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What Data Companies Must Do to Safeguard Their Information


Companies don’t focus much on protecting their data until data breaches became a big issue more than 10 years ago. Data breaches are critical for companies as they may lose personal and sensitive information that could possibly result to a bigger problem. For example, phishing is one of the most common attack to company data.

Cybercriminals sends fake emails and pretends to be a trustworthy organization to collect datas such as usernames, passwords and credit card details. This could result in exposing those private and sensitive informations and might be used to harm the company. Learning more about phishing can help to combat attacks from hackers and protect potential threats to your organization.

Data serves as a lifeline of any company thus protecting data must be one of the top priorities of any big or small companies as it contains all the informations they use on daily basis. Having a concrete security policy can help to further safeguard company data information.

But what are the best practices to ensure that your database is safe from hackers? Keeping your company data from cyber attacks can prevent huge data losses and money.

Here are the do’s to safeguard your sensitive information:


  • Know what needs to be protected. Among the information that you need to protect are customer data such as profiles, contact information, account records, personal data, and transaction records. Also, you should double your security for your financial reports, trade secrets, and marketing plans. Any confidential information must be carefully kept to avoid data breaches.



  • Know where these information are kept. It’s important to know where you keep your data to make sure they are safe from cyber criminals. Generally, data is created, collected, and kept on servers, mobile devices, clouds, and are transmitted through Wi-Fi, email, and other channels.



  • Protect information at all cost. No matter what happens, do not ignore proper security measures to keep your company data safe. Your method of encryption is crucial and needs stronger passwords. Use anti-virus programs, intrusion detection, and firewalls to avoid unauthorized access. Limit the number of employees who are given access to your information.



  • Control vendors that can access your database. Usually, medium-sized companies and small businesses have difficulty in fighting off data threats. Entering any contracts that contain protections with secure clouds is important to keep important information safe and protected. There are various cloud offerings so choose the best one to safeguard your data.



  • Be strict in your privacy policy. Basically, privacy policies are promises made regarding personal details which you are solely accountable. Knowing these policies will help you avoid data leaks while implementing employee policies that ensure data security at all levels.



  • Prepare for data theft and related incidents. You don’t have control over the incidents that might happen to your database but planning on how to deal with data loss can help stop further leaks. Sometimes, no matter how much you integrate data protection, cyber attacks still happen. The best thing you can do is to get your staff ready for potential data breaches.


Due to fast-pace technological advancement over the past years, hackers are more knowledgeable in hacking company databases thus companies must always be ready to combat cyberattacks. One of the ways companies can improve their data protection is to look into their employees’ awareness about data security. Employee knowledge about data protection must be in line with the latest cybersecurity informations, nowadays, a lot of cybersecurity training online are available for companies to help increasing the cybersecurity knowledge of employees.

Most of the online threats that can put your data at risk come in huge waves such as series of cyber attacks, exploit, or new virus. Having cybersecurity programs in place will save you from complete data losses. Thus, the above mentioned do’s will help you safeguard your business data.


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