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How to Watch YouTube Videos On Any Website


One of Opera’s niftiest features is the ability to detach videos from YouTube into a ‘floating’ window, so you can keep watching while you browse elsewhere.

A new extension called VideoNail brings the same functionality to Chrome, along with some useful options of its own.

To use the add-on, either right-click a YouTube link or thumbnail and choose Start VideoNail; or — when viewing a video page – scroll down to the comments section and the video player will open in a separate window. Alternatively, click the extension’s toolbar button, paste the URL of the video and click Open.

To make the player ‘follow’ you to other tabs and web pages, click the VideoNail icon in the YouTube controls section. You can then move and resize the window as required. Playback will continue automatically from where you left off, although VideoNail’s developer says that some sites are set up to block external content from being loaded, so the add-on may not always work.