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11 Top Vulnerable Websites You Need To Know About

There is no more suitable approach to getting confident in your ethical hacking skills than exercising them in a real-life environment. So, here we will discuss the best vulnerable websites. 

Hackers are intensifying their efforts to attack valuable sites and web applications. Such sites are engaging targets for cybercriminals since they are available 24/7 on the internet. Thus, securing websites and web applications becomes crucial to keep your infrastructure secure.

It is possible when you augment penetration testing (pen testing) strategies. To do this, an ethical hacker who has expert-level penetration skills is what a company demands.

Hence, you must practice and develop pen testing on vulnerable websites to be an ethical hacker, developer, or security manager. 

What is the Use of Penetration Testing?

In penetration testing, ethical hackers learn to counteract exploitable vulnerabilities by performing a simulated cyber-attack against an organization’s security system.

It includes attempted breaching of any number of application systems to expose vulnerabilities.

In this technique, as an ethical hacker, you will usually implement a web application firewall (WAF) for web application security. Pen testing and WAFs possess mutually useful security standards.

The tester is likely to use WAF data for a wide range of pen testing, for example, logs, to determine and exploit the weak spots of an app. Also, WAF configurations are possibly be updated to defend against the weak spots identified during the test. 

Thus, it is a kind of holistic web application security procedure. Undoubtedly, the vulnerable site is a one-stop solution to practice, improve, or remain updated on the latest penetration testing trends. 

Vulnerable Websites To Practice Penetration Tests Legally 

So, where can you find that? We explored the web solutions and found the most reliable resources for you. These sites will allow you to learn more about cyber attacks and pen-testing techniques to solve them.

Let’s get started and start practicing them one by one!

1. bWAPP

Buggy Web Application or bWAPP is a one-stop solution to help security developers, practitioners, and students detect and prevent web vulnerabilities.

What makes it a favorite website among pro and novice developers is available 100+ web vulnerabilities to practice. bWAPP incorporates every significant web bug along with all the OWASP top 10 project risks.

It is a free open-source web application to hone penetration testing skills. You can successfully prepare yourself through this portal by participating in ethical hacking projects.

The site is a PHP application that employs a MySQL database. Users can host bWAPP on Linux or Windows with MySQL and Apache/IIS. Further, it also supports WAMP or XAMPP.

bWAPP - OS Command Injection With Commix (All levels)
Below are some of the features of The bWAPP that earned it a spot in our list of Best Vulnerable Websites.
  • It consists of more than 60 web bugs to practice pen-testing. 
  • Some of the covered vulnerabilities on this site are Injection
  • vulnerabilities, AJAX, Cross-sites, Web Services issues, (DoS) attacks, Configuration issues, cookie poisoning, and many others.
  • This vulnerable site incorporates all risks from the OWASP Top 10 project.
  • You will get a custom Linux VMware virtual machine called bee-box pre-installed with this website. 
Start practicing from here.

2. Defend the Web ( Formerly HackThis!)

This vulnerable website is your best source to learn how to hack, dump, and deface. Also, you learn the method to secure your website from hackers. 

Best Vulnerable Websites

The platform consists of more than 50 levels to practice pen testing with multiple difficulty levels. Additionally, you can remain updated by reading all the latest articles and news about hacking presented by its active online community. 

Key Features:-

  • Defend the Web is a safe and legal network security source to learn more about hacking.
  • If you have any doubts at any level, the community members will be more than happy to solve your issue.
Defend The Web - Intro 1 with CyberMunky @ Exploit Security [SOLUTION]
Start practicing from here.

3. Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA)

Damn Vulnerable Web App is an extremely vulnerable PHP/MySQL-based web application. The setting of the DVWA vulnerable site is quite complicated.

Also called DVWA, this susceptible website aims to support security experts in upgrading their skills and test tools in a legal and secure environment.

Furthermore, this platform helps web developers to learn web application security strategies. However, the variety of attacks is not as comprehensive.


  • It is suitable for both intermediate and advanced-level pen testers.
  • DVWA allows changing the setting from easy to difficult per your learning level.
  • You can use programs like Buffer Overflow attacks and offline memory/stack manipulation challenges.
Installing DVWA | How to Install and Setup Damn Vulnerable Web Application in Kali Linux | Edureka
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4. Enigma Project

It is another secure and legal penetration testing platform where you can build your testing skills using its various challenges. Members will find more than 300 intentionally created problems to train themselves. The scenarios on this site include the OWASP Top 10 Project exploits. 

The vulnerable site also focuses on teaching its member’s several varieties of exploits found in apps these days. You can become a tester and programmer after practicing on this site.


