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13 Best Websites and Apps Like OfferUp To Buy and Sell Locally

OfferUp is an awesome application that allows us to buy and sell stuff online. Would you have imagined buying and selling stuff would be as easy as today? It is only possible because the information age (The media, digital, and computer age) flourishes at our doorsteps.

You can easily buy or sell whatever you want in a matter of seconds without having to even move from your couch. OfferUp is one of many available platforms to serve precisely that purpose.

It is one of the biggest marketplaces for buyers and sellers. The company offers exquisite deals and is available for several platforms such as the web, windows, android, and IOS.

You can both buy or sell stuff with ease on its mobile platform. The process involves listing an item with any of your available devices at lightning-fast speeds.

Furthermore, the company has several inbuilt features such as reputation and safety measures to know the person you are dealing with, making it secure. If you are there to buy local stuff, they provide thousands of listings added daily.

Some of its other features include communicating with your buyers or sellers with state-of-the-art encryption that provides you with a secure connection in the application.

As you sell your products online, your reputation builds steadily, which will increase your sales in the future. In the long run, such features can help you generate tons of profit with the right product.

On top of that, you can easily browse through their user interface and search through the entire inventory with filters such as search by image, category, or location. A huge number of people around the world use this application regularly. 

However, if you are looking for apps like OfferUP and want to explore your options, then worry no more. We are here to help by finding similar applications that have much more to offer.

Read on to learn what’s trending in the market and make the right choice for yourself. 

Best Websites and Apps Like OfferUp👌👌

1. eBay

eBay is at the top of our list because it is one of the oldest and most trusted alternatives to other apps like offerup.

Ever since the company was founded, its buying and selling system has been quite popular amongst its vast majority of users through an auction.

Best Websites and Apps Like OfferUp

The platform has been around for a while now and is available all around the globe. Although it has users in every corner of the world, it is especially adored in the western world.

Whether you need to buy something new or sell your old stuff and get good value from them, this way of making online transactions helps the waste of priceless commodities as other people are reusing them.

You will be amazed by its clean user interface that makes browsing through the inventory a walk in the park. Listing your product is also quite simple. You get tons of other features as well.

You can create your account with a few simple steps and use it for your selling and purchasing requirements. It also helps keep you organized and track your transactions in one place. Aside from that, you can also add your favorites and keep them saved for later. 

Its auction system is quite intriguing. You get to list your item at a price, and people will start bidding on that, and the highest bidder gets to make the purchase.

You can set a base amount and depend upon the people interested in the product, and you can make a significant profit.

13 Best Websites and Apps Like OfferUp To Buy and Sell Locally

The interface is simple and allows you to quickly explore trending products or search through the entire listing using several filters.

Their delivery system is fast and formidable and delivers products across entire subcontinents. Of course, the charges apply according to the distance.

It has implemented the latest digital marketing solutions to engage its customers, much like other giant platforms similar to its own. 

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2. Craigslist – Best apps like offerup To Work. Buy. Sell. Rent. Live

Craigslist is one of the simplest platforms you will ever come across to buy and sell stuff online. The company initially started as a US-based community electronic newsletter and quickly became one of the most visited websites regularly.

Currently, the platform is available in more than four hundred fifty cities worldwide. The main reason for their rapid rise was their flexible and straightforward application.

13 Best Websites and Apps Like OfferUp To Buy and Sell Locally

People appreciate the straightforward approach where you can easily buy or list several products and services. Offering different services, such as job openings, has set it apart from its competitors and made it one of the hugely successful companies.

You can use this application across several devices, such as the web, windows, IOS, and a custom Android application. People have successfully sold and purchased several things, including real estate, pets, books, and thousands of other commodities.

Let us look at some of its best features that make it a viable candidate for apps like OfferUp:- 

A simple and easy user interface design helps its users have a wonderful experience while using the application. It helps save time and work, eliminating all the unnecessary hassle. 

You can buy or sell any product or service on this application. Its huge classification of categories provides tremendous flexibility for both buyers and cellars.

In addition to that, navigation is simple as well, so you can jump right to your requirement. Further subcategories also help you pinpoint exactly what you desire in seconds. 

