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What Do You need To do Before Selling Your Mac?


Whether you want to resell your Mac PC or simply want to clean up Mac for better performance, there are many ways of doing this. The simplest and easiest method of cleaning up the Mac is as follows.

1.Backup Your Mac

You might not need all the files, but there would be some important business-related files, study material, or multimedia files that you may like to use later. This is how you can create the backup of your data:

  • Click on Apple menu and then click on System Preference.
  • Now click on the Time Machine icon.
  • You can sport “Select Backup Disk” icon there, click on it.
  • Now first select the disk you are willing to use as a Time Machine Backup and then select “Use Disk” option.
  • Now click on Backup Automatically to create the backup, or you can select the drives you want to store before erasing the data.

2.Deauthorize iTunes

If you are selling your Mac, you would not like the new owner to use your iTunes accounts. So, follow these steps to Deauthorize iTunes.

  • Open the iTunes on your Mac computer.
  • Select the account menu.
  • Now click on Authorization and then select Deauthorize this computer.
  • Mac will ask you for the iTunes ID and Password , provide the necessary details and then click on “Deauthorize”.

3.Log out from iMessage:

You must log out from iMessage before restoring factory settings.

  • Click on Messages in iMessage option.
  • A menu will drop down, select Preferences.
  • Now click on your iMessage account and then click on Sign Out option.

That’s how you can log out from iMessage before cleaning up Mac. In addition, you should also clean up the Touch Bar data before restoring factory settings. It will ensure there is no important data left on the Touch Bar.

4. Completely Wipe Mac Before Selling

If you have created the backup, now you are ready to wipe out everything and clean up Mac ,Personally , i think this is a necessary thing to do ,from a security standpoint ,you don’t know who’s going to get your Mac and what he is going to do with your Mac ,if you have some important data or private photos on your Mac , Once they are given to others, the consequences will be disastrous , so you need a effective Mac data eraser, just like the SafeWiper ,it will do the job well , now follow these steps to wipe Mac :

Step 1: Get SafeWiper program and install it on your Mac

Step 2: Start SafeWiper tool after installation ,It gives you 3 different options for data erasure, such as : “Wipe Drive” , Erase File/Folers” and “Wipe Unused Space” .

Step 3:Select a type of erasure you need to do , like the “Erase File/Folers” or “Wipe Drive” , only in these way , some or all of the data on the Mac can be wiped out from your Mac .

Step 4:Next , the SafeWiper tool can scan your Mac Automatically , and it can give a “Preview” to you ,so that you can preview all the data or files on Mac .

Step 5: The last , select the data that you want to delete and click “Erase Now ” to wipe up them from your Mac .


Review the whole article, everything have to be done before selling your Mac , In particular, how do you clean up your Mac ,it’s about your privacy , you can not predict what will happen when your important data is available to others , so it is necessary to wipe out your Mac .

The SafeWiper can erase everything from Mac computer , After the event , no one can restore any data for your Mac.

Now ,See its website for more information.


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