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5 Waterproof Keyboards You Should Buy ( Detailed Guide )


Online games are fun all the time. Sometimes people tend to sit in front of the computer, order food and drinks online and eat and drink while still playing. There are chances when out of excitement you might involuntarily push your bottle.

Before you could react, the damage will be done. Yes, you might end up spilling the drink over your keyboard. Nobody likes that, right? Who will like to operate a keyboard that has sticky keys?

You cannot wash the keyboards too. Don’t take this as a challenge and try. You’ll have to buy a new one as most keys won’t work. If you don’t like things being messy, you’ll never even get close to the computer unless the keyboard is replaced.

To avoid all these, we recommend these waterproof keyboards that could solve the problem in one wash. These keyboards have super-cool features and are well within the budget. Here are our top five picks

Five Waterproof Keyboards You Should Buy

Logitech Washable Wired Keyboard ($59)

5 Waterproof Keyboards You Should Buy ( Detailed Guide )

The most durable keyboard found in the market, the Logitech Washable Wired Keyboard is known to withstand heavy typing. The keyboard also has dust resistance that saves the keyboard from dust and crumbs.

Some keyboards lose their functionality with much exposure to dust, and this Logitech keyboard kills that worry. As mentioned earlier, the Logitech keyboard is spill-proof. You can knock-off your drinks without worry.

You don’t have to worry about changing your keyboard due to the sticky keys. You can wash it using water and the keyboard will be back to its original state.

Some people find it annoying to see keyboards with loud clicky keys. They consider it as a nuisance. But the bottomed-out keys help with smooth keystroke action on the keyboard.

It also negates the click sound. The design of the keyboard is modern which stands out from the primary keyboard that comes with your PC, initially. Also, the keyboard supports plug-and-play and doesn’t require a special software for installation.

It also has a set of 12 hotkeys that enables different function such as launching music, surfing the web, accessing the mail etc.


  • Ability to wash the keyboard making it waterproof and spill proof.
  • Resistant to dust. Has a dust brush to clean and has an integrated brush storage placed within the keyboard.
  • Quiet key clicks.
  • Plug and Play keyboard. Doesn’t require installation software.
  • Protective cap for USB plug protecting it from dust and other things.


  • Soft keys that many users find difficult to type with.

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I-rocks washable keyboard

5 Waterproof Keyboards You Should Buy ( Detailed Guide )


The I-rocks washable keyboard is available in the market for about $19. It’s a standard price for any keyboard, but the I-rocks washable keyboard is waterproof, and spill proof.

The durable keyboard and the quality of it make it one of the finest keyboards in the market. As for the waterproof aspect, the keyboard has drainage holes at the bottom.

The water or any other liquid drains through it without causing any trouble to the functionalities. The keyboard can also be washed in case of spills. The keyboard comes with a dust brush to clean between the keys.

The best thing about the keyboard is the letters on the keys. Unlike other keyboards where the letter is painted, the letters in this keyboard are engraved. This ensures that the keys don’t fade or vanish after a wash.

The drawback although is the backspace key. The size of the key is very small that it puts off the users who are exposed to wider backspace keys.


  • Washable, hence waterproof and spill proof.
  • Has a dust brush to clean between the keys.
  • Letters engraved on the keys that stay longer even after washing


  • Size of specific keys. Some keys are smaller than its original size on a standard keyboard hence, it has become difficult for the users to use those keys properly.

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Perixx PX – 19005 Waterproof Keyboards You Should Buy ( Detailed Guide )

The most annoying spill that can happen on your keyboard is when you’re doing a car race or in an important mission in a game. One spill can ruin not just your game but also your keyboard.

Hence, the Perixx PX-1900 the keyboard designed for gamers was released with a spill proof feature. You don’t have to worry about the spill anymore as the keyboards can be washed. The keyboard can be submerged in the water for about 30 minutes to clean even the little dirt or spill.

With the anti-ghosting keys, the rapid-fire keystrokes are ensured. The keyboard comes with 12 hotkeys enabling the users to multitask like professionals. Although the Perixx PX-1900 isn’t a mechanical keyboard, the scissor key design helps for a steady and stable keystroke. About 30 million key hits are guaranteed with this keyboard.

The best feature of this keyboard is the back-light. The keyboard comes in 7 backlit colors for the users to choose from. The backlight also has different brightness settings helping the user to use the device at any time of the day.


  • Key prints last for a longer time without fading.
  • Durable LED lights that don’t wear out for a longer time and works perfectly fine.
  • Durable keys helping especially the gamers. The keys don’t malfunction even after several hard hits.


  • Multiple gamers have complained that complex button pushing games create ghosting issues. The combinations invoke a function that annoys the gamers much.

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LeaningTech LTC K828

5 Waterproof Keyboards You Should Buy ( Detailed Guide )

The LeaningTech LTC keyboard can not only be used for gaming but can also be used for doing professional work. The keyboard boasts special feature like quick response, anti-ghosting keys, and hotkeys.

The keyboard is useful for leisure work including surfing the web. The keyboard is much sought not only because of its performance but because of its sleek exterior and design. The keyboard allows the users to choose different backlights.

The users can use the function key along with a key from 0 to 9 to choose the backlight that they want. The different backlit modes include solid colors, rainbow colors, and to keys lighting according to the sound in the music player.

The colors move according to the sound when the sound-activity mode is selected through the function mode.

The keyboard is made using an aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy gives the keyboard the required sleek design. It also keeps the keyboard water resistant. Apart from this, the keyboard has a space to hold your phone. The biggest use of this feature is to hold your phone while making video calls, or to see the notifications that come in.


  • RGB lighting on the keyboard gives it a beautiful appearance.
  • Customized keycaps for keys most used for gaming. These basically include the arrow keys and the WSAD keys.
  • The durable keyboard supporting typing/gaming/programming.


  • Some key-combinations do not seem to work.
  • The phone holder seems unnecessary for the keyboard.

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FD Wireless Keyboard

5 Waterproof Keyboards You Should Buy ( Detailed Guide )

This is one of the most portable keyboards that’s available in the market. The very reason is because that its wireless. The set-up is pretty simple. The users have to connect the Nano receiver into the USB port of the computer and the keyboard is ready to use.

The keyboard doesn’t need the installation of special drivers. The keyboard provides a reliable connection for about 10 meters.

The biggest advantage is that the keyboard is waterproof and spill proof. When carrying this keyboard outside, it negates the worry of liquid spilling into the bag since the keyboard wouldn’t be affected.

Another best feature of the keyboard is its power-saving mode. The power-saving mode saves the battery power when not in use. This results in a long-standing battery. They keys are also friendly since they have concavely rounded edges.

It thus becomes easy to type on the keyboard. Not just that, the keyboard comes with a mouse as a combo. People opt for the FD Wireless keyboard because this is one of the very few water-resistant keyboards that is wireless. Finding such a combination in the market is always a difficult task.


  • Waterproof and spill proof.
  • Easy to install.
  • Portable and wireless.
  • Power saving mode saves the battery charge.


  • Lag in time when typing.
  • It is water-resistant but not entirely waterproof.

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