The massive amount of people using this application daily makes it a perfect platform for your buying and selling needs. You can get the most out of this platform compared to its rivals.

It contains top-of-the-line security features to protect your private information, such as masking your email address and other data.  

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3. Amazon

Amazon is one of the top e-commerce giants on this planet. No matter which corner of the world you reside in, you must have heard of amazon and probably have ordered at least one thing up until now.

The company started as a bookselling platform and quickly became one of the gigantic companies providing many other services. It has now a multibillion-dollar industry with investments in several fields.

Due to their strong financial standings, they have a huge global infrastructure and are one of the best online marketplaces. You can buy or sell anything from a needle to a huge machine on this application.

Their incredible network enables them to hold one of the industry’s largest and most efficient delivery systems. The interface is also intriguing, giving you tons of exploring options to view the desired product quickly.

Best Websites and Apps Like OfferUp

Amazon offers a plethora of astounding features, and let’s look at some of them:-

Amazing user interface with tons of varieties that are well organized according to categories and subcategories. They have a huge inventory, so you won’t ever be out of options. 

The company also delivers products internationally, so it does not matter which country you reside in; you can still get products from across the nation. You can get international deliveries in a matter of days.

They provide a secure platform, including various payment methods and data privacy across the entire application. You can sign up using your email, Facebook, Gmail, and many other accounts. Sign up quickly and start using the application. 

The application is available across multiple platforms such as the web, windows, android, and IOS. All of their applications are highly optimized to give you the best experience. 

Thousands of people have built a stable income source using this application. It is easily one of the similar apps like offerup.

All your information is securely stored on their servers and efficiently displayed to you in a separate space. You can easily keep track of all of your transactions. 

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4. DealExtreme

DealExtreme is one of the best alternatives to websites and apps like OfferUp that provides a huge marketplace across several platforms such as the web, android, and IOS.

13 Best Websites and Apps Like OfferUp To Buy and Sell Locally

Their applications are completely free to use and provide a great user experience. The user interfaces available across several platforms are enticing and easy to use.

Thousands of users use this application regularly to buy and sell stuff online. Its users have positive reviews, making it a suitable replacement for other apps of the same genre.

Shopping features such as payment methods, browsing listings, keeping records of your favorites, and great deals are all made simple for mobile platforms. So users can easily access the application without going through any hassle.

The quality and variety of products listed on the website are astonishing. Let us look at some key features that make it one of the top pit stops for all your shopping needs.  

Their page and layout are regularly updated with the latest great deals, new upcoming products such as gadgets of the week, etc. You can easily purchase any required items by quickly browsing through the inventory. 

The application has its affiliate marketing and drop shipping program, which attracts tons of users regularly. You must only go through a few steps to sign up and get started. 

International shipping is very well organized to get the product across nations efficiently. On top of that, they have several warehouses across the US providing lightning-fast deliveries throughout the country. 

Product browsing is extremely easy with their category and subcategory listings, so you can easily and quickly point out the right product. 

Their mobile applications have a unique feature that provides you notifications when fresh arrivals land on the website. 

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5. Aliexpress – Apps like letgo and offerup For Smarter Shopping, Better Living

Aliexpress is one of the fastest-trending applications on this list and one of the best. It is a china based giant B2B eCommerce platform that competes with top companies in the industry such as Amazon and eBay.

The application quickly became famous worldwide due to its vast inventory and one of the fastest delivery supply chains. With the increasing trend of online shopping, Aliexpress brought precisely what the customers and sellers needed to upscale their business.

13 Best Websites and Apps Like OfferUp To Buy and Sell Locally

Both suppliers and consumers appreciate the company’s business model. The application is mainly popular for bringing a wide variety of products at cheap rates and quickly delivering them across the continents.

If you are looking to jump into affiliate marketing or drop shipping business, this application is a great pick for your requirements.

Aliexpress is most likely one of the perfect alternatives to websites and apps like OfferUp, giving you an edge in this competitive industry.

