well.

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3. The Letter: Best Scary Horror Visual Novel Game

This interactive and highly interesting visual novel game for Android comes as an inspiration from Asian horror films. This game is a blend of spectacle, friendship, and amorousness. Placing the destiny of the characters is in the hands of the players. 

The Letter (Horror Visual Novel) - Animated Opening Trailer

The game boasts of non-sequential storytelling and includes seven chapters. This drama and horror visual novel have a highly immersive and branching narrative.

It puts the players in the shoes of the seven characters. The main plot of this game is the characters falling prey to the vicious curse that has plagued the Ermengarde Mansion for a very long time.

This is a game where the choices of the players will drive and shape the plot forward. Whether the players would like to mend a relationship that is about to collapse or whether it will fall apart, is completely the choice of the players alone.

Will, the players, risk saving the characters despite major consequences, or they would leave them to experience a miserable and gruesome death, is again the players’ choice. It is the player of the game who will govern the fate of all the seven characters. 

Below are some of the features of The Letter App that earned it a spot in our list of Best Visual Novel Android Games Apps to download.

  • Drama, friendship, and romance have found a place in this horror visual novel. The game lays great emphasis on character development and relationships.
  • The non-sequential storytelling of the game spans more than 700, 000 words. This means the players need to get into a lot of reading.
  • Seven characters are showcasing varying personalities. All these playable characters of the game have a completely varied approach when it comes to dealing with difficult situations.
  • Innumerable butterfly effects.
  • The choice made by players will affect the game plot.
  • It has animated backgrounds, sprites, and CGs.
  • The complete English voice acting.
  • The art and style of the game are good, along with the beautiful paintings.
  • The soundtrack is original with a true ending, ending, and opening theme songs.
  • The first chapter of the game comes completely free of cost.
  • There are no advertisements.
  • Quick-time events.

The Letter is one gem of a visual novel game for Android that enthusiastic players should try their hands at. It will offer you several hours of sheer fun and excitement, along with some brainstorming.

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4. Spirit of Justice

There is no visual novel game that can come even close to the Ace Attorney visual games when it comes to drama and plot.

These are fantastic and mind-boggling visual novel games where the players need to serve as attorneys defending their clients against everything for proving their innocence. 

Best Visual Novel Android Games

The games are completely exclusive, and they stand out fantabulously when compared to the other games in the same genre. They are considered exclusive mainly for their trial sequences that are highly collaborative and interactive.

The games come as a breath of fresh air in the visual novel game genre. They are quite lengthy in their plot and gameplay, but you get them in series, and you can have your hands on all of them if you want to experience the best of the emulation world.

Ace Attorney comes in the form of a mystery-drama series completely based on Phoenix Wright. He is a lawyer engrossed in solving different types of cases.

The players need to start cases, collect different pieces of evidence, interview people, and try smashing the opponent’s right in a court setting. Players are in the character of Phoenix Wright, who can turn things around and find truths even if they are deeply veined. 

Below are some of the features of the Spirit of Justice App that earned it a spot in our list of Best Visual Novel Android Games Apps to download.

  • The pacing of the game is very good.
  • In-game mechanics are in place for ensuring the players do not forget anything.
  • Games are a bit expensive, but the players get full series without additional advertisements or in-app purchases.
  • There are new and mysterious locations in the games that do not fail to catch the attention of the players.
  • Puzzling cases and twisting plots are some exclusive features the Ace Attorney series are known for.
  • Comical and witty dialogues have also made the game series iconic.
  • The game even contains point-and-click adventure components and hidden objects.

Jam-packed with humor, puzzles, and an interesting cast of the most colorful characters, Ace Attorney is one of the best visual novel games available at present. It is not just captivating but a great entertainer too.

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5. Florence

This is a very delightful and enticing visual novel game for Android. The game is all about Florence, the 25-year-old girl who feels as if she is completely stuck in her daily life.

7 Of The Best Visual Novel Android Games

She has an endless routine of sleep, work, and spending a lot of time on social media handles. It is only when Florence meets Krish that things start changing for her. 

As a player, you will be playing through the game, and you will be experiencing the relationship between both the characters maturing and blossoming. This is an easy-to-play visual novel with a few point-and-click elements and light puzzles.

FLORENCE | Google Play Announce

The game comes from the leading designer who made Monument Valley and has witnessed many variations with time. You get it at $2.99 without advertisements and in-app purchases. 

Below are some of the features of the Florence App that earned it a spot in our list of Best Visual Novel Android Games Apps to download.

  • Get to experience every beat of the relationship between Krish and Florence by way of a series of highly adapted gameplay vignettes. As a player, you will be experiencing everything from fighting and flirting to helping each other develop and progress in life.
  • Florence is a personal, raw, and intimate visual novel inspired by the slice of life webcomics and graphic novels.
  • The game offers an exclusive and emotive mobile narrative experience.
  • The thirty minutes of gameplay will bring back feelings of first love all over again. These include feelings like fear, happiness, awkwardness, uncertainty, and butterflies in the stomach.
  • It helps players understand the way they look at romance and relationships. The reason they fall in love and so on.
  • Florence is part of a visual novel-esque romance game and part collaborative graphic novel.
  • Twenty chapters of the game are quite short, and players can easily finish off the entire game over a single lunch break.
  • The striking narrative and creative storytelling of the game will surely leave an undying impression even after players complete the series.

