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Bitcoin Mining: What is the concept of Bitcoin Mining and the intensifying costs involved?

Ten years ago, a new and first cryptocurrency was developed known as Bitcoin that exploded in the industry. Since when bitcoin came into the scene, the tech and finance sector became dedicated to it. It led to the development of more cryptocurrencies and the invention of the Mining concept.  In 2009 for the first time, the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the Bitcoin Mining concept to the crypto space. Bitcoin was invented in 2009, but it hadn’t gained much attention in its early days, and it started to attract people in 2017 when its value started to rise at a rapid pace.

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That was the year when investors all across the world started to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. People started to accept bitcoin as a medium of exchange and invest in it to get higher returns. The value of bitcoin increased because it was a decentralized currency that attracted institutions and investors the most. Few people are quite dedicated to bitcoin and understand the infrastructure that helps and supports bitcoin’s mining process. Embark your bitcoin journey by investing in bitcoin via Immediate Edge login app.

Bitcoin Network

Bitcoin became the first-ever cryptocurrency that was developed in the crypto space. Before bitcoin, many attempts were taken to develop a cryptocurrency, but none was successful. Satoshi Nakamoto first published the whitepaper of Bitcoin in 2008, and in 2009 it was launched. There were many misunderstandings among people about Nakamoto and Bitcoin as they didn’t understand the core architect of Bitcoin. Bitcoin work on a proof-of-work consensus method that requires all its users to be dedicated and work accordingly to make sure it lives for a long time.

The Bitcoin network is dependent on a distributed public ledger known as Blockchain. This public ledger contains records of all bitcoin transactions verified by a network of computers by solving mathematical transactions. Digital signatures confirm bitcoin transactions which provide users complete control over their bitcoins and ease of transferring funds securely.

The Bitcoin mining concept was introduced to discover more cryptocurrencies and regulate bitcoin more in the market.

Bitcoin Mining Concept

All the bitcoin transactions are recorded in a ledger known as Blockchain. Each time a bitcoin transaction is initiated through a wallet or trading platform, all the details of transactions are sent to bitcoin miners. The task of bitcoin miners is to mine bitcoins by verifying the bitcoin transactions using high computing power to solve complicated mathematical algorithms. The miner’s race to solve the mathematical algorithms to verify the transactions and add blocks in a long chain of blocks. All the transactions are bundled up into blocks. Before they are bundled up, they are solved using mathematical problems known as proof of work.

Each block has a hash number that differentiates it from other blocks. The Bitcoin network uses the proof of Work consensus method to make sure that information of each new block is prolonged and difficult to gather.  Transactions can only be used by using high computing power, an immense amount of electricity and time. Miners take around 10 minutes to solve the computational problems and process proof-of-work. The miner who solves the new block first gets the block reward that is newly mined bitcoins for his dedication and efforts.

Intensifying cost

With more miners getting engaged in the mining process, the competition become higher, and each miner has to find the following block. The demand for advanced mining equipment rises, and this involves huge money. Miners tend to buy high-quality mining equipment, which has even led to frauds where the retailers are selling computers without claiming how they will perform.

Another best way to mine bitcoins is through cloud mining as it requires investing in high computing power, but the entire work is handled by a company that provides cloud mining


The bitcoin mining process was introduced to make sure that the bitcoin network remains steadfast and truthful. It provides its users to earn bitcoin or make money by investing in computing power. The miner who mines fast is given the block reward that is currently 6.25 BTC for each block. Miners can earn a good amount of bitcoins with high processing speed computers.