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Web Scraping vs Data Mining: Different In Uses But Rather Practical

Nowadays, maintaining the business has become quite important given changing trends and customer behavior. Consequently, the data needed to monitor all these is a crucial factor. The website scraper online services are quite useful alongside data mining, another tool for understanding information used in business sectors. Yet, there’s a difference in how these, data mining and web scraping, function.

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is an action of acquiring the data from the sites. First, scraping involves fetching, when you download a particular page including the required information. Then, it involves extracting the data.

Web Scraping vs Data Mining: Different In Uses But Rather Practical

The information that is scraped can be used for various purposes like parsing, categorizing, classification, and so on. It allows creating more convenient use of data formatting all information into formats of spreadsheets or Excel.

The web scraping process is both manual and software-based. If done manually, such a process can be tiresome and include many flaws. But it’s more about time management. Thus, web scraping has paved the way for web scraping services. But why is it so useful to use the services of web scraping?

According to – Mydataprovider, there are many applications of web scraping. For example, there may be a need for having information about products with all their details like price, pictures, descriptions, etc. So, imagine the table made ready for you with all these details making your job of searching much easier. Or, why not generate leads? You may gather contact details from different pages to gather information on possible target audiences. All these are possible thanks to data web scraping.

What is data mining?

When it comes to data mining, here things get a bit different. First of all, it’s about analyzing and assessing the information with a purpose to create pragmatic info that will be used to create solutions, find the best audience, understand the trends, etc. Data mining perfectly combines statistical information with machine learning for the assessment of massive data.

Is data mining useful and practical in use? Like web scraping, data mining is about the information that will play a key role in business. Thus, it creates a lot of benefits. For example, it helps to identify the customers’ needs, market trends, and many other things.

What’s good about data mining is the specter of its uses. It’s not the only business sector that gets benefits from data mining, but there are many other sectors like education, music, medicine, etc. as well. Like data web scraping, it’s also digitized and made by the software along with AI options. Also, there are many implementations where information is key.

If you run a business selling flowers, it may be important to understand what people prefer to buy. With discount coupons, you may monitor their trends and preferences. To get the benefit from the information, data mining can be priceless in understanding your customers.

But, what is the difference between data mining and web scraping? Simply put, the former is about the assessment of available information to get practical outcomes and solutions. Yet, the latter is focused on extracting data from different sites and platforms.

Data mining is about processing a huge amount of information to reveal ongoing trends and worthy information that can be used and implemented. But it’s not about gathering or extracting information. So, where to get information then? Here comes the service of data web scraping that gathers and extracts the needed information.

It should be clear that there’s a relationship between them as they serve different purposes. To enable data mining, web scraping provides this information. One serves for another. So, first, you get the information from the website. Then, with data mining, you’ll have the ultimate information to be used practically.


Getting information from the sites or platforms is possible thanks to data web scraping. But, assessment and understanding of information, especially when there’s a lot of data, is possible thanks to data mining. They are different but very useful in business as they have a lot to offer.