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What is Vacation rental software?

Highly functional applications for short-term rental business is a great tool for hosts to remain effective and productive, no matter how many properties they manage. Business automation can significantly cut down time on routine operations, messaging, and accounting.

Imagine that software can merge all your accounts and create a unified inbox section,

assist you in adjusting vacation rental rates depending on the market situation and season, create and save templates for messaging with guests, and coordinate the team members and subcontractors.

What is Vacation rental software?

All that and a lot more can be carried out by a vacation rental application, faster and more effectively than you can do manually. Hosts get the necessary time and more opportunities for challenging business decisions. Wouldn’t you agree that it would be unwise to ignore it.

Which opportunities does vacation rental software offer?

With its help, you can get a turnkey digital solution to deal with short-term rental business on several platforms at once.

Vacation rental apps usually have the following features:

1. Channel management

You can manage a lot of listings from various platforms, like Airbnb, Booking, or VRBO on a single screen. All listings are available on one dashboard, while the in-app search engine system helps to find and filter the key data. This feature is implemented in most reputable vacation rental management systems for the convenience of hosts and businesses.

2. Booking management

For highly effective professional listing management, you can use software for smart inbox management. There you can accept and decline booking requests, edit already confirmed bookings, filter and check out the past, and previous reservation requests for insights and statistics.

With the help of the booking management feature, hosts can organize their business in a smart and effective way of eliminating the hassle and bottlenecks of routine business management.

3. Single inbox

Having separate inbox tabs and windows can easily mess up the process of booking confirmation and messaging potential guests. With the help of the vacation rental management tools hosts can gather all messages on one page, check out the entire message history, add attachments, adjust filters, and always remain connected with guests. (you can read more about this function on https://www.hostyapp.com/airbnb-central-inbox).

4. Multi Calendar

Another valuable feature for such apps is a multi calendar, which helps to sync the calendars from Airbnb and plan ahead cleaning, maintenance, and other service teams flawlessly without making any troubles to your guests. The multi calendar can help rapidly change prices, check out the available dates, and remind about upcoming bookings – all from one screen.

5. Listing management

Comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboards can help hosts view and update the information in the listings from multiple accounts. Any changes you make in the Airbnb listing are mirrored and saved in the dashboard automatically, and the opposite way, too. Just imagine how much effort it can save.

Vacation rental management software can offer other features, some of them would be useful to host with one or a few properties and small business owners, while others are aimed at large companies working in the field of the vacation rental. There are multiple products, most of them have a free trial for you to use.

Why should hosts use vacation rental management software? Key benefits

  • It helps to improve the response rate. On many platforms, this factor is crucial for a host’s rating.
  • It automates all that can be automated for higher effectiveness of your business with less involvement and with no need to be online 24/7 – for example, try autopricing.
  • If you have multiple accounts on different vacation rental websites – software will help you sync calendars, edits, pricing, description, and a lot more.
  • Easier and faster communication with guests, more positive reviews, a higher position in the search results – are real achievements, which become possible with the help of short-term rental software.
  • Your team communication, coordination of cleaning and maintenance crews, planning and scheduling becomes easier with the help of such apps: no need to send separate messages or call each team member, let the software do the job for you.
  • Forget about tedious tasks and enjoy more free time for business development, creative thinking, brainstorming, or simply get some rest. Subscription vary depending on your needs: simple systems for the owners of several properties cost reasonably low. Vacation rental management applications are worth investment – proven by successful hosts and businesses.