Some of its best features are:-

  • The application is available across multiple platforms, such as Android, IOS, and windows. It makes it easy for users to manage their accounts and buy or sell products using any device. 
  • They give out incredible deals and coupons to increase their customers’ engagement. Being an e-commerce giant, they utilize their assets for proper advertising and building efficient infrastructure. 
  • Since it is a new buzz in the market, more and more people are starting to utilize it, so you stand a better chance of finding the right product or selling your products online. 
  • You can easily signup both as a customer and as a seller. Although you are a seller, you will have to pay a small service charge in a timely manner to keep your business running. 
  • The interface is excellent for all users and has an organized layout. 

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6. Listia – Apps like offerup To Buy, sell, or trade anything

Listia is a fantastic e-commerce application, and without a doubt, it is a good substitute for apps like OfferUp. It makes selling your old stuff and purchasing new ones a breeze and hassle-free.

Best Websites and Apps Like OfferUp

This marketplace is available on Android, windows, and IOS. It requires a simple signup process to get you started on buying and selling products. You will be delighted with its simplicity and aesthetically pleasing user interface.

The company itself is headquartered in the USA. One of the critical features of this application is that it allows online trading of goods or products without money.

Let us look at some of its other features:-

  • The application has an inbuilt currency called Listia credits used by the users to perform trading transactions on the platform. It is taking a new approach toward e-commerce, which is well-received by thousands of users worldwide. 
  • It has a unique review feature that displays its website’s most recent customer reviews. In the long run, it encourages its users to have a positive outlook on the application. 
  • The auction system allows us to make competitive purchases and list our used goods at reasonable prices. 

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7. Yerdle (Trove)

Yerdle is a comparatively new solution on this list that implements the latest innovative techniques to create a hospitable eCommerce platform. The company went through a rebranding recently and is now known by the name Trove.

It helps people get their resale business up and running in a very short time. Also, the application has rapidly increased loyal customers in different countries.

One downside of this application is that it is not available across multiple platforms and is only available for Windows or the web.

We will now look at some of its distinct features:-

  • They reshaped the reselling strategies and business model that helps them build a lot of customers regularly. You can easily grow your brand on this platform and reach the top. 
  • You can launch your brand quickly and efficiently using this application. Thousands of brands are already utilizing their maximum potential on their platform. It can be the perfect alternative. It is one of the apps like OfferUp.
  • They promise to make you incredible profits that their other competitors do not promise. You can trust this app for your e-commerce needs by looking through its reviews.  

8. Best Buy

Best buy is one of the most popular store chains in the united states, Mexico, and Canada. They sell all kinds of products and also have a vast infrastructure. Being an industry giant, it naturally placed its business online as well.

13 Best Websites and Apps Like OfferUp To Buy and Sell Locally

You can download their application across multiple platforms, such as android, IOS, and windows. They have built an efficient system over the years that keeps their workflow going daily.

You can choose to buy, sell, or repair any product after quick signup. Best Buy is one of the great choices for apps like OfferUp The user interface is exemplary and makes it quite simple for users to navigate.

Check out some of its other features:-

  • They provide astounding customer support at any time of the day to help you troubleshoot any problems you might encounter. 
  • The company is mainly involved in electronics and gadgets, selling various products with a vast electronics inventory.
  • Despite being a multi-platform application, their browsing experience is brilliant across all platforms. You get several categories and subcategories with a separate page for new and hot deals trending in the marketplace.  
  • You can get any of your broken stuff repaired through their excellent staff members at a reasonable price. The best part is you can track your repairs and shipping.

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9. Costco Wholesale

Costco is very similar to best buy and has several stores in different countries. They are a membership-based organization, and you can receive several profitable discounts and deals upon gaining membership.

13 Best Websites and Apps Like OfferUp To Buy and Sell Locally

This unique feature has made them thousands of loyal customers over the years. The application is available across various platforms and has become one of the biggest online wholesale marketplaces.

It is located in as many as eight countries and is one of the leaders in its field. Although the company is a large organization, it always pushes toward efficiency and tries to bring the best for its users.

Some of its amazing features are:-

  • Choosing a well-established organization for your buying and selling needs is certain perks. Costco is a great option for apps like OfferUp that you can utilize to fulfill your marketing requirements. 
  • You will most likely have a hassle-free experience since the company invests tremendous amounts in its infrastructure and supply chain. 
  • Each department in the company is separate, making it quite easy for the users to navigate and have a pleasurable experience while using the application.

