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7 Of The Best Waterproof Vlogging Camera in 2022 – Reviewed

We recently analyzed 15 of the Waterproof Vlogging Camera available To Buy in 2022.

Our goal?

To come to the Best Waterproof Vlogging Camera for our readers.

And now, it’s time to share what we discovered. 📗

Vlogging or Video blogging is a new hobby and career path, especially for bloggers on the road who love to show off what they do at an exotic destination.

While this concept has been around for some time, waterproof vlogging cameras are made specifically to capture the water scene and have taken this action to a new level.

Most vloggers shoot short video clips of themselves and post them on social media platforms or live to stream the action to amuse their audience.

Are you an aspiring vlogger or need a good camera to help you capture the best water scene in your travels around the world, you are in the right place?

This article is dedicated to the best waterproof vlogging camera to boost your creativity and make you want to do daring stunts.

As you catch fun, remember to be safe and enjoy yourself as you capture underwater actions without fear of destroying your camera.

Best Waterproof Vlogging Camera – Our Picks

1. Olympus TG-6 Waterproof Vlogging Camera

Waterproof Vlogging Camera
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If you are looking for a rugged, tough underwater camera that doesn’t have the GoPro logo, then the Olympus TG-6 is the best on the market.

The TG-6 is a renewed and powerful version of the TG-5, which was tagged the best-rugged camera for 2017; now you know the TG-6 must have some pretty amazing features better than its predecessor.


1. Although the image quality and the specifications of the TG-6 are almost the same as the TG-5, tremendous improvements have been made to the menu option, and it is more user-friendly than the TG-5, especially when shooting an underwater scene.

2. Some of the features on this camera are super macro autofocus mode, sharper screen resolution, underwater microscope mode (to capture smaller stuff), three underwater white balances, minimum shutter speed setting, shoot 4k video from the quick menu, and incredible picture quality and clarity.

3. This camera works in the most unbelievable places. It includes a dual quad TruePic VIII processor that allows you to take astonishing pictures in areas with extremely low-quality lighting, even in pitch darkness.

4. For vlogger that captures underwater scuba diving scenes and take pictures of underwater organisms, the Olympus TG-6 has a super-fast lens that captures images before they disappear.

5. Looking for a camera that works wonders in depth, the Olympus TG-6 will take shots and video without you fiddling with the dial at depths of 15 meters or more.

Its noise configuration feature ensures your videos are free of all unnecessary background noise that doesn’t add value to your shots.

6. The TG-6 is a 12-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor Ultra HD 4k with 120fps videos with F2.0 lenses that will enable you to shoot videos and pictures anywhere in the world

7., Unlike the TG-5, the TG-6 has 5 underwater preset modes, including the underwater snapshot, macros, microscope, wide and HDR all of which can be adjusted according to the environment of the shooting


  • Excellent aperture mode with microscope mode with autofocus mode for super close shots without blur or chromatic aberration
  • The LCD screen with twice the resolution on the predecessor for sharper images
  • Shoot 4k video directly from the quick menu for precise clean shots
  • The detailed and easy-to-use menu for all tap on this camera
  • It comes with a special filter that improves the quality and clarity of the shots
  • It gives you more shutter speed control that enables you to eliminate blur, and white lines, and produce clean images even on dull backgrounds
  • Best compact, portable, and easy-to-use underwater vlogging camera ever
  • GPS tracking features tells you where you are always


  • Battery life is low

Overall, this is a perfect camera for water adventurists who love to show what they are up to underwater. With outstanding image and video quality, ease of use, control over settings, and durability, the Olympus TG-6 is a rugged camera that will survive the harshness of the outdoors.

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2. GoPro Hero 8 Waterproof Vlogging Action Camera

GoPro is the master of innovative cameras, no doubt, and every year they tease our imagination with another creative masterpiece that does better than all its predecessors put together.

Waterproof Vlogging Camera
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While we wait for the newest from the GoPro team, the GoPro Hero 8 takes underwater photography and video recording to a new level.

Not only is this camera everything and more, but it feels good on the hands, it is also easy to use, and of course, the shots are incredible.