Developed by minds behind some of the most popular games in the market, Florence is a charming and captivating love story every individual should experience.

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6. Moe! Ninja Girls

Moe! Ninja Girls is a game that will allow players to create their very own distinct endings based on the choices they make.

Players will simply assume getting in the character of a ninja while hiding their real identity. They need to start with a journey towards unmasking their fellow members, so they see who the real secret ninja is. 

The game comes straight from the developers of Shall We Date, the popular women’s novel game sequence. It has 32 million downloads.

As has already been pointed out, the end of this game will completely be based on the choice a player makes during the gameplay. This means that the exclusive stories of the players await them at the game’s end. 

Moe! Ninja Girls is a large-scale game that is completely different from romance, anime, and manga novels. However, it is as enjoyable as these novels. The game gives players the chance to get up close with their favorite girl only to enjoy school life all over again. 

Below are some of the features of Moe! Ninja Girls App earned it a spot in our list of Best Visual Novel Android Games Apps to download.

  • Available for free gameplay.
  • It comes with multiple endings based on the choices made by the players.
  • Alluring soundtracks
  • Superb motion effects.
  • Beautiful artwork
  • The costumes throughout the game are very cute. They are in Japanese anime style and are also updated constantly.
  • The game is filled with many in-game events that come with exclusive prizes as well.
  • The plot of the game is very short and branches as per the player’s choice.
  • The playing environment is comfortable.

Moe! Ninja Girls is the perfect visual novel game for you if you are fond of romantic movies and novels. It also works for individuals who have a keen interest in Japanese games.

The game is all about being in love with different women, dating, fashioning, and dressing up the partners. There are ninjas everywhere, and the setting is quite grand. So, be prepared to be fully addicted.

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7. Gris

This puzzle game comes loaded with a lot of visual novel components. Players are in the character of Gris, the girl who seems to be completely lost in her little world.

As a player, you help Gris in navigating her little world, getting in close touch with all her emotions, and navigating reality as well. This game does not have any danger or death effects, which means the players can play at their very own pace. 

Of course, there are a few gameplay mechanics and light puzzles for engaging the players while they keep drifting through the visual novel.

GRIS - Available on Google Play

Gris, a young and hopeful girl, is dealing with some of the most painful experiences in life. She is going through a lot of sorrow, which is demonstrated in her dress that will grant her new potential to direct her distressing reality in a better way. 

With game progress, Gris will be growing emotionally. She will start to see her world in a completely different manner. New paths will be revealed, and she will use these paths for exploring and using her new potentials. 

Below are some of the features of Gris App that earned it a spot in our list of Best Visual Novel Android Games Apps to download.

  • This visual novel game is an evocative and serene experience for players.
  • The players discover an accurately designed world.
  • Filled with detailed animation, elegant and original score, and delicate art.
  • The game even features optional skill-based difficulties or challenges along with platforming sequences and light puzzles.
  • There are no texts in the game. Players will only find simple and easy-to-use control reminders demonstrated using universal icons.
  • The art style of the game is quite good.
  • Large-scale visual elements have been used for storytelling.
  • Devoid of advertisements.

Gris is a game that can be enjoyed by almost every individual, no matter whether they have an understanding of the game text or not.

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8. Tasokare Hotel

This is a mystery visual novel game where the players need to solve a certain mystery behind the incidents taking place within the game. Solving the mysteries will help the players progress in the game.

Best Visual Novel Android Games

It is a game recommended for every individual. The game comes from SEEC Inc, the name behind other popular games like The Prison Boys and Alice’s Spiritual Judge. 

The game is filled with adventure elements along with character interrogation. Players are in the character of Neko Tsukahara. This girl is dead and has forgotten about her death.

She wakes up only to find herself in the Tasokare Hotel. The manager at the hotel informs Neko that this was the place where people dying due to memory loss are held up. 

So, to kill time, Neko starts working at the hotel. As a player, you will have to find Neko’s identity and help the other guests in finding their identity so they can return to Earth or carry on with life after death. 

Below are some of the features of the Tasokare Hotel App that earned it a spot in our list of Best Visual Novel Android Games Apps to download.

  • The entire gameplay requires the players to read through the test.
  • Players need to make choices for branching out the plot, finding, blending, and utilizing things as and when required. Other characters should be interrogated by the players for knowing their secrets.
  • Tasokare Hotel also provides a lazy clicking mini-game where the players use the trash accumulated in Neko’s room for accumulating sufficient experience scores. There are coins hidden in the trash, and if the players find these, they can use them for unlocking extra character information, BGM, and artwork.
  • The game is free. However, all the chapters are segregated into simple stories and for that, you need to unlock the tickets.
  • Five tickets are given to the players every day. These are available free of cost. Players have the option of ordering extra tickets for completing the game very fast.
  • Gallery content and artwork within the game come as a bonus.

Tasokare Hotel is one of the best visual novel games for Android in that it offers exclusive content and great gameplay mechanics.

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These are some of the most entertaining and awesome visual novel games for Android that you must start playing without further delays.