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17 Of The Best Alternative Websites like BuzzFeed


Well, I don’t think websites like BuzzFeed need any introduction but if you don’t know much or at all then no worry we are talking about it in this article. 

What’s so special about BuzzFeed?

If you are bored out of your mind then the best place to go for entertainment is BuzzFeed. The site has entertaining information and posts that make you laugh even if you don’t want to.

It is considered to be one of the tops and fastest-growing websites that have viral content on any and everything such as  ‘Who has the best Gourmet McDonald’s order?’, ‘if Disney Princesses had TikTok’.

They do not stop at a single subject as you can find any genre such as lifestyle, food, tv and movies, Music, Quizzes, Videos, and many more. They are never out of new viral content and breaking news. You can find a long list of Buzzfeed channels such as Buzfeedvideo, Buzzfeed nifty, Buzzfeed news, Buzzfeed tasty, and Buzzfeed unsolved.

Buzzfeed is not the only website out there that presents you with entertaining content. 

Best Websites like Buzzfeed: Our Top Pick 👌👌

In this article, we are presenting you with websites like Buzzfeed that will never let you bored. Let’s start with our list of websites like Buzzfeed.

1. Funny or Die

Funny or Die is one of the websites like Buzzfeed that challenges Buzzfeed’s entertainment and tries to entertain its users with a witty sense of humor. 

It has solutions if you want to be mean to your friends as they have ‘How to be jerks to your friends’ it has solutions if you are not good at drafting emails as you can look up ‘ 20 signatures to spice up your email’.

It is just the same website as Buzzfeed as they both present you with viral news and one of the most recent pieces of news you can open up in Funny or Die is how some brave Canadian tried to buy weed online with fake thor id.

It has created a bunch of long-set drama and series such as American Vandal, The Royal Wedding Live with Cord and Tish, and Brockmire. You can also follow your fav celeb as they cover that topic too so all in all if you want Funny Or Die can be one of the go-to websites like Buzzfeed.

2. Reddit

Reddit can be a strong competitor for Websites like Buzzfeed as you will never get bored with their authentic content. It is a hub for people who are into comedy and want to share their sense of humor as they allow you to post your own memes.

Best Websites like Buzzfeed

They have layouts in which you can see subsections containing particular topic-related content so you can easily find what you are looking for. It makes you an all-rounder with all sorts of knowledge with present news.

You can have your own subsection of things you like so you can share it with others at any time.

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3. Playbuzz

If you are looking for websites like Buzzfeed then Playbuzz should be one of them. It is somewhat similar to Buzzfeed as you can have quizzes in PLaybuzz also and no we were not talking about ‘ZZ’. 

It is a site for people who want to check how much they know about their favorite series or actors or about their personality through quizzes. If you are a fan of Adele then you can also find which song suits your life best.

It is overall one of the best websites like Buzzfeed that can have almost any topic-related content on their site. The content varies from anime to animals, human personality to what you may be as a social media app.

It is one of the best websites like Buzzfeed that you can most definitely use if you do not want to have control over time.

4. Mandatory

Mandatory Previously known as crave online is the ideal tool if you want to highlight the content that will make your friends laugh harder than they ever have. It can come under websites like Buzzfeed as they provide you with exciting content.

It is easy to use the website as its magazine-like layout helps in identifying the place where you are serving and helps in making your favored content stand out. It is a place for you to laugh, learn, and do good.

It stores almost any possible news related to celebrities, trending topics, you can also find videos on talk of the town, TikTok.

5. Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid is a great site that always has something new for its users. It updates multiple contents a day so you can open a million times a day and would still find something new to make you laugh, and enjoy.

If you are looking for something different yet similar to websites like Buzzfeed then Laughing Squid is the best option. It has different content from other websites. You can clear your doubt about English phrases by watching their ‘what polite British conversational phrases really mean’  video.

It is the best place to have an idea for your new home and make it technologically advance with their ‘cleverly designed counter stools that stay hidden when not of use’. Overall it is a great website that you can also consider as one of the websites like Buzzfeed.

6. Upworthy

If you are looking for websites like Buzzfeed with somewhat meaningful content then Upworthy is the site for you as it claims to be a ‘social media with a mission.’ It can be classified as a motivational site for people out there who want to leave their own impact.

Just like Buzzfeed, it is also one of the ever-growing websites that has more than 50 million users watching its content in a month. They have content that puts light on the important topic rather than what most celebrities wear or what their pets are doing.

Upworthy Voices: Tony Hawk Meets Odin

You can find content on women’s equality, social responsibility, and many more such topics that they deem worthy and worth changing the lives of people.  Its content will entertain you in a different light but it can be one of the best websites like Buzzfeed.

7. Imgur

Imgur is not completely the same as Buzzfeed as you have to share your personal pic that you find hilarious from your image gallery. Imgur allows you to serve through different persons’ posts that may be funny enough to make you laugh.

It is one of the most visited websites that are in the market for quite some time so it can also come under your list of websites like Buzzfeed.

