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What Is the Price of a Drone Light Show?

Typically, the drone light show’s price commences at $18,400 for one hundred DJI matrice 600 series. This usually raises based on the number of drones required for the show. It is well known that preparation for a drone light show is daunting. But then again there are those producers as well as agents who are well prepared to guide people throughout the process in the right way.

Contingent on the traditional formations a person needs as well as the number of drones required the price of DJI matrice 600 series varies. There are a lot of drone light show packages in the market. For a firm to understand the needs of possible drone light show there is a need for the following requirements the date of the show or event, the position of the show, the number of drones required, custom formations as well as the length of time for the show.

Drone Light Show Estimate

  • 100 drones with two custom formations
  • 150 drones with two routine formations
  • 200 drones with two custom developments
  • 250 drones with two routine formations
  • 300 drones with 2 custom creations
  • 350, 400 and 500 drones all with two custom constructions

Up to Twelve Pre-Made Drone Formations

  • 3 stock formation +$0.00
  • 6 stock formation +$0.00
  • 9 stock formation +$0.00
  • 12 stock formation +$0.00

Added Formations

  • 1 Additional Custom Formation +$1000
  • 2 Additional Custom Formation +$1500
  • 4 Additional Custom Formation +$2000

How a Drone Show Works

  • Show the performance
  • Between one to three days prior to the event show preparation on the site or off-site contingent on your circumstances.
  • Also, between one to three days before your custom occasion reach the locality.
  • One week to one day prior to the occasion pack and go to the location
  • Three to six weeks before the event contingent to the show as well as the number of drones show creative programming.
  • Six to eight weeks before the occasion create the storyboards
  • During the contract, signing deposit the outstanding before commencing the work
  • Afterward, phone communication, discussion, creative and agreement signing is done.

All-inclusive Pricing

Prices should be comprehensive, ought to include custom programming, should include shipping, crew costs, accommodations of the crew, travel, drones as well as licenses and protection.

100 Drone Light Show Package

  1. The 100 drones light show package cost eighteen thousand four hundred dollars
  2. Involves two custom formations to choose from
  3. Comprises about twelve stock formation for the show
  4. Embraces a custom music soundtrack selected or provided
  5. Price also contains all crew housings as well as travel costs

Also, two hundred drone light show package goes for $26,100, three hundred drone light show package costs $35,200, four hundred drones light show goes for $ 43,200 while a five hundred drone light show costs $50,800. Additional drone formations cost one thousand dollars per custom formation.

Rapid Pieces of Evidence About the Drone Light Show

  • Handles either indoor or outdoor shows
  • Consists of five million dollars’ indemnity coverage
  • Usually, name people as required by the policy
  • Creates a soundtrack with the user
  • Offer storyboards of events and allow users to drive the creative selections prior to the start.
  • Every show is accompanied by the standard stock formation

Other necessities

  1. Creation as well as an agreement to the conditions and signing in an agreement for the project
  2. Formation of the timeline of events as well as deadlines for every project
  3. The signing of the agreement is done before the work commences
  4. Through the wire, payment deposit is done prior to the project
  5. Provision of any artwork as well as the list of shapes and wording required.