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13+ Best Websites For Students To Study Effectively

Are you fed up with your life as a student? Well, that’s very normal. Student life is pretty messed up with all the classes and lectures to attend, assignments to submit, and exams to take.

All of this becomes more difficult because things have shrunk themselves to the virtual world; for obvious reasons, the world knows, of course!

However, while studying in a digital environment feels challenging, this digital environment also has solutions that can help you to a great extent. As a student, you have got a lot to study irrespective of the level you are at.

Moreover, you need to do assignments, and they require research. Also, it’s always good to have extra and additional information to prepare better for examinations.

All these things come down to using the most relied-upon platform anyone knows. Yes! You guessed that right! It’s Google!

The internet is the perfect hub to support all your research needs and hunger for more information. However, even on the web, you need to know where to look for things you’re searching for. Well, that’s easier to find, considering many websites are strongly dedicated to helping students.

Well, we have reached out to help you a little more by listing some of the best websites for students. These websites will help you with all your academic stuff and make sure you pass through your student life easier.

So, let’s have a look at some of these helpful websites.

Best Websites For Students – Our Pick👌

The Internet is a hub for information and can help anyone, especially students. However, the right information requires you to look in the right places. So, a little information about some of the most useful and helpful websites for students would be a great help.

Well, we have taken it upon ourselves to offer you the help you need with this list of some of the best websites for students.

Please note that these websites are not arranged in any order of rank. These are just the best websites we found in our research, and they can help you in different areas.

Let’s move on to our useful websites for students list without any further ado.

1. Wolfram Alpha

If there is one thing you dread as a student, it is not being able to find the right answer to a question. Now, while you may have your teachers to help you with such problems or doubts, you cannot always go running to them.

The other option for you is search engines, but they won’t ever give you the exact answers you seek. Enter Wolfram Alpha!

This is the perfect website to help you get answers to any problem or question. You just have to enter your question in the search bar on the website, and you’ll get the answer you need exactly. 

Best Websites For Students

Be it a mathematics problem, a tricky science question, or just a simple question about any other field of education such as Literature, Economics, Languages, or anything at all, you’ll get the exact answer you need, and you can just understand the solution and go-ahead to the next problem in your book. 

Now, isn’t that convenient? Well, it sure is, so go ahead, find the website and bookmark it right away for future use.

2. Chegg

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution to all the challenges you go through with your studies, then Chegg is the answer for you. It’s a complete student hub with every kind of student service you need.

Be it help with answers to your questions, queries, problems, or some other textbook need, etc.; you get it all on this website. So, be it any study material you need, you can easily find it over Chegg.

Best Websites For Students 1

It has all the solutions to most of your textbook problems; you just need to find them in the application.

Even if you can’t find the solution you’re looking for, you can simply request it on the website, and a subject matter expert will provide you with the solution to the question you posted.

The major highlight of this website is its CheggStudy part. This is where you get the solutions to the questions in your textbook. However, you need to subscribe to this service on the website, and it’s quite costly. So, that’s a little problem there.

Nonetheless, the other free services are worth trying, and you can surely keep this website on your list for help.

3. Jstor

Considering the need for research work you need to do for your assignments, a website like Jstor can be very helpful. This website is a complete online database containing many academic articles, journals, books, and other research materials and sources.

With this collection of all the necessary information and data, Jstor can help you write excellent project reports citing reliable sources and information.

The website is great for students pursuing higher degrees who must write research papers and a thesis. With all the sources on this site, it will be easier to get your research papers approved and published.

All you need to do is type in the keywords in the search box, and you’ll be able to find the relevant information.

However, if you need to access the online library on this website, you must get library access by registering to the platform.

JSTOR isn't Google: Quick tips on searching JSTOR

You can register for free by logging in with your Google account. However, the free access is limited to 100 articles a month.

You must purchase a subscription if you want to read and research more. You can choose from different subscription plans and get the one that best suits your needs.

With all of this, the website is an online library that benefits any student and researcher.

4. Ebsco – Improving research around the world

If you feel like you cannot take a subscription for Jstor, you can also continue your research with Ebsco. This is another online library website available for students and researchers.

The best part about this website is that it provides open access to its users. You can just register an account on the website and begin reading the articles to gather information and sources for your research papers.

