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7 Best VLC Alternatives Multimedia Solutions For All OS

We consume a lot of media these days. Whether online or offline, we have to use a media player to see videos, movies, etc. A lot of media players are available that we can use these days.

One of the best media players out there is the VLC media player. It is versatile, reliable, and hosts a lot of valuable features. It is available on all platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, etc. The best thing about the VLC player is that it supports all the aspect ratios, all media formats and provides the best possible viewing experience.

But there is a neck-to-neck competition among these media players to capture the market nowadays. There are many great VLC alternatives media players, with some being significantly better than VLC.

We have researched and enlisted several media players that serve as the best  VLC alternatives. Read on to find out more about them.

Best VLC Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. KM Player

KMPlayer is one of those players that customers may rely upon for playing all popular video plans, including DVD and Blu-shaft content.

It is surely one of the best VLC alternatives that offer support for sound records, playlists, pictures, subtitles, and CD pictures; all encompassed with an extraordinarily versatile program.

Best VLC Alternatives

The extensive summary of plan decisions is mainly expected for fiery customers who need to tweak their devices’ smallest detail. At the same time, the default course of action turns out just incredible for go-to video playback.

Besides the executable record, the group consolidates sound and video impacts, internal and external decoders, skins, Winamp modules, and programming progression pack, close by outcast parts (for instance, KMP Toolbar). A proposed foundation is available, while advanced customers may stop functions.

The rule window is pleasant to work with under its flawless appearance. It has buttons for flipping disguise mode and keeping the packaging on top of different applications, close by standard media controls like volume change.

In any case, KMP’s component is tended to by the comprehensive show of settings and customization decisions accessible in the setting menu.

KMPlayer has consolidated assistance for playing 3D substance similarly concerning changing 2D accounts into 3D close to one another, top-and-base, anaglyph, or weaved 3D mode. Filtering 3D methods is done by clicking a button on the base left corner of the rule diagram.

Two or three 3D screen controls are open, similar to red/cyan greyscale or halftone, close by line, and portion joined mode. The packaging solicitation can be exchanged, while 3D inscriptions can be displayed in the middle of one close to the next.

Workstations run KMPlayer with WiDi control sanctioned to play HD accounts on TVs and other external contraptions with no codec limits. The people who own virtual or automated catch devices may connect with WDM TV or BDA HDTV to play the stream in the workspace.

The control box leaves space for quickly changing picture settings concerning turning, flipping, splendor, contrast, inundation, conceal, point extent, and various effects.

It has a built-in equalizer that can control the playback speed and much more. Moreover, it is possible to make a markup assurance and put it in repetitive mode.

Moreover, inscription vernaculars can be picked, synchronized to the video, and changed to the extent that standard text style properties. Various decisions in the control box get video, pictures, and sound.

Guides are open for records, inscriptions, assortments, root, main menus, DVD bookmarks and segments, sound and subtitle streams, and others. Things can be added to a top decisions list for quicker access.

Sound, video, and inscription information may be shown on screen to see traces each second, CPU use, perspective extent, and various nuances. A text-to-talk contraption can be engaged to announce track names on changes.

KMPlayer is configurable in each point, starting with picture changes (as of late depicted), a manager for enabling, debilitating, and enrolling system channels, sound, and video DSP modules, and record opening procedure. The program’s lead can be transformed from the “Tendencies” district.

It can restrict the system plate, review the last played spot of sound and video content, hide the mouse cursor on customer idleness, grant different events, similarly as hold booked screensavers back from jumping up.

Default menu, sound, and inscription vernaculars may be set for DVD films, close by the sound and video decoders and conveying devices.

In the meantime, dealing with decisions may be picked for video, sound, and subtitles. KMPlayer is suitable for playing picture slideshows with customer-described decisions. Seeing all maintained archive developments and making plan affiliations is possible as well.

Best VLC Alternatives 1

KMP uses DirectShow channels and supports internal and outside codecs for all well-known sound and video plans, including DVD and Blu-pillar media. It can play sound, video, pictures, playlists, subtitles, and CD pictures.