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10. TradeMade

As the name suggests, Trademade is mainly based on a trading system instead of a buying or selling system. It is one of the new and upcoming approaches to e-commerce platforms that excites millions of customers worldwide.

13 Best Websites and Apps Like OfferUp To Buy and Sell Locally

The application is quite catchy and aesthetically pleasing, giving its users a great experience while trading. Also, the app is available for both windows and IOS, so you can use your mobile device to access the platform easily and do your task.

Their ingenious ideas and features have made trading fun and playful experience. 

The user interface offers so much more to the users and builds up engagement quickly. The app offers simple options, such as accepting, rejecting, or countering a trade proposal you have received or sent. 

You get your secure online wallet and other organizational features that make people love the app. Hence it can easily be a perfect alternative to any buying or selling apps out there. 

It allows you to set up your account quickly, upload a product, or navigate through the inventory using various filters such as Facebook friends, distance, and what others have liked.  

11. Needora

Needora is a completely web-based online marketplace with many exciting features and benefits. The user interface is straightforward, allowing users to filter the search based on whether they are a buyer or a seller.

There is no foundation or categorical limit in particular hence you can buy or sell whatever you want. si, the marketplace is not bound to specific products. The payment method inbuilt on the website is highly secure, so all of your transactions will be safe.

No extra steps are involved; you only need to sign up and get started.

Some of its other qualities are:-

  • The interface is clean and sleek, with a beautiful owl logo. Needora is mainly US-based, so you can buy or sell products from any corner of the country, and it is also available in the UK. 
  • If you are a buyer, search for the product you want, and choose the best one as per your judgment from the listings. 
  • As a buyer, the application presents you with the best sellers selling your product at great deals. And as a seller, you get to see the listings of people who want to buy something at affordable prices.   

12. Etsy – Apps like offerup To Shop Handmade & Vintage Goods

Etsy is probably one of the best online marketplaces to sell handmade products or purchase unique goods worldwide. If you are an independent seller, then this is what you have been looking for until now.


The application is solely coming to support upcoming and independent sellers to bring their products to the market.

Most product creators do not have the funds or the knowledge to market their products among people. Etsy as a platform nurtures their brand and helps them reach their potential.

Let us look at some of its cool features:-

  • The interface design is clean and straightforward for every user to navigate from one point to another. It gets their point across and lets users explore stuff as soon as they land on the page. 
  • As a buyer, if you are looking to purchase something unique, then this is where you go. You will be surprised to see the fantastic talents of people worldwide. And if you appreciate their product, then purchase it and support them. 
  • They have several secure payment methods to safeguard all of your important transactions against threats from the internet. The home page displays items people have bought in the last few days. 

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Who are OfferUp competitors?

If you look at competitors of OfferUp, they are picclick.com, mercari.com, poshmark.com, ebay.com, etc. Piclick remains the top competitor, with about 11.6 visits.

Which is the best app for selling?

The best apps for selling are eBay, Nextdoor, Meta Marketplace, OfferUp, Tradesy, Poshmark, etc.

Which app is better, OfferUp or Letgo?

Letgo is among the largest and fastest-growing marketplaces and has around 74 million users. However, the vast number of users may not make it more popular than OfferUp.

Is there something better than OfferUp?

If you are looking for a platform like OfferUp to sell new and used items, they are Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Bookoo, etc.

However, if you wish to post listings and ads apart from selling products, opt for Geebo, Craigslist, Oodle, etc.

What happened to LetGo?

LetGo and OfferUp are huge marketplaces now. LetGo became a part of OfferUp. It is also one of the biggest marketplaces for local buyers and sellers.

What is the most popular selling site?

If you are looking for expensive items, eBay is the best. Shopify is excellent for small businesses and influencers, Sellfy is great for digital products, and Amazon has played a crucial role in international trade.

Conclusion on the apps like offerup list

We hope that this article has provided you with immense information and guidance into the realm of e-commerce. Each platform can be an incredible choice for apps like OfferUp and can quickly fulfill your buying and selling needs.

All of the info included here can serve you make an informed decision when choosing the right platform for your needs.

Although they are widely popular, only some can suit your requirements, so choose wisely.