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What Is Instagram TV and why you should use it?


IGTV is a kind of revolution as it is the video-based app that allows their users to upload longer video. IGTV was launched to celebrate the impressive achievement of Instagram for reaching 1 billion users. It is a great video app for cool kids.

Now anyone can post their video content using mobile phones. It’s no wonders that people are using mobile phones more than desktop computers.

According to Instagram, 50% of all video viewing will be done by mobile devices by 2020. To make sure you are well ahead of this visually driven game of Instagram, for your brand or business, we are going to reveal that what Instagram TV is, how to create your account on IGTV and how to upload video over there.

What is Instagram TV?

Basically, Like YouTube IGTV is a platform where you can share and view videos. But what makes it different from YouTube or other Instagram features. For beginners, Unlike Instagram stories and videos, IGTV let you upload longer videos (up to one hour) that won’t disappear after 24 hours.

Moreover, the user can upload full-screen video using the vertical format as mobile phones are intended to be used vertically. And, the way IGTV app functions is quite different. Unlike video-sharing giant YouTube, where the user is required to search for something before viewing video while IGTV starts playing instantly once the app is open just like you turn on the traditional television.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t do a search within IGTV. You can even search other videos while you are viewing the video. After that, your video will resume from where you left watching it. And every, IGTV channel is associated with your Instagram account-means your followers on Instagram can view your IGTV videos.

Think of photo-sharing app Instagram and IGTV like Facebook and Facebook videos. However, both apps are separate apps that can function separately but they form the complete package that is essential for your online presence.

Why you should use Instagram TV?

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Despite giving you the opportunity to reach an entirely new audience, IGTV offers a great feature that really makes it worth your while. The most prominent and unique feature is the length of each video.

Everyone wants flexibility and less limitation when it comes to streaming their ideas online. Can you? Moreover, Instagram promotes vertical video format within IGTV because usually videos are recorded vertically using smartphones.

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This is to encourage videos that are taken on a raw look and less edited. There are numerous ways you can take benefit of this brand new feature for your brand or business including the sneak peak of BTS (behind the scenes), product demo, office tours, in-house expert interviews, unboxings, an advertisement of your upcoming product, product launch, or Vlogging.

Instagram TV let you add titles and description to each video like YouTube and can bring your more Instagram followers. Additionally, you can create a thumbnail or cover image for each video so your channel always looks profesh.


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