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What Is SEO And What You Need To Rank Higher For eCommerce?


What Is SEO And What You Need To Rank Higher For eCommerce?

Right now there is a lot of hype about SEO and almost everyone in the online business is running after one and only one thing and that is to come on top of the search engine rankings. You will see a lot of marketers and advertisers online running a rat race to win the SEO game but honestly, this isn’t something you can achieve without a proper strategy or plan. So, if you are someone who just started his online business or if you are already running an eCommerce website then you need to stick to this article a little longer because today we are going to tell you everything you should know about SEO and how to bring your site on top of the search engine rankings.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it basically is a complete process of increasing the organic search rankings of a website. SEO includes on page HTML structure, keyword usage, the content of your page and inbound links too. SEO is basically responsible for more than half of the traffic on your page and if you want your site to be on the first page of Google search engine then yes, you’ve got to have a proper strategy and plan to increase the SEO of your site.

Now, there is a misconception about SEO that it is only related to the keywords that you use. However, the reality is completely opposite because SEO touches almost all the parts of a website  and if you genuinely want to do good in business then you need to get a proper understanding about search engine optimization and what it is.

In fact, people are now so crazy about SEO that they are even hiring professionals for their websites and you can do that too, you just have to type on Google for let’s say, “one of the best SEO company” and you will have your screen bombarded with results.

How To Sell More On An eCommerce Site With SEO?

Here’s how you can do that;

1-You need extensive keyword research

Yes, you read it right, if you genuinely want to sell more on your eCommerce site then you’ve got to put some effort in your keyword research. You see the best thing to be successful with your SEO is to target the right keywords but when it comes to an eCommerce site, the keyword research is done in a bit different way. For example, you first have to find the keywords for the product that you are selling and then you have to make sure that you are not cannibalizing your keywords which means you have to assign a different keyword to every product of yours or else you will lose all the credibility.

2-Optimize all your long content and your product descriptions too

Know that when it comes to search engine rankings, Google prefers long term content which means that you need to add a lot of detail in your product descriptions and make sure that they are of almost 500 to 1000 words. If you want to extend those descriptions to 1000 then you can add some comments and external data too but just make sure that you are optimizing all the long content and your product details too.

These are the two main things that can actually help you sell more on your eCommerce site by using SEO. So, make sure that you follow these tips properly and also, get a good grip on search engine optimization because it is a vast topic and if you want to be successful then you’ve got to put all your focus on this subject.  


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