For a GoPro camera, it comes at a very affordable price of $$$, and if you are looking to test the depths with a digital wand in your hand, nothing beats the GoPro Hero 8 action vlogging camera.


1. Well, the design remains the same; simple, black, and that is it, but GoPro has added a few changes that make this the one to beat on the market.

One such change is the new blue battery that enables the HyperSmooth 2.0 feature, which is especially helpful for underwater shots and pictures.

2. Unlike older design models dating back to the GoPro 5, which has a removable front lens cover that is easily replaceable during a crack or scratch, the GoPro 8 Hero has an in-built design.

So if you scratch a scratch, you might not be able to replace it; but thankfully, GoPro says the lens is thick and more scratch-resistant than the ones on older models, but you could get a screen protector on their website to keep it safe.

3. HyperSmooth 2.0 allows for better stabilization when shooting a video and even better in images.

This feature removes all the back shakes that come with using the camera in a moving environment enabling your shots and videos to look clean, smooth, and marvelous with less need for editing. HyperSmooth 2.0 knocks the ball out of the park for vloggers and live streamers.

4. The TimeWarp 2.0, guess GoPro like the 2.0 digit. This feature has a built-in accelerometer, allowing more frames per shot during a shooting.

This eliminates poor shots and increases the chance of getting an awesome shot in the bunch. Also, GoPro has made using this feature user-friendly too.

5. The GoPro Hero 8 comes with a new digital narrow lens that allows you to shoot high-quality images and videos in 4k and 2.7k with an astounding resolution. With the HyperSmooth on, you also get incredible stabilization and color clarity.

Also, the GoPro Hero 8 allows you to live stream directly on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook in high definition.

6. Although this camera has excellent water depth capacity, for divers and other deepwater photography, we will advise you to get the additional GoPro waterproof casing to prevent pressure build-up and low-quality shots.

Hopefully, the next GoPro model will tackle all the lapses, but the Hero 8 is amazing now.


  • It is slimmer, lighter, and super portable. 
  • Thinner folding tips that attach easily to your GoPro mount stick for long-distance shot  
  • It offers better stabilization and multiple resolution modes depending on where it’s been used.
  • Take pictures and videos at a depth of 10 meters without the waterproof casing and more than 60 meters with the case.
  • It has exceptional sound and image quality
  • Use anywhere, on land or in the water


  • The battery latch is difficult to close, and the click sound is not appealing.
  • The micro SD card is tough to pop out without a sharp object
  • The HyperSmooth features are not available in some modes, including 4k 60 linear mode

Is the GoPro Hero 8 worth the price? Heck, yeah! This is an awesome waterproof vlogging camera, no doubt. Whether it is for vlogging or normal outdoor activities, it is exceptional.

Overall, GoPro has proven why they are the best in digital cameras, and this underwater version is one you should have if you have the money.

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3. Canon PowerShot D30 Waterproof Camera

Canon is another unique brand on the market, and if you want to upgrade to a waterproof camera without breaking the bank, this might be your ally.

7 Of The Best Waterproof Vlogging Camera in 2022 - Reviewed
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Asides from the steal price, this waterproof camera will deliver excellent results for pictures and videos up to 82 feet

With an excellent blue design, Canon has walked the extra mile to ensure that it is comfortable on the hands, easy to use in any environment, and even with gloves on – this is a plus for users.


1. This design might look old, but if you are looking for a camera that will capture incredible shots in colors that want to jump off the screen, the D30 is it.

With its subaquatic mode, this feature filters images to offer you a perfect-looking, sharp, and colorful shot anywhere. Whether you are snorkeling or scuba diving, your shots will be as real as the experience.

2. For a simple-looking camera, the Canon D30 is a rugged digital 12-megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor camera with 28 – 140mm f3.9 -4.8 lens with outstanding image stabilization and five times optical zoom

3., Unlike other waterproof cameras requiring a case when you go deep into the waters, the PowerShot D30 will go up to 25 meters without a case.

It won’t fog, and you will get to shoot 24fps HD videos at 1080 pixels or 30FPS at 720 pixels, which is astounding.