8. Boredpanda

If you are searching more websites like Buzzfeed but also want something of value such as true stories of a real person then Boredpanda solves that for you. It is a great site that has some entertaining content for its viewer.

Best Websites like Buzzfeed 1

It has some learning and motivating content worth your time that may be of some help in the long run. It highlights the world around you so you can keep up with the time. All in all, you can also consider Boredpanda as one of the websites like Buzzfeed.

9. Topbuzz

Fan of Buzzfeed’s content? And want to make some income? The answer is Topbuzz. Topbuzz is one of the websites like Buzzfeed that let you make income through your posts. The post can either be GIFs, pictures, articles, or videos.

Topbuzz has a way to attract its users and that is highlighting the content that is making people fuzz about it so you can easily find the most-watched content on this site. It has an entertaining way to showcase its content which may be of your liking.

You can signup using your Twitter, Google, Facebook accounts, or through Emails.

10. Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings has some great content slightly different from other entertaining websites like Buzzfeed. The contents are slightly longer than normal content that you see on the websites but rest assured that it will bring laughter out of your belly.

You can find an ecological symphony between the bears and the deep blue sea. Brain panicking a website like Buzzfeed tells a great story with lots of pics to make the story interesting 

One of the most important aspects that one wants when they visit sites like BuzzFeed is peace of mind. And that can not be achieved if they are surfing amidst a sea of vulgar ads. Lucky for you, Brain Picking is one such ad-free website that can rival BuzzFeed.

Another thing fascinating about them is their writers. They have a collection of writers who can make any story intuitive and can make your day with their storytelling ability.

11. Mashable

Mashable is in the online market for quite a long time now. Having millions of choices to select from are many people’s fantasies, Mashable helps in fulfilling such fantasies. Its content leaves Science enthusiasts, tech-savvy, and environment lovers awestruck.

You will also get to know about a plethora of things people do in their daily lives. It has a way of making everything look more lovely and happier so its users can have their daily dose of happiness.

12. BoingBoing

Boingboing is a site that holds an imaginative way of broadcasting science, technology, futurism, and gadgets. Fun and a little laugh can never harm anyone and that’s what Boingboing tries to do with their content.

Another thing making them stand out is their varying range of content. The content has the power to make you howl in laughter because of its absurdity or to leave your eyes wide open because of its sincerity and truthfulness.

If you are looking for sharing your content then Boingboing helps you in doing so. The fun and authenticity expected in websites like Buzzfeed can also be seen in Boingboing so go ahead and check it yourself.

13. Diply

People usually try to find something that will help their stress on the websites like Buzzfeed and that stress reliever can be Diply. What attracts people the most is its inspirational and absurd content. You can find something motivational as well as something simply laughable.

Meme fans can also find their shelter on this site and has a pretty intuitive interface that lets you share your content of value with your social group online. 

14. The Verge

If you are a wannabe tech and searching for websites like Buzzfeed that can provide you all the information to become one then The Verge should be your ideal site. All its applied science and technological content make its users feel at ease.

The feature does not end there as everyone wants a break at some time and what is the best way to relax other than laughing at something funny. It is a highly recommended website for technological content as it has some informative videos.

A fan of Games of Thrones? And want all the possible gossips without needing to search it everywhere on the internet then luck is on your side as The Verge has some authentic news for you on Games of Thrones.

15. College Humor

No, you are not required to be a college aspirant to access the site, you can have the access to the website irrespective of what grade you are in. It is an internet humor portal that thrives to give you the fun of your life.

It has some famous YouTube channels (Visit Here) under its vision such as the Drwafee show, Dorkly, um, Actually, and Dimension 20. The content theme varies from funny videos to Oreos critics to animated videos, to find out what would have happened if Google was a man.

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The most common thing any website tries to maintain is uploading viral content and its viewers’ entertainment and we can tell you that college Humor is one such site that has both, viral and entertaining content. It can be a strong competitor to websites like Buzzfeed.

16. Cracked 

Cracked is a site that is not hesitant to stick up its nose in controversial subjects so if you are looking for some spicy gossips then no one is better than Cracked. The site has covered almost every food and game-related matter.

Cracked is one of the websites like Buzzfeed that will have valuable information about movies, actors, food, technology, and absolutely everything. You won’t be bored out of your mind while watching the site’s content. 

17. Popsugar

Crazy about celebs and want to keep a tab on what they do, what they are wearing, and such things then Popsugar should be the first site you visit. 

It is an eye-catching site that basically posts anything and everything related to celebrity, fashion, beauty, love, fitness, family, culture, Latina, living, video, and shop. There is no subject left behind that you cant find Popsugar’s article on.

You can find tips on skincare, makeup trends, acne tips, and advice. They are at par with knowledge on fitness as you can find many articles on workouts, mental health, and wellness tips. Street or celebrity style, or looking for the perfect outfit, all these latest fashion can be seen only on this site.

Whether it’s politics, celebs, foods, living, fashion, Tiktok, or news on most loved royal members Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, you will find all the related information at Popsugar which makes it one of the most visited websites like Buzzfeed. 

These were some of the best Websites like Buzzfeed.