The utility backs 32-cycle and 64-digit configuration types and generally unique working systems, including Windows 8 and 8.1. It incorporates different vernaculars and skins, close-by console simple courses that can be remapped. Microprocessor and RAM usage are all things considered low.

The PC can be gotten ready for conclusion later playback. Like other famous video players like VLC, KMPlayer can play insufficient or degenerate AVI records, similarly as locked media reports while downloading or sharing substance. It is to no end.

Considering its comprehensive game plan of state of the art settings, less experienced customers are leaned to lose all ability to know east from west in the setting menu or tendencies area. But some helpful documentation is given on KMPlayer’s actual social occasion. It contains only an amateur’s associate.

While KMPlayer is the ideal video playing toy for state-of-the-art customers, those less experienced and speedy to research all that will most likely battle to get to know it.

Before long, it remains maybe the most versatile media player to date, and its customers are tensely expecting new components in the accompanying critical conveyance, for instance, Cloud advancement for synchronizing media library reports across various regions.

2. Gom Player

GOM Player can play any media of any extension and can even play 360-degree VR video. It is absolutely free. It supports YouTube and plays media on your storage too.

This probably won’t have mass requests right now; regardless, it’s a video type that will fill in prominence after a short and surprisingly long time.

GOM Player has a couple of highly smooth pursue instruments worked in. It keeps up with engravings – ideal for availability or watching accounts without sound – and things being what they are of hunting high and lowing on the superior, you can utilize the player’s own solicitation office to find them and add them to the video.

Best VLC Alternatives 2

This media player likewise presents the codec of the video, assuming that it can’t play it appropriately. It has a specific, clean characteristic of affiliation; in any case, this comes to the disability of openness.

There is not much on-screen control other than unquestionably the base playback buttons. To do much else, for example, changing sound or video settings, you’ll need to research its menu structure.

Some obliging standard devices – like a sound equalizer – are open yet harder to see than they ought to as. This can cause frustration when you’re at the initial start; regardless, it legitimizes continuing with the program.

GOM Player is totally customizable, unlike other players. This derives that tolerance you would like to avoid where it looks straightforward.

You can transform it by applying another point. These skins are absolutely surface level, so tolerating that you’re not an admirer of the menu framework, changing the look won’t help.

[GOM & Company] GOM Player Plus Promotional Video

Such software beats all the major competition out there and will be your default media player whenever you become familiar with its quirks and features.

Regardless, the installer is somewhat a dubious one. The Express arrangement choice presents possibly undesirable errands and will change your default web crawler and show page.

It’s loathsome and barely detectable except if you gradually work through the installer. Set aside work to get what’s going on, and attempt to pick the Custom Installation choice so you can stop undesirable additional things.

3. DivX Player

DivX Player is yet another of the best VLC alternatives used to playing video records, and it goes about as video playback programming. It moreover offers assistance to 4K records. DivX, Inc makes this thing. 

It is stacked with focal correspondingly as a top-tier feature. There is a media library where you can keep or figure out all of the records at a specific spot. Additionally, it can play a broad level of video plans: MKV, DIVX, MP4, AVI, and incredibly more. 

7 Best VLC Alternatives Multimedia Solutions For All OS

You won’t have to go up against any closeness issue. Other than that, it has an enormous degree of playback incorporated. It will help you effectively rewind or rapidly send any video you are watching, close to walking around the recreation area.

A good part grants you to fuse various sounds for alone video. Also, you can, without a genuinely superb stretch, switch between those sounds while watching.

Close by the above features, DivX Player is one of those media players that let you cast to different devices like LEDs. Accordingly, you can extend the screen of your PC or PC to an entire screen and like it.

All of this ought to be conceivable and controlled from the “Cast To” incorporate. Despite being available as a free plan, there is an expert design other than open for the thing. In the expert, you will have a cloud blend also. Besides, it grants you to play accounts from the past on aggregating.

