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17 Of The Best Websites Like Skillshare To Try Out

The statement by Goerge Washington Carver, “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom” forges the need for education, and when you are living in a world of technology, who can stop you from taking what is yours, your educational rights.

The Internet has made everything reachable, education is one such aspect that internet made reachable, you can heighten your skills from the comfort of your houses. There are zillions of online educational websites that offer thousands of courses to do.

Skillshare is one of the known names among online educational websites. You can further complete your studies in hundreds and thousands of courses including business, design, photography music, technology, writing, and many more.

The plus point in Skillshare is that the videos are most likely to take few hours at the best to complete. The videos are accessible 24*7, unlike the old traditional classes, missing one class, then no going back. 

Apart from providing educational videos, Skillshare also lets users make live projects so that they can get responses from experts and learners. To start the learning experience, learners would first have to sign up for Facebook, Google, or apple. Voila, you will get a 1-month free premium pass. 

There are others also that are trying to make education online and accessible to students who don’t have time to go to colleges and schools to gain knowledge. 

In this article, we have jotted down some of the websites like Skillshare so that if the prices are not up to your expectation or the standard of education does not reach your goals then you can shit to one of the mentioned websites.

Best Websites Like Skillshare: Our Top Pick 👌👌

Without any further ado, let’s get to the work. 

1. Udacity

If what you are after is cheap rates, accessibility, then you can never go wrong with Udacity. Udacity provides all these things therefore has secured its place in our list of websites like Skillshare.

17 Of The Best Websites Like Skillshare To Try Out

It thrives to make sure its users will have education at a low rate and is accessible to anyone seeking knowledge. 

It has some informative content that is broadcasted as tutorials so that users can achieve higher posts in their fields. computer enthusiasts can quench their thirst for the latest digital content as the website tries to stay up to date with their content. 

It focuses on a long list of topics such as data science, software engineering, web development and also has courses on Android and iOS. They put all the strength in gathering information so that students can make something out of it. 

They have upgraded their subjects so that students can also start their journey in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous systems, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data science, product management, programming and development, and many more.

It is one of the most sought-after websites like Skillshare and the point to be noted is that it is offering heavy discounts during the pandemic so do not let go of the opportunity to have access to one of the websites like Skillhare.

2. Coursera

When talking about websites like Skillshare, mentioning the name of Coursera is a must. The education website has a partnership with most of the top-notch colleges and institutions all around the world. 

Best Websites Like Skillshare

It stores a never-ending list of subjects and tutorials for its students. Coursera is one of the websites like Skillshare that can give a healthy competition to other educational websites like Skillshare and Khan Academy. 

It has some exclusive content taken out from top-tier sectors like colleges, universities, museums, or lectures from visiting lecturers. The tutorials make sure to include every single detail about the subject so that no part should be left out. 

Coursera is said to be one of the affordable websites like Skillshare as it provides its services at no cost. However, as we know that all good things come to an end, Coursera’s free version’s glory has also ended.  

The free version has laid numerous restrictions on its data accessibility, so it is best to opt for the premium version to access unrestricted learning material.

The best part of the website is that it allows you to select according to your skill levels so it can be anyone from beginner, mixed, intermediate, and advanced. 

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3. Udemy

If you are comfortable with Coursera then you will easily get hang of Udemy as it is a carbon copy of Coursera. It has similar content that you are seeing in Coursera, but you can also get to make your very own courses by abstracting content from the lessons.

Best Websites Like Skillshare 1

It makes learning with well-off professors and schools easier. The most attractive feature of Udemy is that all the customizable platformers of other sites are accumulated here.

You can decide whether you are satisfied with the free services or not as it also has premium services, ready to unleash.

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4. LinkedIn Learning

Lynda is the former name of the website, LinkedIn learning is one of the solutions for online education that can be an asset to learners. It has made quite a name among IT specialists and tycoons for its long-time providing skills sharpening data.

17 Of The Best Websites Like Skillshare To Try Out

It is in the field of online education for more than 2 decennaries so this time period has made millions of learners attach to Linkedin learning for various reasons. Therefore, Linkedin learning is a name that appears in the discussion of leading educational websites.

If English is not your native language, then do not brood over it as they have other 4 languages that you can use instead. 

The learning process will only start when learners will subscribe as it is an obligatory process. Its attractive point is it’s 30 days free availability to access their library. Completion of 30 days will then ask learners to sign up so that their access to the video library will remain intact.

The courses that are broadcasted on LinkedIn are software development, business development, marketing, photography, and many more topics. Visual Learning is one of the subjects that most students go for. 

The students achieve certificates after the completion of courses and if you are not so sure about the path then Linkedln learning also puts up suggestions. It is one of the websites like skillshare that puts up a fight to grant education. 

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5. Codecademy

If you are a programmer and looking for the best teaching hub then Codecademy is ready to ensure your experience worthwhile. It tries to ensure that its tutorial covers every small thing about coding and the methods require to create websites.

You are getting coding classes at no cost at all so it is of its kind,  non-profit educational website. Many students from Codecademy secure well-paid jobs in top-notch enterprises such as  IBM, Facebook, Google, HUGE, and well-flourished enterprises all around the globe.