  • The site has over 50000 active members, 500000 forum posts, 28000+ exploits database, and 200 articles. 
  • This vulnerable site hosts weekly and monthly online contests to keep you motivated to learn more.
Start practicing from here.

5. Hellbound Hackers

This site set gives you a chance to do hands-on computer security practice. Hellbound Hackers is the best site to develop hacking skills for beginners. 

A budding developer will find many super-easy challenges on this legally vulnerable site. You can learn to recognize exploits and recommend the code to Patrick through these challenges. 

Best Vulnerable Websites

However, the penetration testing site is not limited to beginners. That said, even experts can take advantage of the site through the hacking tutorials and the biggest hacking communities available on the site. 

Tasks covered on the Hellbound Hackers site are social work, rooting, application encryption, and cracking. Apart from computer security, users can also test their hacking skills on various IoT devices on this vulnerable website. 

Hellbound Hackers also boasts one of the most prominent hacker communities. 

Key Features:-

  • You can learn to identify patch and code patch recommendations through this portal.
  • You can communicate with fellow learners in a classroom setting.

At the time of our research on Best Vulnerable Websites, we found a video about “Pen testing Tips” worth watching. 🤴🏆

6. Root me

Root me offers a simple, fast, affordable space to learn your hacking skills. It is an easy-to-use site, you have to sign in to the site, and you are good to go. With just a few clicks, you will access various virtual environments.  

11 Top Vulnerable Websites You Need To Know About

You can educate yourself in diverse and not faked environments to grasp expertise in several hacking techniques. Thus, you will practice in a realistic learning environment without any limitations.

You can learn to challenge and brush up on your hacking skills here.


  • You can access the vulnerable website in English, French, and German per your language preference.
  • Two hundred hacking challenges and 71 virtual environments are available to improve your hacking skills.

7. Gruyere 

Gruyere is a product of tech giant Google that speaks a volume about why it is worthy of being on our list of best vulnerable websites. Written in Python; however, the bugs in Gruyere aren’t Python-specific. 

A fun approach to learning penetration testing is the highlight of this vulnerable website! Have you ever heard of hacking and cheese mutually? Gruyere’s whole theme is cheese-based and utilizes “cheesy” codes. 

It is an ideal website to understand how to secure the site against exploits. There are vulnerabilities divided into different segments that offer you a task to expose that vulnerability. You will search for exploit bugs by applying black-and-white box hacking. 

Google Gruyere - XSS Exploit Example

You will find a lot of security vulnerabilities that will be of great help if you’re a beginner. Although some previous skillset is vital, still the site will serve beginners well. Also, it’s good to have at least basic Python knowledge to practice on this project.

Key Features:-

  • It keeps the learners glued to practicing, finding, and exploiting vulnerabilities. 
  • You will learn to find security vulnerabilities.
  • You can learn the hackers’ tricks for exploiting web applications.
  • Also, understand how to prevent hackers from employing vulnerabilities.
Start practicing from here.
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8. WebGoat

WebGoat is one of the most prevalent projects of OWASP. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OSX Tiger. You will also find an easy-run source distribution version using which you can adjust the source code.

The insecure platform features practical teaching alongside a learning environment. All the lessons focus on training you about complicated app security issues.

Hence, if you are a developer looking forward to honing your skills in web application security, WebGoat is ideal for you.


  • The WebGoat is simple to set up, and you can start with the basics.
  • The vulnerabilities include SQL Injections, Access Control Flaws, Cross-Site Scripting (XXS), and others. 
  • It also has tips and suggestions to help out beginners.
  • There are separate downloads available for .NET as well as J2EE environments. 
Web Authentication Hacking Tutorial: Burpsuite and WebGoat

9. Game of Hacks

Although it is not precisely a vulnerable website, we find it deserving to be listed here. Wondering why? The Game of Hacks has an interesting approach to teaching penetration testing. 

Best Vulnerable Websites

The game will enable you to test your fsec skills. All questions on the application will throw a chunk of code, and before the clock runs out, you have to identify if there is a security vulnerability. You may or may not find security holes in the challenges available.

Key Features:-
  • Every assigned task on this vulnerable website offers a plethora of codes.
  • The site has gathered fantastic feedback from both developers and security pros. 

10. Hack This Site

11 Top Vulnerable Websites You Need To Know About

It is another legal and best place to upgrade your penetration testing skills. Jeremy Hammond develops HTS to develop ethical hacking skills. You get to practice through various challenges on this site. 

This deliberately vulnerable is entirely safe to use.