13+ Best Websites For Students To Study Effectively

All the content on this website is categorically organized, and it doesn’t take much time to find exactly the information you’ve been looking for.

The user interface is also pretty sleek and extremely easy to understand, and with that, you can have excellent user experiences.

With that, Ebsco is a website where you must surely have an account to get all the support you need for your research work and assignments.

5. Word Hippo

It’s always great to keep building your vocabulary. Moreover, as you study through your textbooks or even read through some other articles, ebooks, or online sources for your research and assignments, you may not be able to catch up on some words. In that case, having a thesaurus or dictionary at your disposal is a great choice.

Now, you can have a physical dictionary. However, finding words in it is time-consuming. Online dictionaries are much easier and more convenient to use. You can just put the word in the search bar, and the dictionary will show you the meaning of the word.

Moreover, the online dictionary also portrays some examples of the word and even acquaints you with synonyms and antonyms. You can listen to the pronunciation of the words as well.

With all of this, it’s a must to have an online dictionary with you as a student, and one of the best websites for this very purpose is Word Hippo.

The website has all the features and functionalities of a perfect dictionary, and it will help you understand what you read, build your vocabulary, and keep it strong.

Best Websites For Students 3

Additionally, there are a host of options on the website that you can use to get better and stronger words for writing your assignments.

You simply have to choose from the option on the list right above the search bar, and then you can get anything you’re looking for in terms of vocabulary.

The website can even help you write couplets or poems by helping you find rhyming words. Also, the website shows translations for the words. So, if you’re confused about a word in a different language, you can simply see its translation.

With all these features, Word Hippo has a lot to offer, making it an important website in your bookmarks list as a student.

6. Google Calendar – Productivity websites for students

As a student, one of your greatest strengths would be time management. You need to schedule and plan your days and stick to them to ensure you finish your assignments on time and never miss a deadline.

Google Calendar is the perfect scheduling tool you can use. You can create events in the calendar, set timers and deadlines, and even schedule your meetings on it.

With that, you’ll have complete track of everything, ensuring you are more efficient than ever in your academics.

Best Websites For Students 4

Moreover, you can have this website as an application on your phone so that you even get notifications about the reminders you set and the meeting you have.

Considering all these things, you must log in to Google Calendar and start using it and downloading its application on your phone to better use it.

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7. NinjaEssays

Do you ever feel like you lack time to pen down a certain essay and are sure you will miss the deadline no matter what you do? Well, that happens to every student once in a while or more often than that.

However, you can save yourself the trouble and ensure you turn in your assignment essays on time. All you need is this excellent website called NinjaEssays.

This is a website where you can order essays to be written for your assignments. A word count limits each page you order.

So, based on the word count you’re assigned or the number of pages, you can order the essay by entering the title and the timeline within which you need the essay completed.

The website has expertise in delivering your essays in timelines as short as 3hours. Considering that, it’s a perfect solution for you to save the day when you almost concluded that you would lose some precious marks or grade points.

The only issue with this website is that it’s commercial. This means that you need to pay for the essays you order, and the price is quite high.

Well, that’s justifiable, too, because the essays are written and delivered by subject matter experts after ensuring they are perfect in all terms, be it grammar, uniqueness, authenticity, correctness, or any other criteria determining your score.

With NinjaEssays, one thing you can be sure about is a great essay that will get you an amazing score. You just need to have the money to pay.

So, if you can afford the same, this website shall be extremely helpful for you, and you can get at least some of your assignments done here, if not all! So, keep the website saved. Who knows, it might help you out someday, even if not at present.

8. Grammarly

When you’re working on your assignments, you need to be sure that it’s perfect in all areas, and at least grammar, if not all. Grammarly is a website that can help you ensure the same.

It’s an artificial intelligence tool designed to check articles for grammatical errors. The tool will mark all the errors in your article and also provide suggestions for corrections needed. With that, you can ensure that not even a punctuation mark is out of line in your article.

Best Websites For Students 5
Write With Your Reader in Mind

The tool also suggests areas where you can rephrase or rewrite the sentences, along with a new sentence that you can use in place of what you originally wrote.

Also, it suggests synonyms for consistently repetitive words in your article to make sure that your essay doesn’t look redundant and uninteresting to read.

It also applies other grammar rules and helps you ensure that your article is correct, complete, concise, and perfect. Moreover, you can set some parameters for the tool to consider while checking your articles.