If anyone from HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C++, Java, SQL, R, C#, PHP, Go, Swift, Bash/Shell, and last but not the least, Kotlin is your forte then you are at the right place as Codecademy has highly qualified professors and lecturers. 

Best Websites Like Skillshare 2

It also covers web development, data science, computer science, developer tools,  machine learning, code foundation, web design, game development, mobile development, and the list is never-ending. 

It makes keeping tabs on improvement and skills level easy. Not only professors and qualified programmers are at your service, but the close-knitted community of students is also ready to come to your aid.

You can grow your skills as well as your friend circle. It would be a great loss if you are skipping this website while searching for websites like Skillshare. 

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6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a site that offers free online education just like Skillshare. It has a partnership with a number of high schools and the covered courses list is too long to write down all in the article. 

It is pretty easy to start liking Khan Academy due to its user-friendly interface. Its sole purpose is to make students reach their highest levels so that their future will shine brighter. Not a single delta is left out regarding subjects.

Best Websites Like Skillshare 3

The site does not ask for a single penny in return for education. It is a non-profit educational site that has answers even to hard questions.

One can never get bored with Khan Academy as it thrives to make learning more casual than a mere routine where you have to get ready and sit a long time in the classes.

They are on the mission to provide free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. It is not only an asset for students but also a great measuring tool for teachers to check out the gap in students learning skills.

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7. edX

edX is another website like Skillshare, developed in the year 2012. It is again one of the instances where education is free of cost. It is a non-profit project of two of the known colleges together, MIT and Harvard University.

The standard of education is at its par with professors who knows all about their perspective fields. The website covers topics such as computer science, engineering, data science, business management, and newly profound subjects such as psychology, humanities-based subjects, and linguistic.

You can also try your hands on different subjects like architecture, art, and culture, economics and finance, environmental studies, ethics, food and nutrition, health and safety, and many more as it has tutorials on them. 

If you are worried about whether you will receive the best education or not then you are worrying about nothing as they are tied with some of the world-class institutions and colleges.

They provide certificates after you complete the course so not checking edX is losing the key to a better future.

8. FutureLearn

FutureLearn has partnerships with world-class institutions so if you want to study the same courses in the same teaching style then FutureLearn is the way to go. The site is trying to stand on the slogan of learning new skills online with top educators.

It does so by uniting with top-quality universities from all around the globe so it would be safe to call FutureLearn an open university. The prime feature of this site is that you are the one who selects the pace and timing of the classes. 

This is Future Learning

It offers full-time classes along with part-time classes so that you can attend according to your convenience and at the same time, enjoying a full college experience. It has plenty of classes waiting for you to check out. 

The available courses in FutureLearn include literature, arts, business, media, law, social science, study skills, teaching, and many such subjects. Many of the courses are available for free. 

It makes sure that easiness is maintained all through the students’ use as it is not guaranteed in the traditional schooling style. The most loved feature of FutureLearn is the active interaction between students so that they will have maximum experience of schools.

You can grow your skills as well as your social circle so why wasting time reading more when you can check yourself how amazing studying at FutureLearn can be.

9. Treehouse

The best place where coders and programmers can learn a lot about their field is Treehouse. It is one of the best online coding websites that helps you in learning codes at home. Not only coding, creating and designing as well.

Best Websites Like Skillshare 4

It let you use the free service for 7 days and after that, you have to pay a certain amount to continue the classes. It has high standards of education as they believe in expert-led videos. It also has a Bootcamp tier program called Techdegree. 

It guides you thoroughly through the curriculum of Treehouse courses so that you can select the right one for you. To start coding, you have to enter your email. It has projects, quizzes, along with access to exclusive features of the Treehouse community. 

It would be a big mistake as a programmer to let go of these resources. Yes, it may be costly but provides one of the high-class coding lessons.

10. Code

Another safe option for programmers who want websites like Skillshare is Code. It is one of the online websites that thrives to make coding learning easier and available to all.

It would not matter if you are a child or an expert as Code have courses according to every age group so no one would feel left out. 

17 Of The Best Websites Like Skillshare To Try Out

Over 45 languages are available so a person with another native language other than English will have no problem understanding the videos. The plethora of available topics is Science, Maths, Social Studies, Language Arts, Art, Media, Music, as well as Computer Science.

It also includes subjects as  Computers, Android, iPad/iPhone, Screen reader poor or no technology. The available courses do not end here as you can also study app writing, robotics, and Javascript.

Before going for the premium version, you can check Code’s 1-hour tutorial that shows the design and all the features of Code. If you are a rookie then you can go for beginner and can then slowly boost up to a comfortable level.

It is one of the coding websites that well-trained, as well as rookies, can access to sharpen their programming level and knowledge. 

11. Canvas

Canvas is an all-in-one solution that works hard to provides courses on video editing lessons. If you are a content creator then there is no other place than Canvas who can sharpen your editing skills. 

It has all the information you may need to be the number one in your field and secure high-paid jobs. It covers video learning, data assessment, leadership development, machine learning, and many more.