Key Features:-

  • Hack This Site also provides several hacking articles, news, tutorials, and forums.
  • It is an ideal vulnerable website to develop your skills by completing different challenges.
Start practicing from here.

11. Over The Wire

This new, deliberately vulnerable website serves all experience levels of developers and security professionals. Here you get to learn as well as practice security concepts. Over the wire website frequently keeps updating new hacking challenges.

The interesting wargames allow beginners to practice pen-testing in a fun-filled way. You will also find complex bugs to patch in advanced-level games.

Key Features:-

  • You can visit its IRC chat servers to discuss with them the problem you are facing while practicing.
Start practicing here.

If you are interested in learning about ethical hacking, I recommend you watch the video below.

Ethical Hacking Full Course - Learn Ethical Hacking in 10 Hours | Ethical Hacking Tutorial | Edureka
Real-time Use Cases of Penetration Testing
  • Financial sectors require pen-testing strategies to secure their data, including investment banking, stock trading exchanges, and banks.
  • By hacking any software system, the company can discover whether there are more security threats. Thus, penetration testing can help evade future hacking possibilities.
  • You can apply a proactive penetration testing technique to secure the site against hackers.

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Find Vulnerable Services & Hidden Info Using Google Dorks [Tutorial]


How do hackers find vulnerable sites?

There are several ways that hackers can find vulnerable sites to exploit:-

Scanning the internet:- Online websites with known security flaws or insufficient security measures can be found by hackers using automated tools that scan the internet. These tools can seek specific vulnerabilities or look for indicators of weakness, including outdated software or weak passwords.

Using search engines:- Search hackers can use engines to discover websites with particular flaws or lax protection. A hacker might, for instance, look for websites that use a certain kind of software known to have security flaws.

Social engineering:- Hackers sometimes use social engineering methods like phishing and pretexting to deceive victims into disclosing private information or granting them access to weak systems.

Buying information from other hackers:- Hackers might also purchase knowledge about susceptible websites on the black market from other hackers.

As a result, website owners must take precautions to safeguard their sites and defend against prospective assaults. Hackers have a variety of methods for locating weak sites to exploit.

What websites are vulnerable to SQL injection?

SQL injection is a form of attack that involves inserting malicious code through a coding flaw into a website’s database. Websites that utilize SQL to handle their databases and have not adequately sanitized user input are at risk from SQL injection attacks.

An increased risk of SQL injection attacks exists for websites that employ databases to hold sensitive data, like user login information, financial information, or personal information.

Examples of websites that may be vulnerable to SQL injection attacks include:-

1. E-commerce websites
2. Social networking websites
3. Online forums
4. Blogs
5. Content management systems (CMS)

Website owners must make sure that their code is properly sanitized and that they are utilizing the most recent security techniques if they want to safeguard their websites against SQL injection attacks.

This includes input validation to ensure that only legitimate data is accepted and using prepared statements and parameterized queries to stop malicious code from being inserted into the database.

What is a vulnerable app?

Software with security flaws or vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit is referred to as a vulnerable app.

Vulnerable apps may contain flaws in their source code, the libraries or frameworks they employ, or even in how they communicate with other devices or networks.

Hackers can exploit app vulnerabilities to obtain unauthorized access to sensitive information, steal user data, or take over devices. Additionally, attacks on other systems or networks may be launched using them.

Examples of vulnerabilities in apps include:-

1. Unpatched software vulnerabilities
2. Weak or easily guessable passwords
3. Lack of input validation or sanitization
4. Lack of encryption for sensitive data
5. Insecure communication protocols

Developers must adhere to secure coding best practices and often update and patch their apps to address any known vulnerabilities to safeguard against app vulnerabilities.

Users should also exercise caution while downloading and installing software and only do so from reliable sources.

Which apps are vulnerable to hackers?

Hackers could attack any software/app with exploitable security flaws or vulnerabilities. However, the nature of their functionality or the method they are created may make some apps more vulnerable than others.

Examples of apps that may be more vulnerable to hackers include:-

Apps with large user bases:- Due to the possibility of a greater reward, apps with a huge user base may be targeted by hackers.

Apps that handle sensitive information:- Due to the value of their data, applications that manage sensitive information, such as financial or personal data, may be more susceptible to hacking.

Apps with outdated security measures: – Apps without the most recent security updates may be more susceptible to attacks.

Apps that use insecure communication protocols:- Apps that employ less secure communication protocols, such as HTTP rather than HTTPS, may be more susceptible to hacking attacks.

