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How Outbound and WFO Deliver Modernized Cloud and Premise Solutions


The average employee actively utilizes about 36 separate cloud services at work on any given day or week.

In call centers, that number may be even higher. Employees are juggling services to search for customer information, check company policies, search for solutions and more. Ensuring that those cloud services are equipping employees with the tools they need is a must.

Keep reading to learn how new outbound and workforce optimization (WFO) are delivering modern cloud and premise solutions today.

Delivering a Customized Approach

The cloud is taking over many industries. In fact, 90 percent of companies in the market today are on the cloud in some form. But moving to the cloud isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, each industry has its own demands in terms of how it can use the cloud best and how to make the migration.

Aspect Software understands that different industries have different demands when it comes to moving operations to the cloud. The company conducted research and discovered that its customer base had no intention of moving to the public cloud. So it shifted focus. Aspect CMO Michael Harris reports, “Our strategy is to focus Via [Cloud Contact Center Platform] on those clusters of customers that need a more manageable migration from their existing deployment to the cloud.”

Creating customized cloud and premise solutions mean that each company has the tools that it needs to move to the cloud, manage their operations and scale their business.

Solutions That Scale With Your Business

As your company grows, so too do your demands on your chosen cloud call center software. Making the switch to new software, though, can result in a disruption to operations. There’s a learning curve that comes with operating new software, and with updating employees and staff on its operation.

That’s where outbound and WFO are different. Because they give customers the ability to scale while still utilizing their software, there’s no need to make a switch.

Projecting the Future

WFO gives businesses the tools they need to project the future. How? By utilizing “what-if” scenarios.

Running these scenarios with various factors, from degrees of business to changes in customer demands, will allow your company to make adjustments to its budget, plan for adding new employees and more, all of which are essential to helping your business stay above the bottom line and grow its operations over time.

Reducing the Time It Takes for Daily Operations

One of the biggest benefits of a customized cloud and premise solution is the ability to automate daily tasks within your business. The more simple, everyday tasks that can be automated and replaced, the more time employees have for other operations. Whether this means advancing the solutions you offer customers or cutting costs by reducing the number of employees necessary on a shift is up to your individual company.

Professional Setup Assistance

Making the change to new software is never as easy as you might hope. Look for a software provider that offers hands-on help for everything from building on customer contacts to solving bottlenecks in operations. This approach makes it easier to utilize the outbound and WFO solutions that could be helping your business grow and succeed faster.

Upgrading to Outbound and WFO Solutions

Making the switch to outbound and WFO services can help companies utilize all that the cloud and premise solutions have to offer. From better projecting the future of your call center operations to enjoying customized software solutions, outbound and WFO solutions are out to change the way enterprise customers utilize the cloud.


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