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What are the different types of games?


Our day to day activities is always affected by the rapid change in the level of technology either directly or indirectly, either at work, school or at home. Video games have also not been left behind as the technology goes on changing day in day out.

Video games tend to come in different categories which will be discussed below.


What are the different types of games

These are those games that have combined both action and adventure in them. They are classified into:

  • Metroidvania

This is a game that brings in the aspect of platform games together with action adventure games. It features emphasis where you get to explore the interconnected environment. This enables you to get skills necessary to get to the expected environment.

  • Survival horror

A game that involves overwhelming protagonist and an oppressive atmosphere. We need to practice extreme carefulness in the management of resources i.e. ammo and health.

  • Stealth-based

A game by which the player must sneak and hide thought a level to avoid any attention or notice from the enemies.

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2.Action games

What are the different types of games?

This is a game that involves physical challenges like combat and obstacle crossing. They are also classified in the following:

  • Platform game

A game whereby jumping is a very important part of the action to help you navigate an environment. This kind of movement between platforms will help you clear a certain level.

  • Beat ‘em up

This is a game that involves fighting using punches and kicks against weaker enemies.

  • First person shooter

This is a game that takes in the perspective of the player. The player acts as the eyes of the shooter and most of the action revolves mostly around shooting.

  • Tactical shooter

This is a game that brings in the aspect of either the first or third person. It usually stimulates realistic combat thus encouraging the use of some real-life skills. It includes bullets, squads, cover mechanics and mission planning. There is also subsystem damaging and sometimes aid situational awareness.

  • Vehicular combat

This is a game that needs a player to take control of an armored and armed vehicle. The player uses it to destroy any enemies on his/her path.

  • Third-person shooter

This is a three-dimension game. It usually has a camera looking over the shooter’s shoulder or behind him/her.

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3. Adventure game

This is a game that has more of puzzle solving, narratives and exploration. The game involves the relative absence of violence or combat. They include:

  • Interactive fiction

This is more of a text-based game.

  • Visual novel

These are adventure games that allow the player to choose their adventures. They further get the different endings based on the kind of choices that they had made.

  • Point-and-click game

A game whereby the player interacts with the environment. This is possible by moving the mouse cursor over the screen and clicking on them to find clues. A good example can be the Room Escape Game where you find puzzles from the room to unlock a level and go to the next one.

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4.Simulation game

What are the different types of games

A game that stimulates parts of a reality and fictional. It may include:

  • Construction and management game

A game that usually puts its focus on different elements. Such elements include gathering, research, and construction, management of resources, expansion, and exploration.

  • Driving game

A game whereby the player s involved in driving a vehicle. A perfect example of such a game would be Dr. Driving. This is where you are given the task of driving and parking. Or Euro Truck Simulator where you act as a truck driver. It involves transporting goods from one country to another in Europe.

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5. Strategy game

What are the different types of games


This is a game that requires a player to apply critical and tactical thinking to achieve victory. These games may include:

  • Artillery game

A game that requires the player to aim at an opponent with the trajectory under certain conditions.

  • 4X

A game with four specific goals which are to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and to eXterminate.

  • Real-time-strategy

A game that focuses on the construction and control of fighting forces in a battle. This happens in real-time.

Other categories of video games

  • Sports
  • Educational
  • Role-playing
  • Idle gaming

As you can see there are several categories of video games to choose from. Once you go to the market, all you have to do is choose from one of them without much time and effort consumed.

Hope my article “What are the different types of games” helps you to find out What are the different types of games. if you have any query, feel free to comment.