It tries to make a way for educators so that teaching can become more simple, flexible, and not a burden so that they can give their all to teaching. 

12. Pluralsight – The Technology Skills Platform

Pluralsight is a website that makes the lives of software developers, IT professionals, and creative enthusiasts easier by providing them a learning hub, that holds answers to all the questions regarding computer science.

17 Of The Best Websites Like Skillshare To Try Out

The site offers live expert-led courses so that standard of education does not matter when you are using Pluralsight as your guide.

Its library has a long list of courses that shone a light on topics such as software development, machine learning or AI, IT ops, cloud computing, and data professionals.

It offers a 10-day free trial so that you can make your mind whether it is the one or not.

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13. Hubspot Academy

When you are looking forward to learning all the latest information in the IT field then Hubspot Academy is the right destination, who stores all the latest and trendy information in the It and developing department.

The average number of students who are visiting the site is over 3,50,000 because of expert-led courses and accessibility to subjects like marketing, sales, service, web design, web development, and data privacy.

The best part of this website is that it has short videos of the lessons so you can learn whenever you have time. There are three levels, beginners, intermediate, and advance so choose according to the level of skills you are having and can they go up to the higher level of education. 

14. Ted-ed

Ted-ed is one of the websites like Skillshare that provides online education and is an open educational platform that broadcasts videos of various subjects. The site does not believe in old schooling methods so they approached a more friendly and fun teaching style.

Best Websites like Khan Academy 1

The lessons are in cartoon form so that throughout the class students will focus on the lesson going on. Ted-Ed provides high school lessons as well as for junior students. It has a plethora of courses in its library.

Whether the question is about business, and economics, engineering, designing, technology, health, or more common subjects such as mathematics, science, and technology, social studies, or recently profound subjects such as psychology, philosophy, or religion-based studies, you will get your answers here.

Apart from this, it also has courses on linguistic, just so to make students learn and master their skills and do good in their career. 

Plus point of using Ted-ed is that it is a multi-tasking website that not only wants its leaner to excel in their perspective field but also motivates teachers and students to share their knowledge by creating more educational videos.

The learning process starts by registering on the site, no money is needed to register yourself. It is one of the websites like Skillshare that allows pleasant experiences to educators and learners alike.

15. Lesson Paths

Lesson Paths is somewhat different from other websites like Skillshare as it has both its original content as well as content from other sides. It is a place where you will get hundreds and thousands of links to educational videos. 

It let users sum up links of a wide number of educational links. With the help of experts, learners can make sure that the video links are worth the time.

Lesson Paths’ original content is not based on specific topics, it contains information on random subjects and topics. If you are looking for a website to study subjects such as mathematics, science, sociology, and many more then Lesson Paths is of no use. 

It is one of the fastest means to have study materials during the times of exams. You won’t have to ask your friends for their notes. It has solutions even to problems that concern your love life. Boosting personal finances is easier than before. 

Without looking out by yourself, don’t be in haste to judge so check out the site by yourself to learn more about Lesson Paths.

16. Open Culture Online Courses

Open Culture Online Courses is again one of the instances where you can pile up umpteenth links of educational videos. It is a destination of more than 1500 links of professional lecturers, videos, and podcasts from well-known organizations and colleges.

It is one of the sites that has materials that you can only get in the colleges’ site and nowhere else so it saves learners time which they could have been spending on going through different colleges sites. 

It has stored materials from universities all over the world such as universities present in England, Wales, Australia, and around the United States. Open Culture is one of the sites that let students breathe and do not overwork them. 

17. Academic Earth

Good news for geography and environment lovers as Academic Earth is a site that earth lovers should visit. It makes college look easier so that students can complete their degrees without the need to sit long hours in the classes. 

Academic Earth is thriving to make education less complicated than it is, it shows courses along with every single detail of the school as well the topics in the subjects. It makes the process as fast as it can get. 

To start the classes, you have to first choose what type of degree you want to pursue then the subject from the list on the screen. Associates, bachelor’s, master’s, a doctorate degree along with diploma is available so you can complete any of the degrees.

It is a complete organization that has a long list of subjects such as arts and designing, business management, computers, and technology, and many more. It also lets you try your hand on newly emerging topics such as psychology and Counselling.

If you are a science and engineering or a liberal art and humanities students then also no problems as it also covers it.

It offers expert-led education with the help of professors working in world-class universities and colleges like  Berklee College of Music, California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Cornell University, and many more well-flourished colleges.

It would not be a wise move to let of such learning opportunities. Undoubtedly, Academic Earth is a must-visit site that can give competitions to websites like Skillshare.

Final Words

Skillshare is one of the educational websites that try to make education accessible to anyone, anywhere, It is one of the affordable websites with lower rate plans than most of the sites. But there are many websites like Skillshare that do the same. 

According to the subject or degree, you can select the right website for you. Khan Academy, Linkedln Learning, and Coursera are some of the websites that stand at the same level as Skillshare.

Berklee College of Music, California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Cornell University, and many more well-flourished colleges.