In conclusion, it’s critical for app developers to adhere to best practices for secure coding and to update often and patch their programs to address any known vulnerabilities.

Users should also exercise caution while downloading and installing software and only do so from reliable sources.

What do hackers target most?

Systems, networks, and websites that can be attacked easily and offer a large reward are frequently the targets of hackers.

Some of the most common targets for hackers include:-

Financial institutions:- The rich financial data that banks, credit card companies, and other financial organizations store make them popular targets for hackers.

Government agencies:- To gain private information or interfere with government operations, hackers may target government entities.

Healthcare organizations:- Due to the sensitive financial and personal information they contain, healthcare organizations like hospitals and insurance firms are frequently targeted.

Large corporations:- Hackers frequently target large organizations because of the valuable data they possess and the potential for a large reward, especially those in sectors like tech, finance, and retail.

Small businesses: – Small firms may also be targeted by hackers because of their frequent laxer security procedures and the possibility of a large payout.

In general, hackers could target any business or person with access to sensitive or valuable data.

Both individuals and businesses must take precautions against potential assaults on their systems and themselves.

Can a hacker see through a VPN?

Remember that no security solution is infallible, and a VPN may not be sufficient to shield you from all threats.

If hackers successfully exploit flaws in the VPN itself, the devices you are using, or the networks, they might still be able to see through a VPN.

Utilizing a reliable VPN provider and maintaining your VPN software and hardware with the most recent security patches are crucial for maximizing protection.

Utilizing additional security methods, such as two-factor authentication and strong passwords, is also a smart option to safeguard your accounts and devices.

What are hackers scared of?

Hackers can worry about being discovered and answering to the law for their conduct. Additionally, if their actions are revealed to the public, they can be worried about being exposed or having their reputation ruined.

In addition, given how hazardous and competitive the world of hacking can be, hackers could be terrified of being the target of other hackers or cybercriminals.

Hackers might also be worried about possible bodily injury if they take actions that put them at risk of being found or caught.

In general, hackers may not be as frightened as most people. Still, they may be worried about the risks they take because of their activities and the potential consequences of their decisions.

Can hackers see you?

If hackers are successful in breaking into your device or network, they could be able to view you or some aspects of your online activities.

For instance, if a hacker can infect your device with malware or obtain access to your home network, they may be able to view your online activities or gather information about you, like your browsing history, login credentials, or personal details.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that there are a lot of techniques to keep hackers from seeing you. Your online security and privacy can be enhanced by setting up two-factor authentication, using strong passwords, and utilizing a virtual private network (VPN).

While it is feasible for hackers to view some aspects of your online behavior, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and lower the likelihood that hackers will see what you are doing online.

How many websites are vulnerable?

Given that vulnerabilities can be found and fixed in frequency, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how many websites are susceptible to assaults at any given time. However, a sizable fraction of websites may include flaws that cybercriminals might potentially exploit.

It is crucial for website owners to ensure that their websites are maintained up to date with the latest security updates and adhere to best practices for secure coding to protect against vulnerabilities.

To lessen the chance of running across a vulnerable website, users should exercise caution when accessing websites and only go to trusted ones.

Do hackers use SQL injection?

Yes, SQL injection is a method that hackers frequently employ to target websites’ exploits. Through a flaw in the website’s code, SQL injection entails inserting malicious code into a website’s database. This might provide hackers access to private information and user data or even take over the website.

Websites using SQL to handle their databases and those not adequately sanitized user input are vulnerable to SQL injection attacks.

An increased risk of SQL injection attacks exists for websites that employ databases to hold sensitive data, like user login information, financial information, or personal information.

Website owners must make sure that their code is properly sanitized and that they are utilizing the most recent security techniques if they want to safeguard their websites against SQL injection attacks.

This includes input validation to ensure that only legitimate data is accepted and using prepared statements and parameterized queries to stop malicious code from being inserted into the database.

Final Words…

Whether a developer, pen-tester, or security manager – all need to drill their hacking skills to be the best defender of their cyberspace. No matter how many articles, books, or video tutorials you see, it is incomplete until you practice.

After all, practice makes a man perfect! So, it’s better to be ready by acquiring advanced-level pen-testing skills. 

For anybody searching for a way to learn new penetration testing skills, legally vulnerable websites are your best bet! You can become an expert in your job when you start practicing on deliberately vulnerable sites.

Many users also found these sites great resources for developing their minds and boosting problem-solving skills. 

If you are new to ethical hacking, you may find it challenging. However, you’ll learn to give your best when you train on these platforms. All of the websites mentioned above are 100% legal hacking sites.