4. Another stand-out feature is the auto-responsive mode, which automatically focuses on the best shot angle of an object to give the best shoot. Furthermore, the smart auto will automatically detect the background and adjust accordingly to produce the best shot.

5. The PowerShot D30 is light, with all control buttons located at finger distance. It is lightweight, doesn’t fog, or leak, and is shockproof, and with an in-built zoom lens, the D30 will take action or slow-motion shots at any temperature.


  • Great for videos and pictures underwater or on land
  • Excellent battery life
  • Tough, durable, and rugged camera
  • Amazing resolution and autofocus


Now you can capture your most awesome experience anywhere with a camera that works perfectly in all weather conditions.

While the price is gentle on the pocket, the Canon D30 PowerShot will enable you to snap, record, edit, and share your special moment with the world.

Overall, this waterproof vlogging camera is a fabulous addition to your digital gadgets, especially if you are always on the go. So if you don’t have the money for an expensive camera, the PowerShot D30 is the next best waterproof vlogging camera money can buy.

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4. Fujifilm FinePix XP80 Waterproof Vlogging Camera

This cute black and yellow vlogging camera is the best choice for young vloggers or kids who love to take pictures or shoot videos when they are on the water. 

The Fujifilm FinePix XP80 is not your average camera. Fujifilm boasts of this camera as having a waterproof capacity to depths of 15 meters, freezeproof down to temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius, dust and soundproof, and shockproof up to 1.75 meters.

Waterproof Vlogging Camera
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 As a parent, if you are in the market for a good waterproof camera for a young person around you without breaking the bank, this will cover all their needs and more.


1. The XP80 is 16.4 million pixels 1\2.3 inch, 28mm wide-angle five times zoom capacity BSI-CMOS sensor camera with remote shooting capabilities.

In addition to these specs, the XP80 comes with a 2.7-inch LCD screen with reflective coating allowing you to see under sunlight, inbuilt wifi, and 11 digital filters for astounding shots.

2. As an adventure camera, this 16.2 megapixel BSI ensures that the picture quality is popping even in low light. For a vlogging camera, this camera will record your adventure in a full HD movie option with the touch of a button.

Furthermore, it has a 10fps burst mode button that you can set and continuously shoots picture mode without clicking, ensuring you never miss a moment during your holiday fun.

3. Share your experience with your friends or on social media with the wifi features instantly without stress.

4. Although not the widest lens, the inbuilt lens can produce bright, sharp, and popping images that are smooth with meticulous detailing of the pictures.

The XP80 has an automatic metering mode that accurately balances light to ensure your shots are beautiful. 

Other features that make the Fujifilm XP80 FinePix standout are

  • The 5-time optical zoom with incredible detailing
  • Macro focusing mode to capture minute objects in fine details
  • Panorama capture at angles of 120, 180, and 360 degrees
  • Inbuilt flash with four modes


  • Affordable, stylish, colorful, lightweight, rugged, and durable
  • An easy-to-use camera with fewer function buttons makes it user-friendly, especially for kids
  • Available in different colors, including purple
  • Well-designed body with rounded edges that makes it easy to handle
  • A high-quality picture with optical image stabilization for videos
  • Synchronize and control from your smartphone 


  • The screen is too small but okay for kids
  • The battery life could be better

Although the Fujifilm has its downsides, the XP80 is a simple, easy-to-use vlogging camera that will give you a head start in your passion as a vlogger.

Overall, it is a good buy even though it won’t compare with other top brands, but for a camera that goes the depth of 15 meters with a waterproof casing, we say go ahead and have fun.

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5. GoPro HERO 7 Black

Waterproof Vlogging Camera
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Before you scream about why we have two products from GoPro, the GoPro Hero 7 was the best waterproof camera on the market before the Hero 8 was released. Besides, this is for you if you are a cash strap and need a simple yet powerful camera.

Below are some of the features of the GoPro HERO 7 Black that earned it a spot in our list of Best Waterproof Vlogging Cameras to get in 2022.


1. The GoPro Hero 7 is smooth, stable, awesome, and a great value for the price, and with the waterproof features, this is the camera you want to have with you if vlogging is a passion you intend to explore to the fullest.

