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What is Artificial intelligence and How AI Impact on our life’s. Top Six future invention on our life’s


If Morpheus reaches out and offers you a choice between red pills or blue pills, which one would you choose? Nor is it because pragmatists think this is science fiction. Regardless of your subjective considerations of the “Matrix” film, the concepts presented touch a fairly unique nerve in modern society. Are we designing artificial intelligence (AI) that will transcend our brilliance as a species? Maybe, but who can know before we finish the 11th hour. The following list speculates that AI may make humans somewhat outdated in several possible areas.

What is Artificial intelligence

When we die, we become chat robots.

A chat bot is an AI computer program that simulates human conversation. Dr. Toby Walsh, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of New South Wales, predicts that in the future, when we die, we will continue to be a chat bot and live in 2050. The chat bot has been very real, with the media, information and recordings of the full flight of the social craze available for analysis and learning of artificial intelligence programs. What this means for us, once we die, the chat bot can upload data and successfully imitate the special way we talk through text and voice. The purpose of this is to help the grief-stricken family to tell the same information as the lost loved one through the chat bot – making it possible through a large amount of data generated by the media platform.

Please click on Dr. Walsh’s AI Forecast link:

Your phone will become a lie detector

Do you think the flashlight on your smartphone is useful? Thanks to the development of neuroscientist kang Lee and the University of Toronto, the future interest in mobile phones is even stronger. The data is then compared to a standardized blood flow signature and the results are reported to the user. There are many real-world applications for mobile software like this, but Lee speculates that it will take years before the mobile app version is available.

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Intelligent Sex robot

If not, sex is one of the most common and interesting topics for humans. This is why artificial intelligence is entering the sex technology is not surprising. We still can’t create a full-featured sex robot that mimics human emotions, feelings, and even the ability to move our limbs, but in the near future, we can expect a sex robot to understand what its partners like, its eyes can be traced Wherever its partners are looking for, it is even possible to analyze how and when to apply various pressures. This is very interesting, perhaps a way to reduce rape statistics and overpopulation in the future, but in reality the application is far from it.

Please click on the link for a detailed description of the sex robot:

Robots will jeopardize our work and we will end with a general base income

According to the UN report, Al’s large-scale growth in the workplace is a trend that could put up to two-thirds of the work of developing economies at risk. Why develop the economy? Because developed countries have experienced large-scale industrial robot atomization, they still easily lose their jobs. Elon Musk said that maybe we will eventually collect some form of full pay in the future, which means that the robot (AI) will be responsible for most of our daily work. It sounds a bit like a Utopia of Marxism, but perhaps only ordinary work will become fully automated, and the interesting position will be attributed to humans.

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Automatic postal and delivery services

The warehouse has implemented automatic sorting systems and storage, but systems that are fully operated by AI – from click to delivery. The US Postal Service uses AI in the aggregation center that processes parcels. In many warehouses, AI is used to organize and store packages. Some transportation companies are researching autonomous vehicles and drones to revolutionize package transportation. It is clear that the technology required for fully automated delivery is already available to us and will undoubtedly soon replace the “outdated” manual system.

Click on the link to read more about the “New Delivery Paradigm”:

https://newsroom.accenture.com/news/ai-robotics-and-augmented-reality-technologies-are-shaping-the-future-of-posts- And delivery, the company’s daily Accenture report, shows.html

Deepfakes is staying here

What is Deepfake? In essence, Deepfake is an artificial intelligence in the form of an algorithm with “deep” learning capabilities, especially when it is superimposed on digital images and video. The algorithm learns the various features of a face and overlays it on the other side through encoding and decoding processes – compiling from hundreds to thousands of existing images.

famous woman posing in front of paparazzi

How does this affect us, and Deepfake has the potential to fully personalize digital advertising? Since most people in the first world use some form of social media or other media, ad agencies can generate a large number of existing images from them in order to generate personalized ads for the product, theoretically placing your social group members In the ad image / video – visually depict you with the product.

Surprisingly, celebrities can benefit from the future of Deepfake because they can increase their revenue by simply agreeing to use their similarities to promote brands or products without having to actively participate in any production phase. However, all of this is achieved at an ethical price – absolute distrust of digital images/video.

For a more detailed description of Deepfake, please visit the following link: https://hackernoon.com/exploring-deepfakes-20c9947c22d9

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