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Wave: An Innovative Online Live Interactive Platform For Students


Online learning has been on a major rise in recent years. And, it has benefitted most of the students who want to make learning easy and simple with the busy schedules. eLearning has become hugely popular these days with a simple virtue of being more convenient than traditional classroom training.  

Students these days are more observant towards the LIVE interactive classes. These LIVE learning classes have a lot of supremacy, especially for the ones, who are preparing for the competitive exams.

These are essentially interactive classes between students and teachers. This online teaching method is booming these days because it solves various issues faced by a student in a very short time. The essence of LIVE classes lies in a two-way interaction, not just being a one-way teaching class.

There are a lot of ed-tech companies in the market for providing this kind of LIVE session. Among those, Vedantu LIVE online classes stand on the top as they use Vedantu WAVE (a revolutionary new LIVE learning platform) which is one of the best LIVE interactive platforms in India.

WAVE has been created in such a way that it was experimented for so long and researches went on for years on LIVE Interactive Teaching and Learning. 

WAVE uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to give a personal learning plan and to teach the students in a better way. Machine Learning has also added advanced features for a smooth flow of the sessions. The entire platform is equipped in such a way that it makes the LIVE classes exceptionally fun and engaging.

The major defiance with eLearning is the lowest execution rate, which is globally, delinquently less engaging content. Leading Ed-tech company Vedantu’s main focus is on LIVE interactive classes. So, to solve this issue, they have obtained a WAVE and made the live classes extremely engaging and interactive for students. As a result, Vedantu’s rate of engagement is one of the highest among all other Ed-tech companies in the industry. 


1.Teachers can conduct LIVE quizzes while running the session or at the end of the session. LIVE Leaderboard will be displayed based on the attempts made by students and this encourages them to perform better. 

2. The upheaval HotSpot feature makes the concepts very interesting and extremely interactive. With the help of HotSpot teacher can enable any part of the screen clickable and accessible for the students who are attending the session and therefore this captures the feedback and responses during the session. 

3. The major difference between a LIVE interactive session and a recorded video is the students’ ability to clear his doubts immediately during the same session. 

4. WAVE has a feature in which one main teacher will be accommodated by other teachers which is known as multiple Teacher Assistants (TAs) in the LIVE class to support the main teacher to clear the doubts of the students’. This is a mediator and helps them to teach as a team. 

5. The “Teacher Assistant’s LIVE Doubt Resolution Concept” in LIVE classes has been developed for the first time. Here, only a few of the selective doubts will be forwarded to the main teacher, which is displayed on the main screen to the entire class and that doubt will be discussed with all the students. 

6. WAVE permits all the data shown by the teachers to be seized. Based on the insights, the teacher will get an idea of whether the students have understood the concept or they need more examples to be given to make them understand.

The teacher will understand this from the Quiz which will be conducted at the end of the class. So, she can explain the same concept with more examples to make them understand it better. With all these features on the WAVE platform, teaching has become more effective. 

LIVE Platform is at the core of WAVE algorithms for which Vedantu has been permitted a comprehensive and radical IP Patent in the US.

It is easy to measure how engaged the students are at the sessions and also during the learning process during the LIVE class, with the help of Vedantu’s patented algorithms. After every LIVE WAVE session, Teaching Effectiveness scores will be generated automatically. This score is generated automatically to identify the areas of improvement.  

Vedantu LIVE Platform is based on the postulates of seizing deep learning patterns of each student individually. It provides every click and interaction of each student along with the facial expressions and gestures in the LIVE Class.

This also records the data from the mentor side that includes the pitch, tone, and complete analysis of a teacher’s voice along with handwriting investigation which are amongst multiple parameters. A total of around 70+ parameters are captured in a LIVE class. 

All the data captured will be converted into significant bits through Vedantu’s patented algorithms and custom-built AI or ML designs. This measures the engagement level of each student at various points in the class and the students learning outcome.

WAVE also measures the effectiveness of content and teaching by making the entire process of teaching-learning more engaged as well as the content will be scalable. 

With all of this, the student will learn the subject with more fun and interest. It also allows the students to interact with the fellow students to clear doubts and make them feel more comfortable. The tips and tricks covered in the session will help to understand the concept in an easier way to make it more interesting for them.