These parameters include the article’s tone, the audience it’s written for, whether it’s formal or informal, and certain other things. With all these parameters, the tool becomes more thorough with its suggestions.

Moreover, you can check the article for its readability score and uniqueness by using its in-built features and functionalities.

Grammarly has a plagiarism checker to help you know if there are any matching sources, and as you compare, you can change your sentences to remove even the least bit of plagiarism in your article.

However, as you use this website, you need to understand that it’s an AI-based tool, and its results are not perfect. The tool checks your articles based on specific algorithms that may or may not understand the intent of your words in your writing.

So, as you go over the Grammarly suggestions, you need to carefully figure out the ones that are worth applying and those that are not. So, a constant presence of mind and alertness is needed as you use this website.

Also, the free version of Grammarly only shows you the basic grammatical errors. Suppose you want to use other features like sentence rephrasing suggestions and synonym suggestions, and even the plagiarism checker. In that case, you will have to subscribe to the premium plans, which are quite costly.

Nonetheless, the free version helps you a lot, and if you’re lucky enough, your college may have a policy to provide the students with a Grammarly Premium Account. So, just go ahead and check about the same in your college.

Another great thing about Grammarly is that it’s also available as a Chrome extension. So, if you activate it, Grammarly will show you the basic grammatical errors during your writing work.

You can correct them then and there to save yourself some time you would otherwise spend correcting the errors later as you run it through a check on the website.

Considering all these factors, Grammarly is a great website, something every student must know about and even put to some good and effective use.

One more reason for using the website would be that as you continuously use it, you will be able to understand and mark your mistakes, leading to constant improvement in your articles, and your Grammarly score will go up with time.

Now, what more reasons could you need to create an account here? We think these are enough reasons. So, go ahead, create your account, and start improving your grammar and writing skills.

9. SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is a website not just for students but for any digital marketer, especially the ones who have dedicated their careers to search engine optimization.

There are a plethora of tools here that shall help a professional easily achieve SEO goals and objectives.

Now, you would think about what a website like that is doing in this list. Well, there’s a valid reason that it’s here.

While there are major tools for enhancing search engine optimization, even students can find some useful tools on this website, the plagiarism checker, for instance.

13+ Best Websites For Students To Study Effectively

As a student, when you’re writing assignments and research papers, you must make sure they are unique and unplagiarized.

The plagiarism checker of SmallSEOTools helps you analyze the plagiarism in your articles and papers, along with showing you the matching sources to cite the sources and save yourself from any copyright strike.

Additionally, there are tools like paraphrasing tools and article rewriters that you can use to quickly create a piece of content by simply copying data over the web and trusting it to the tool to make the necessary tweaks, perform the required paraphrasing, and deliver you a unique article that looks like it’s written from scratch. This helps, especially when you’re running out of time and have an important deadline to meet.

Also, if you need to edit some essays or articles, know the word count of a particular article, or perform any conversions such as image to text or vice-versa, then there are tools for each of these purposes. Also, you can translate content using the translation tool.

Moreover, there are several PDF tools that you can use to manage your PDF files and documents. Besides, there are tools for almost every purpose on this website, be it for designing images to add to your assignment, helping create beautiful presentations and videos, or just about anything.

You just need to seek the right tool on the website, and you’ll surely find something coming to your aid.

The website is great for students and will help big time more efficiently in academics and extra-curricular activities.

So, bookmark the website and even start exploring it so that you know exactly which tool to use when the need arises.

10. Internshala

The job market is extremely competitive in today’s times. So, you need to be very proactive and have a well-built and strong resume if you want a shining and growing career. This resume and profile building start right in your student life.

When you’re a student, you can take some time out of college and put it into some productive work like doing internships.

These will provide you with more exposure and even practical experience, for that matter. You’ll enter the corporate sphere, be able to understand it, and when it is time for a job hunt, you shall be more prepared.

Moreover, some colleges make internships a mandatory criterion for granting some credit scores and points. In that case, you would anyway need to enroll for the internships.

For all such purposes, Internshala will be an amazing website at your disposal. You can easily find internships in a variety of fields and areas.

You can simply create your account, start looking for internships in your interest areas and apply to the ones you find suitable for your career growth and enhancements.