The new update has made it even better. For starters, it has improved MKV support for HEVC. A new playback interface and UI have also been incorporated. The bugs found before have been fixed, and all other issues are resolved.

The interface includes a DivX To Go sidebar that is very fast and takes almost no time to load the media to the player. It also sports a video codec converter with support for extensions like .avi, .divx, .mkv, etc. It also has an online streaming player known as DivX Plus Web Player.

4. Pot Player

This player is open as freeware for Windows OS on 32 cycles in much the same way as the 64 digit stage and plays videos without tending as far as possible. Clients can undoubtedly download this thing from the web and get everything moving continually.

You can toss any media document relationship of POT player course of events, playing them immediately. Regardless of the size of your media record, the POT player begins playback without getting a little information about extra modules and codecs.

7 Best VLC Alternatives Multimedia Solutions For All OS

The fantastic thing to be aware of POT Player is that it never makes bourdon on CPU and never whenever blends memory of your framework.

It is a talented video player that screens your last played tracks so that at whatever point you truly need to switch all through it for some other time, it can essentially proceed from the last-ended area. Fittingly, watchers can expect diligent playback benefits consistently.

You will be happy to comprehend that such VLC alternatives are remarkably portable, and it helps clients prefer videos with added sponsorship to engravings. It perceives commonly strong and video records with the quality development of the substance.

This instrument can play big video and sound file plans. It keeps up with playback despite broken files and different inadequate AVI records. It helps to present captions in different media files like MP4, MOV, 3GP, and MKV. The inbuilt sound equalizer guarantees rich sound quality for all playbacks.

POT Player ends up remarkable with all appearances of Windows (32/64 digit varieties). It has adaptable logos, course parts, disguising subjects, OCD, and straightforwardness controls.

The client depicted substitute ways that make controlling altogether less troublesome. It makes unimportant stores of memory and CPU.

The reality behind its model plan is that the POT player is committed to the forefront of expert clients from an overall perspective. People who request higher powers over customization and need to explore a wide degree of media record approaches can participate in an unfathomable review understanding over POT Player.

The playlist tabs are all over-organized where clients can oversee various varieties; all of the additional controls are later typically saved to playlists. They are auto stacked for the going with time. Arrangements on its library are overseen in back-to-back requests.

You can besides add records starting with one variety then onto the accompanying utilizing add and change the menu. Note that the further developed part works just inside playlists. They can’t work inside a playlist.

Precisely when you are prepared to see the worth in playbacks, then it is besides conceivable to arrange substance with equalizers to have rich sound quality.

Right, when this signed-up alliance is maneuvered into the course of events, they work in shocking synchronism and disengage them at any result, then, at that point, basically hauling the playlist.

You will observe three buttons on the base right half of the playback screen. Assuming that you left snap on the essential, it will open windows facilitator containing controls for current playback; the broad menu can be opened with the right snap to this first button.

The center one is relied upon to close or dispatch the control board tolerating you follow the left snap anyway. The correct image will essentially open the skin menu. The last or farthest right button is to open or close the playlist.

Clients can manage sound equalizer changes from the control board. Besides offering sorts of help for basic settings of the video follows video degrees, playsets, control engravings, the screen gets, and other video settings.

The video chart shows up on the left piece of the screen, and the right one stays for the playlist, yet you can essentially close it by smashing the little bolt point on the furthest right corner of the screen.

To pass on the video to the full-screen mode, you need to twofold tap over it. Return to the little window by squeezing Esc or twofold tap once more.

POT player makes for an excellent choice if you are looking for a versatile and reliable option other than VLC Player.

5. Kodi Player

Kodi has bit by bit, set up a relationship with any person who needs to share content around the home. In 2002, this player came into service. It was then known as the Xbox Media Player. It was then christened Kodi in 2014.

Kodi permits online media content, including videos and music. It works across basically every gigantic working plan and across different devices by a long shot standard.

