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What is internet of things (loT), TOP 10 real example of internet things (which are using in our daily life’s)


Effect technology is inexplicable to our lives. We are smarter, grow faster, learn in innovative ways, and experience things every day, all thanks to technology and science. We can sit down and think about the forward-looking and advanced nature of this technology today, but these ideas can hardly match the current level of development. So while there is another new technology that almost knocks on the door, few people realize it. The Internet of Things, also known as “loT,” is the world’s newest topic of continuous innovation.

We all know how the Internet connects people to people, but now it’s a step forward, and the Internet is connecting with things that have never been thought of before.

The Internet of Things (loT) first surfaced in 1999, when British entrepreneur Kevin Ashton, who worked in the lab, proposed its concept. Researchers say that by 2020, nearly 50 billion devices managed by the Internet of Things will be used worldwide.

All in all, we are all going into a network where there will be a very advanced connection between systems and devices that will go beyond human-machine dialogue and machine-to-machine communication.

The development of “smart cities” and “smart grids” will witness the implementation of loT in a variety of ways. The Internet of Things has begun to change the world. We have entered the era of the new technology of the top ten advanced technologies. You must know:

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Intelligent thermostat:

Imagine simply touching your smartphone or tablet to control the temperature in your home anytime, anywhere, and get the temperature you need before you go home, so you don’t have to wait. Nest Learning Thermostat is the most popular thermostat in this “smart” category, which the company has acquired. The Nest thermostat not only controls from anywhere but also tracks your daily route and changes your home temperature without disturbing you, just like you set the temperature for 7 days at night, then the device Automatically learns and automatically learn to reduce the temperature at night. This is a very useful device to save energy.

They have been around for a while. Mimo Monitors is not only affordable, but also offers a new technology. Used for several commercial purposes, this loT has made things easier, simpler, and said to be very efficient. This technology now allows you to update your baby’s body posture, breathing level, body temperature, and response to activity and health.

The information collected is communicated to you via your mobile phone. According to the data obtained by the Mimo meter, the “Nest Learning Thermostat” described above can automatically change the temperature of the baby nursery. The main goal behind it is to provide the best security measures to avoid SIDS (Sudden Baby Death Syndrome).

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 Philips – Hue bulbs:

Philips color light bulbs have now entered a new phase of innovation through these smart light bulbs. Connected to your phone, you can now actually control the intensity of the light on your fingertips. The combination of light bulbs and mobile technology is the next step in your home. Don’t use different watt bulbs to adapt to mood and environment, just use your phone to change the intensity from dim to medium to full. These bulbs can be programmed to dim at night or by setting them to blink mode in any intruder detection. Lighting can vary dynamically depending on the environment, such as different lighting when watching a movie. It is also possible to set the ON and OFF timers so that these bulbs automatically turn on and off after a certain time.

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Ralph Lauren Polo tech shirt:

Ralph Lauren is an American apparel company that launched The Polo tech Shirt for athletes and became a pioneer in bringing IoT to the apparel industry. This shirt records the athlete’s biometric readings such as heart rate, calories burned, activity level, breathing depth, etc., and helps him provide the best performance. It can be connected to an Apple Watch or iPhone and can track and record all activity on the iPhone. Therefore, this Polo tech shirt and iPhone can be your complete fitness tracker, or we can say fitness trainers.


Apple Watch and HomeKit:

This is the most watched gadget and equipment company. Apple has changed the world with its innovative and ultra-modern equipment. Whether it’s a cell phone, a laptop or any other electronic device, Apple has its own firm belief. Apple watches are the advanced nature of Apple technology. In addition to time and date, Apple Watch lets you keep track of your health and daily activities. Voice activation also allows you to receive notifications immediately. View maps, listen to music and take care of your calls with just one watch. Surprised by what the watch can do? Well, it has more features for you to explore and make life easier.

In addition to Apple Watches, Apple also released the Apple HomeKit Framework, which enables Siri (the voice assistant in Apple iOS) to communicate with devices and accessories in your home so that they can be controlled remotely.

Smart refrigerator:

Have you ever experienced such a situation, when you have some friends at home, you open the refrigerator to drink cold drinks, there is no cold drink in the refrigerator! In that case, you must hope that someone will tell you about cold drinks, and you have already bought cold drinks before. But don’t worry, the Internet of Things can do this now. There is a smart refrigerator that not only tells you about the items or empty bottles in the refrigerator, but also orders online before you run out. Although production has not yet begun on a large scale, these refrigerators can do more.


Everyone knows smartphones now. Smartphones are the most common example of the Internet of Things, or we can say that smartphones are one of the first “things” in the “Internet of Things.” All of the devices explained above can be controlled using your smartphone, which is like the magician’s stick to become the center of the network. Just like a magician doing magic by moving his stick, a smartphone can do “real magic” with a few touches.

Smart car:

Car companies like Ford and Tesla have entered the world, and cars will also be part of the Internet of Things. Tesla is indeed a major achievement in this field. Imagine that the car automatically opens the garage door before you arrive at home, and you can remotely control the car’s temperature, lighting and charging. With all of these features, Tesla has an application framework in which you can build your own applications to control the car and learn its speed, location, and battery status from anywhere.

The car can be upgraded automatically by downloading and installing the latest firmware and software. It has 18 sensors that can be automated, and it automatically repairs the service schedule of the car service station.


We have heard about microchips for a long time, and in some sensitive and dangerous areas such as defense applications. But now, one of the most integrated circuits has found the way we live our lives. Microchips are often used in the form of trackers because radar detectors can detect data about a variety of things. Now with ioT, you can place microchips on pet collars or attach them to them to track their movements without actually looking for them. Now your pet has more freedom, which also allows you to record your health.

Google Glass:

We are talking about innovation, how can we forget to mention the companies that best define innovation and the Internet. Google has always proposed things that make our lives easier, and Google Glass is more like repeating history for the company. Headphones with an optical head display are designed to be as efficient as you know. You can wear it now, and with voice activation, you can interact, view, surf the web, click on pictures, and do many other things in the form of a smartphone-like. This Google Glass is the result of Google’s “Project Glass.”


There are many other innovative devices on the Internet of Things that can be introduced to the world, which will surprise and excite you. The technology we are talking about, the technology of ten years will be amazing about another important role that science plays in our lives.



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