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What Is Reddit Karma? Tips for Increasing Your Karma

Reddit is one of the most popular sites on the internet. It is a very large community where you can discuss almost any topic. You can post content or comment on posts on the different subreddits.

These posts can then be upvoted or downvoted by subscribers. Reddit karma is a reflection of how acceptable the quality of content a subscriber has produced is.

This article will explain what Reddit karma is, why it is needed, as well as some tips to increase your karma.

What Is Reddit karma?

People who believe in karma generally believe that a person’s good or bad actions are rewarded accordingly. Reddit karma operates on similar beliefs.

Reddit karma is a Reddits reward system. You receive points when your posts or comments are upvoted, and points are lost when your content is downvoted. So, whenever someone likes your posts and upvotes, you get points (karma) on Reddit.

The upvote (up arrow) and downvote (down arrow) function on Reddit works in similar ways the like (thumbs up) and dislike (thumbs down) feature on YouTube operates.

When you see a post on Reddit, if you really like it, and think it is high quality, you can upvote it. If on the other hand, you feel the writing is of really poor quality, you can use the downvote feature. 

Reddit Karma

You can choose to neither upvote nor downvote a comment or post. Posts that get more upvotes generally get more karma points. One advantage of this system is that it helps Reddit decide what posts are high quality and therefore deserve to be placed on the front page.

Posts with many upvotes—and therefore high karma—is placed at the top, while those with few or no upvotes are placed at the bottom. If a post receives many downvotes, it is hidden at the bottom of the page, and you have to click to expand.

There are some posts with a cross (†) next to the karma. This means that posts have a similar number of upvotes and downvotes. This usually happens when a post is controversial.

So, karma is Reddit’s reward system. It is based on the number of upvotes and downvotes you receive. Posts that are high quality, and are generally liked by others are rewarded with more karma points.

There are two types of karma: post karma and comment karma. As their names imply, you get points when your posts or comments are upvoted.

Reddit karma is also seen as a reputation system. For you to have accumulated several karma points, it means you have been an active user of Reddit.

You have been posting and commenting on a regular basis. Not only that, it means that your content is generally liked, and is of a high standard. Those with high karma points on their profile are usually respected in the Reddit community.

How Reddit Karma Works

People often wonder if they receive one point for every upvote they get and lose a point for every downvote. The truth is, no one knows how the Reddit karma algorithm works. The upvote to point ratio is not exactly 1:1.

The karma system is built to reward those with few updates more than those whose upvotes run on the thousands or even millions. This is to encourage new users to post more frequently.

For the first upvotes, you get the upvote to point ratio is almost 1:1, however, when you get more upvotes, the relationship isn’t that easy to understand.

Even if no one totally understands how the Reddit karma works, the point to note is that the more upvotes you get, the more karma you receive. As more and more people appreciate your posts and comments with upvotes, the higher the points you receive.

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Why Do You Need Reddit Karma

Your karma points have no use outside Reddit. This has led many to conclude that karma is just useless internet points. Not everyone shares this belief, however. Some see it as a way of determining who adds more value to the Reddit community.

Though it may not be useful outside Reddit, many see it as a good reward for the effort they put into writing quality posts. There are some reasons why you should try and get as many karma points as you can.

You can post as many comments as you want:-

What Is Reddit Karma? Tips for Increasing Your Karma

Usually, Reddit doesn’t allow you to post so many comments in a short period of time. This is because they are trying to stop people from spamming the site or using bots to comment. If you have enough karma, this limitation to the number of comments you can make does not apply.

Gives credibility:-

What Is Reddit karma

The karma points for users are displayed publicly on Reddit. This means anyone can find out how many posts and comment karma you have.

Usually, people with high karma are accorded more respect. It is assumed that their content is top quality. Other users will pay more attention to their content.

This means they’ll generally get more views on their posts because they have a reputation for good content. So, the credibility of high karma gives is one reason to aspire for a very high Reddit karma.

Join exclusive subreddits:-

There are some subreddits that require you to have a minimum amount of karma for you to join or post anything. A good example of this is r/CenturyClub which requires you to have 100k post karma or century karma for you to join. 

There are also some marketplace subreddits that involve people meeting and transacting outside the site. They require certain minimum karma as a way of ascertaining if you are reliable and credible.

Rules bend more in your favor:-

Users with high karma find that the rules are less strict and dictating once they’ve improved their karma. A good example is a self-promoting rule. Though it is against the Reddit guidelines, people who have built their authority fond it easier to promote their brands and services.

Reddit awards:-

What Is Reddit Karma? Tips for Increasing Your Karma

Posts and with high karma are more likely to receive Reddit awards. Posts or comments you like on Reddit can be rewarded with visible gold, silver, or platinum commendation. You buy the awards with coins that are purchased on the site.

These posts are usually more visible, and thus receive even more upvotes than usual.

A gold award means you get a free week of Reddit premium plus 100 coins that can be used to award others silver. A platinum award gives you a month of Reddit premium plus 700 coins that can be used to award others gold or silver. 

Posts with high karma are more likely to be awarded. This is one of the advantages of having high karma posts or comments.

Create your own Community:-

With high reedit karma, you are able to create your own subreddit about your own topic. Like in my case I created one subreddit for Finding Best Electric Bike because my account has a high Reddit karma.

What Is Reddit Karma? Tips for Increasing Your Karma

Once you have your own community you have access to ‘Mod Tools’ that will give you access to a powerful tool to manage your community.

What Is Reddit karma

Tips For Increasing Your Karma

What Is Reddit karma
We followed the given tips only to increase our own karma

Though there are Reddit communities for increasing your karma or even buying upvotes. I suggest you increase your karma organically. It is easy once you know the right steps to take. Here are some tips on how you can increase your karma.

Join subreddits you enjoy:-

This is an often-overlooked way of getting upvotes. Write about things you enjoy. If you have a favorite TV show, or game, or sport, join a subreddit for it and write.

It is easier to write about things you enjoy. Furthermore, your knowledge and expertise are better reflected when you enjoy what you’re writing about.

Join popular subreddits:-

If you only join exclusive or niche subreddits, you’ll have only a few upvotes for your posts and comments. As much as your interests may lie in niche fields, its advisable to join and participate in popular subreddits.

Look for reddits with more than a million subscribers and join. Popular Reddit gives your content more exposure, and thus a greater chance of being upvoted. Just a single post can give you plenty of karma, particularly if you are new.

A disadvantage of the popular subreddits is that your posts find it more difficult to stand out, and those subreddits are more strictly moderated than other subreddits. Examples of these communities you can join are r/AskReddit, r/funny, r/gaming.

Reply to posts in the hot tab:-

The hot tab shows the most popular threads in the subreddits you are subscribed to. Replying to these threads will give your comments more exposure.

Also, try to be one of the first to comment on posts, or the first to post on current events. Being the first on the scene is a good way to earn upvotes.

Discuss controversial topics:-

This method is a risky one. Though controversial topics give a great opportunity for upvotes, they also give plenty of room for downvotes. It requires great skill to be able to navigate your way through controversial topics without receiving much backlash.

Produce high-quality content:-

If your content is usually funny or creative or well researched, over time you will get more karma. Also, naming your links funny or catchy names is a way to attract views.


Reddit karma is one of the key ways of determining who adds the most value to the Reddit community. You gain more credibility as you add to your karma. This article has explained what Reddit karma is, as well as how to increase your karma. You should not only use the tips on this article but also share it with your friends and in your subreddits.