7 Best VLC Alternatives Multimedia Solutions For All OS

By developments of each sort, Kodi is persuading to access and store content. However, it’s a focal issue mark for explicit individuals.

This FAQ ought to react to any request you might have about Kodi and help you wrap up whether it’s the ideal decision for you. Kodi supports a variety of extensions like AAC, MP3, and OGG. It equivalently goes with staggering playlists and the ability to name different tracks.

Kodi uses ISO, 3D, and H.264. Precisely when you import the motion pictures, this media player can add banners, fan artistry, trailers, video extra things, and more to everything.

Kodi runs on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Raspberry Pi. You can run it on TVs and set-top boxes and streaming contraptions, equivalently as on the Xbox One. 

It can show up in advertisements sometimes. Most of the time these ads are unnecessary and irrelevant to you. Simply go to what you genuinely need and move the substance obliging your inclination. 

Your substance ought to be managed some spot locally or on an association drive that you may genuinely access around your home and, maybe, from a distance. Kodi will list the whole of your substance and make it appropriately accessible on all of the gadgets where the thing is presented.

Likewise, on occasion, you want to grow the help’s parts, take a gander at the available Add-Ons, which offer unlimited opportunities to encourage Kodi.

Rather than entering down all of the gadgets that help Kodi, the XBMC offers pressing hardware and programming necessities to let you know whether it’ll work.

For Linux to run Kodi, a processor of Intel Pentium and above is required. You should, in like manner, has 4GB of hard drive space available.

We need to get Kodi going on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or more current on the Mac side. Windows customers will require Windows Vista or fresher on their gadgets to run Kodi.

Kodi goes with a vast heap of extra things that are depended upon to revive the comprehensive data on using the help. Its different things run a collection of features, from direct screensavers and environment applications to instruments that let you further cultivate your program-seeing experience.

The extra things are coordinated through free creators who have nothing to do with the XBMC Foundation. In this manner, your circumstance will be interesting.

It might be ideal for taking a gander at the Kodi conversations and various spots to ensure the application you will download is genuinely authentic and fills in as you want.

6. 5KPlayer

Next up, we have another one of the best VLC alternatives namely 5KPlayer. It has tons of features that you will hardly find in any other players similar to this.

This player features a free UHD video player, AirPlay, music player, and DLNA enabled media streamer along with an online downloader to make things easier for any user.

If you are a macOS user, this player might come in handy. You will hardly find any player similar to this that supports AirPlay.

This feature enables screen mirroring and video music as well. Once you have downloaded this software on your Mac or your other Apple devices, you can choose to display any kind of content on your devices. Moreover, you can even choose to record 4K videos as well.

Best Free Multi-media Player to Play 4K Ultra HD Videos – [5KPlayer Official Intro]

This player is compatible with your macOS as well as Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. It is known to be one of the best on the internet since it operates on minimal consumption of both the CPU and GPU and thus gives you the best visual experience.

7. MPlayerX

If you are looking for an excellent media player specifically for macOS, MPlayerX is the right one for you. Not everyone is a huge fan of the default player provided by macOS itself.

It lags a lot and does not have a lot of features to offer. You can surely choose VLC over it, but let’s face it, it hangs a lot and is not reliable. This is where MPlayerX comes into the picture.

7 Best VLC Alternatives Multimedia Solutions For All OS

It is simple yet powerful. This player supports all sorts of media files you are looking to play and each of them works smoothly.

You do not require any plug-ins or codec packages whatsoever. Now, instead of using your mouse on the screen to control the media, you can choose multiple gestures such as Pinch, tap, or swipe.

The best part about this player is that it will detect and convert your media files’ audio and give you the most accurate subtitles for the show or the movie you are watching. The process is simple, automatic, and seamless.


Here is all your need to know from our list of the top VLC alternatives. We have researched and enlisted several media players that serve as the best options available.

Make sure you go through all of them carefully and choose accordingly for your systems based on their compatibility and usability. We hope you have found it helpful for your hunt to find the best media player.