13+ Best Websites For Students To Study Effectively

The website lists paid and unpaid internships, and you can even use another range of filters such as the stipend, work type, full-time or part-time, duration of the internship, and a lot more.

You can even choose if you would like to work from home or work from an office internship.

There are filters for every single thing you need. Moreover, with the chat feature, you can easily interact with employers. Also, when hired, the website auto-generates a template offer letter from the employer.

Additionally, the website has a mobile application to help you be more proactive in your internship search. Your mobile shall be more accessible, and you will be able to respond to any replies from the companies you applied to almost instantly.

With all these things, Internshala will be a great website to help you get the perfect internships that will build your profile along with helping you gain some early corporate exposure and experience. So, go ahead, make an account, and apply for internships with this website.

11. Mint: Budget Tracker & Planner

We have another one of the best websites for Students that many colleges or schools do not discuss. Mint is an excellent finance app available on both iOS and Android devices.

You must be wondering why a student requires a Finance App; well, you do not need to have a job to manage your finances. It is about keeping an account of all your expenses, savings, and much more.

Paying Off My Student Loans Got Me Like...

Instead of having tens of apps for your investment, loans, banking, etc., you can simply download Mint and create an account on it.

This will sync and connect all your banks, investments, loans, savings, and everything related to your finance in a single place.

As of now, you can connect your Crypto Accounts on it here and keep a measure of all the money you spend and invest every year.

You can switch on the notifications and alerts for your targets set up on the investment. As a student, this might do wonders since colleges do not necessarily teach anyone about financing as they should.

Mint will surely help out in the best manner possible, and the fact that it is free of cost makes it even more favorable.

12. Todoist

Lastly, we have Todoist. Well, you must have heard about it. If not, Todoist is an application that allows you to create a to-do list of your everyday work and activities.

We all know that Student life is all about academics, assignments, projects, and so much more. It is not easy to keep track of all the work you need to do in a day. This is where you can use this tool to create a list and make sure you are on track.

13+ Best Websites For Students To Study Effectively

You must think we can easily do this with a notepad on your smartphone. But this app has a lot more to offer than simply taking notes.

With Todoist, not only can you set and create a list but also add tags, create alerts, and reminders, choose different color themes, comment on tasks, upload files, and do so much more.

Initially, you can take up the free tool for a lifetime, but if you are okay with spending a small sum of money, you can choose the Premium or Business plan. Since you are a student, you can avail of certain student discounts for better benefits.


Which website is best for students? 

Wolfram Alpha, Chegg, Jstor, Ebsco, Google Calendar, Word Hippo, etc., are some of the best websites for students and offer a wide range of features like word meaning, thesaurus, planning, learning materials, and much more.  

What are websites used in education? 

National Geographic Kids, ABCMouse.com, Khan Academy, CoolMaths4Kids, Ted Talks for Kids, etc., are among the most popular websites used in education and make the entire learning and teaching process productive and full of fun.  

What is the best free education website? 

Coursera, Khan Academy, Open Culture Online Courses, Udemy, edX, Academic Earth, etc., are a handful of exciting free educational websites that allow you to learn many different things without spending a penny.  

How can I learn without paying? 

You can explore free learning platforms like Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, University of Edinburgh, etc., to learn exciting courses like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Philosophy, Art History, and much more without paying anything.  

What can I teach myself at home? 

Coding, Graphic Designing, Marketing Analytics, Social Media Management, Copywriting, Content Writing, etc., are among the hottest forms of skills you can learn right from the comfort of your home.  

How can I educate myself? 

Regardless of your age or educational experience, you can use these tips to continue your education. 

  • Keep up with industry news. Not just news about the business you work in but also about other interesting topics. 
  • Enroll in online courses. 
  • Obtain a mentor. 
  • Take a class in the arts. 
  • Create a journal. 
  • Always do your research. 
Final Words on the websites for students list

Student life is not a tad bit easy, and anyone who thinks like that needs to experience student life more closely. There are many things to manage and prepare for, and every student shall appreciate a little help.

Well, these websites are all for helping you out and making you great at your academics and even the other extra-curricular areas. All you need to know is the names of these websites and the right ways to use them for your best interests and benefits.

We hope you found the article helpful and have listed down all the websites on our list of free websites for students for any help you’d ever need in going through your life as a student.