2. Like the GoPro Hero 8, it has an electronic image stabilization system or what is known as the HyperSmooth feature in Hero 8. This stabilizes you as you take pictures or in a moving environment.

3. In addition to the capture, record, save feature, Hero 7 enables you to live stream your current location or action scene anywhere on social media platforms, including YouTube.

4. Although bulkier than Hero 8, the GoPro Hero 7 is better than the Hero 6 and is exceptional for shooting 4k videos or stills. Its 12 megapixels camera produces fabulous shots in three different modes: time-lapse, single, and burst.

Furthermore, the hero seven can make continuous shots at 249fps and has a slow-motion rate of up to 8 times the original move speed on the scene or object.

5. Like the GoPro Hero 8, the GoPro Hero 7 can take vertical shots, has fabulous audio, and great for vlogging.

6. As a waterproof camera, the GoPro Hero 7 will shoot videos and images at 10 meters deep without a waterproof case. Still, you will need a casing if you are a diver or are into deep water photography.

Hopefully, GoPro will improve on the design so that the camera can go deeper without a casing.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The GoPro HERO 7 Black that earned it a spot in our list of Best Waterproof Vlogging Camera to get in 2022.


  • Excellent camera for people who love Instagram stories
  • It feels big in the palm, but it is durable, comfortable to hold, and easy to use
  • The camera clarity is magnificent, and the microphone is astounding
  • Exceptional image quality with color distinction and clarity


  • Like GoPro Hero 8, the battery needs some improvements

Overall, the GoPro Hero 7 is an astonishing camera to purchase, if you don’t have the financial capability for the Hero 8, this will settle in nicely for whatever purpose you are using it for, especially vlogging in wet environments.

Is it worth the purchase? Absolutely and you will enjoy it too.

6. Yisence Underwater Camera FHD 2.7K

Though this is not a famous name among high-brand names, this underwater camera has marvelous features your kids will love. If you love snorkeling, and taking underwater shots and don’t want to break the bank, Yisence is the brand for you.

7 Of The Best Waterproof Vlogging Camera in 2022 - Reviewed
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This very simplistic design camera is durable, medium-rugged, and will allow you to capture those special underwater moments you can share with your friend.

Furthermore, at $$, this is a great way to get your kids started on underwater photography.

Below are some of the features of The Yisence Underwater Camera FHD 2.7K that earned it a spot in our list of Best Waterproof Vlogging Cameras to get in 2022.


1. Whether it is been used for underwater shot or as a regular camera, Yisence allows you to record 20fps videos in 2.7k and capture images in 48 megapixels image resolutions.

2. Besides, it has in-built image stabilization features that produce crisp and sharp images but also stable, no blur or shaking in the video or pictures. However, you can switch to the 1080 pixels resolution and shoot videos at 30fps effortlessly.

3. Besides the 2.7-inch FC LCD, Yisence has a smaller 1.8-inch screen in front for selfie; it also makes an excellent viewfinder. The Yisence camera also has 16 times magnification (digital zoom), enabling you to capture distant objects.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Yisence Underwater Camera FHD 2.7K that earned it a spot in our list of Best Waterproof Vlogging Cameras to get in 2022.


  • Durable, compact, and easy to use
  • It has a selfie dual screen to capture milestones underwater
  • Can shoot up to 60 minutes of video at 10 feet underwater
  • Great for shooting in all weather conditions
  • Durable battery life that will last more than 60 minutes with one charge
  • Has a flashlight for taking pictures in dark or low light conditions.


  • No wifi available
  • No optical zoom function

Overall, Yisence may not be up there with top brands, this camera holds its place with a simple, easy-to-use device that produces amazingly sharp images and videos in any condition with no worries.


Finally, the thrill of underwater activity and shooting makes vlogging cameras the best gadgets on an adventurous trip. Some are expensive; others are affordable, but when buying a waterproof camera, ensure that it is watertight to avoid your camera getting destroyed in water.

In a nutshell, vlogging is fun, and the cameras listed above are some of the best to get you started or upgrade in your vlogging hobby.

Good luck!