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What is an Android TV box and how does it work?


New devices and technologies providing users with more convenient access to the Internet come on the market every year. For instance, Smart TVs allow you to watch videos using free resources and by subscription.

According to the International Telecommunication Union, the number of Internet users in the world has increased 6.7 times over the past 20 years. In 2001, as little as 8% of the population had Internet access, but, at the end of 2019, 53.6% of people around the world used the Web.

But Smart TVs do not come cheap. What if you cannot afford to buy it? Can the old one be upgraded? Yes, it can. You can connect an Android TV box to a regular TV set. In this article, we will review Android TV boxes and their functions.

What is a set-top box capable of?

An IPTV set-top box is a device that is connected to a TV enabling it to perform Smart-functions and gives access to the Internet. You can call it a “think-box” for your TV.

Set-top boxes run on different operating systems: Roku, Linux, Android and tvOS. The most popular and functional set-top boxes are the set-top boxes that employ Android TV.

Using it, you can access YouTube, streaming subscriptions, and Google applications (Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and others). New applications are easy to download from the pre-installed Google Play store.

What’s the best Android TV box?

When buying a TV box, make sure that:

  • The product is certified. Responsible manufacturers should test their devices and provide a one-year warranty at least. The European Union requires that manufacturers provide a two-year warranty.
  • The device supports high dynamic range (HDR) technology. Set-top boxes with this function display an image with natural colour reproduction in the light and dark areas of the frame. You only need a compatible TV and HDR content.
  • The device plays content at the proper frame rate. Choose the fastest Android TV box, which can play videos at 48 and 60 frames per second.

How to connect a set-top box?

After you have chosen and bought the set-top box, you need to connect it to your TV and the network.

Connecting to a TV set usually poses no particular problems as an HDMI cable to connect the set-top box to the TV is included. If your TV has no HDMI port, you can connect the device via an HDMI-RCA converter.

The Internet can be connected using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Some models have both connectivity options, e. g. MAG425A from Infomir.

The next step is to set up the TV box. If you have a Google account, you can log in through the TV box and view the content using your personal recommendations. From the settings menu, select a resolution that suits you, font size, display format, and other options.

I bought the best Android TV box for IPTV. Do I need to subscribe for pay-TV?

You can use your TV box without connecting to a paid content operator. In this case, you will have Internet access, be able to view the content available on free Internet resources and YouTube, as well as use Google services.

But you will not get access to many films and channels. To that end, you need to connect to an IPTV operator so that you can select a package of channels and films according to your interests and budget.

What else can be added to this Android box for TV review?

TV box owners often use the devices only to watch video content and access Google services. The TV box, however, has far more features and benefits to offer.

You can connect your keyboard, mouse, memory cards, game controllers, headphones, and speakers to the device. The TV boxes will help you enter your text faster, view photos in a more convenient way, and play video games on a big screen.

To use the Smart TV features, you do not have to buy the latest TV model. Android MAG425A TV boxes manufactured by Infomir will provide access to Google applications, allow you to control home appliances, use voice search, and other smart functions.